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Walnut Fork-SR 32 Bridge

Big Four Trail - Coal Creek Bridge

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Big Four Trail - Coal Creek Bridge (Fountain County, Indiana)
Abandoned Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Coal Creek on abandoned Conrail Railroad in Veedersburg
June 19, 2016: New photos
North Fork Coal Creek CR 30E Bridge (Fountain County, Indiana)
Warren through truss bridge over North Fork Coal Creek on CR 30 East
June 15, 2016: New photos
Walnut Fork-SR 32 Bridge (Montgomery County, Indiana)
Pony truss bridge over Walnut Fork on IN 32 in Crawfordsville
August 3, 2014: New photos from Colin Parker

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Posted June 15, 2016

I managed to get to visit this bridge, on Sunday, June 12, 2016. The road, CR30, from the north is blocked with a large pile of gravel, at its junction with Aylesworth Road. It is possible to park, at the north end, by Aylesworth Road, and walk or cycle the 1/4 mile to the bridge. Also, there are large piles of gravel, to prevent vehicular access, at either end of the bridge. CR 30, because it is blocked off, is starting to get overgrown. The bridge is still intact, but is on poor condition. I took some more recent photo's which are added above.

Posted May 14, 2015

I was looking at the postcard, pictured above. It does indeed look like the rail road bridge. You can see, what looks like the road bridge BEHIND the rail road bridge?

Posted August 16, 2014

On a visit, July 27, 2014, I found that the old bridge has been replaced. I am trying to get a hold of a guy I know that hopefully still works for the County Highway Department, to try to find out when it was replaced.