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MKT - Deep Water Creek Bridge (Henry County, Missouri)
Abandoned bridge over Deep Water Creek on Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad
January 31, 2018: Updated by Kenny Fairhurst: This is actually a deck plate girder bridge, by the looks of it.
North Big River Bridge (St. Francois County, Missouri)
Through truss bridge over Big River on Old US 67 (Berry Road) north of Bonne Terre
November 16, 2017: Updated by Kenny Fairhurst: Demolished and never replaced

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Mahned Bridge (Mississippi)
Posted April 22, 2018

I doubt this bridge is going to get any effort to be preserved, considering it's history.

Posted January 24, 2018

This is a quite unique bridge.

Posted January 16, 2018

This bridge is as good as doomed if we don't try anything yet. C'mon people! Use your heads! If you wanna keep this old cantilevered truss, sitting around won't help.

Posted January 10, 2018

The bridge is unfortunately slated for demolition.

Posted January 6, 2018

To clarify some rumors forming in here...

The bridges do NOT share a counterweight. If that was the case, then both bridges would be operational instead of the CN bridge being the only one operable.

Posted January 5, 2018

The tunnel is now used as equipment storage by the nearby Museum of Transportation.

Posted December 24, 2017

Whatever you do with the site (besides take it down) I will support. This site is the second physical form of Christ.

Posted November 16, 2017

The bridge was demolished by MoDOT and was never replaced, unfortunately.