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Rancher in Ford County, Kansas(near Dodge City).

Daily use a 1906 pin connected Pratt through truss bridge.

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Mulberry Creek Bridge (Ford County, Kansas)
Through truss bridge over Mulberry Creek, 2.6 mi. south and 3.0 mi. west of Ford
August 18, 2012: Essay added

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Posted August 22, 2012

From various newspaper articles, I find:

1906 The Ford County Commissioners let a contract to the Kansas City Bridge Company for a steel bridge of six spans of eighty-five feet each for $20,997. This bridge would replace a wooden bridge across the Arkansas River on Second Avenue. The wooden bridge was constructed originally as a toll bridge, but in 1885 the citizens voted to buy that bridge for $8,000 from the owner and do away with the toll.

June 28, 1906 the new steel bridge across the Arkansas River on Second Avenue was dedicated. Final cost on the bridge was $19,987 due to Mr. Maitland(contractor?) using lumber from the old wooden bridge in the construction of the new bridge.

In 1935 a new concrete bridge on Second Avenue was being constructed to replace the steel truss bridge.

June 22, 1935, Ford County paid the state highway department $1,000 for the disassembled steel bridge. I would suspect that sometime from the time the Ford County Commissioner paid for the bridge in 1906 to 1935, the state highway department took over ownership and maintenance of the bridge.

December 17, 1936, the steel bridge was placed in service on the Coronado Road east of Fort Dodge and east of Wilroads Gardens.

December 1, 1958, the steel bridge was taken out of service on the Coronado Road being replaced with a new concrete bridge.

Winter 1959, two spans of the steel bridge were installed over the Mulberry Creek. I think this would be the correct time for the the construction over the Mulberry. I remember it was a unusually wet winter. My family ran a sundries store and soda fountain in Ford and my brother and I attended school in Ford. There was a temporary road going into the field to the north of the concrete bridge and that road was rutted deep, so my father began taking my mother, my brother and myself from the house to the car we left parked on the west side of the creek in the scoop of the front end loader on a Ford 8N tractor. NOTE: Since the bridge closure on May 17th of this year, I have again had to walk out three days because of wet weather and impassable minimum maintenance roads(deja vu fifty-three years later).

Remnants of the old concrete bridge can be seen in this picture. Flood water had been well over the old concrete bridge many times, which was the reason for putting the steel bridge across the normally dry creek that has a watershed above this crossing of about 150 square miles.

Posted August 22, 2012

Another newspaper article about the Second Avenue Bridge and a snapshot of the Coronado Bridge.

Posted August 22, 2012

Here are the new and old Coronado Bridges from the Dodge City Daily Globe, December 1, 1958

Posted August 22, 2012


Posted August 22, 2012

Not quite there yet, Julie. This is the builder and build date on the Second Avenue Bridge, not the Coronado Bridge/Mulberry Creek Bridge. I still have that research to do. Robert had mentioned that the portal bracing looked like the Kansas City Bridge Company and the Second Avenue Bridge was built by KCBC, so would suspect that the Mulberry Creek Bridge is a KCBC bridge also.

So much to find out and so little time available to me at the moment, but I will get there. A clone could help, maybe, but as old and slow as I am getting it might take two or three.

Posted August 22, 2012


I had just a little time to research this morning and here is what I found about the Second Avenue Bridge, which appears to be the same design as the Mulberry Creek Bridge.

In the June 29, 1967, Dodge City Daily Globe:

"Urban Klenke county commissioner, found records in the Court written by H. S. Connaway, then county clerk, that tell of the events leading up to the building and dedicating of the new steel bridge, June 28, 1906. The dedication was all done with proper ceremony and with the driving of a golden spike in the center of the bridge. The 1906 bridge contract was let for $20,997 to the Kansas City Bridge Co."

Posted August 21, 2012


I don't find a pic at the moment taken that would really show it good due to the vegetation on the north side.

The first picture is looking west. The broken pin is on the west section of the bridge and is at the second I-beam from the west end and on the north side.

The second picture is looking north where the broken pin is.

Posted August 20, 2012


Thank you for your kind words. I would appreciate anything you can do at KSHS. Thanks!

I am doing research on the Second Avenue Bridge in Dodge City. This picture calls it the bridge on the new trail, not sure if it is the Second Avenue Bridge. Notice the portal bracing.

And followed by the Mulberry Creek Bridge.

Posted August 19, 2012

The break is rusty, so it has been broken for awhile and has carried traffic all the time. Rough estimate the pin is 2.5" x 10".

I will be at the county commission meeting on Monday, the 20th, just for observation. Court has not scheduled my appeal yet. I am trying to get as much research done as possible before appearing before the court.

Posted August 18, 2012

I would welcome that. I would like to save this bridge.


Mulberry Creek Bridge(Kansas)
Posted August 18, 2012

Culvert to replace bridge.

See update and essay.