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About Me 

Email: bb40t2 [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] br

I am a railfan and photographer in Brazil. I enjoy to take pictures of trains and the right of way, including tunnels, stations and bridges. In the last years I have been railfaning in USA and I took pictures of some bridges that I would like to share here with the bridge fans.

Sorry if I can not provide much information on all the bridges I found in my trips. Being a foreigner, it is normal that I can not know the detais of all them.


Pedro Rezende

Bridges Photographed 

(In no particular order)

BNSF - Lake Pend Oreille Bridge

Bridge of Lions

Recent Updates 

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco County, California)
Suspension bridge over San Francisco Bay on US 101 at San Francisco
September 17, 2013: New photo
Bridge of Lions (St. Johns County, Florida)
Bascule bridge over Matanzas River (ICWW) on FL A1A in St. Augustine
September 17, 2013: New photos
BNSF - Lake Pend Oreille Bridge (Bonner County, Idaho)
Bridge over Pend Oreille Lake on Railroad (BNSF)
September 17, 2013: Added