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Engineering student,bridge addict and photography buff. During the summer work on the farm and I love gardening and animals as well as art deco,open spandrel arch bridges, and Conde B. McCullough designs.Favorite bridges General MacArthur Bridge in St.Louis,Missouri,Galena Y Bridge, in Stone County,Missouri,New Harmony Bridge in New Harmony,Indiana,and the Eads Bridge in St.Louis,Missouri.I play music in my father's band and I have my own band too. Also, I inherited a love of history especially civil war era and Scottish history from my father.

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Skillet Fork Bridge (Marion County, Illinois)
Through truss bridge over Skillet Fork Creek on IL 161, 1 mi. west of Helm
September 7, 2010: Updated by Chalon Harper: Bridge was repaired.

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Posted September 7, 2010

This is the route my dad takes from his doctor and he hates this viaduct/overpass. He says he feels the bumps all the way over it.

Posted September 7, 2010

May not for motor vehicles,but I've noticed on KTVI-2 that there is plans for the Arch expansion that the MacArthur will be used as a pedestrian/bike bridge. It looks gorgeous in the plans I saw. Has the name painted in white on one of the beams. It was something else.

Posted September 7, 2010

Newsbriefs Mount Vernon,IL Morning Sentinel Sept.4,2010

Skillet Fork Bridge Reopens

IUKA-After months of being closed,the Route 161 Extension Bridge over the Skillet Fork in Iuka reopened to traffic on Friday, after work had been completed.

The bridge had been closed to traffic after farm equiptment damaged part of the upper infrastructure of the bridge in late May.

Earlier estimates placed the repair costs at $225,000,with Marion County,Illinois having to pay for the repairs up front and then restitution being sought from the insurance company that covered the owner of the farm equiptment that caused the damage.

Posted July 11, 2010

I took the survey,then thought I saved it,I saved the wrong part,then had to re-do it did it all over again then sent it. I e-mailed it to Mr. Smith just now. A fun survey. I said what I thought too.