Kristen Wells

About Me 

Email: Kristenwells1983 [at] gmail [dot] com

I was born and raised in Bryant Alabama, currently living in Trenton Georgia. My passion is photographing abandoned sites, bridges, tunnels, and any interesting scenery I can find. I also love hiking and spending time in the outdoors and snowboarding.

Bridges Photographed 

(In no particular order)

SQVR - Little Sequatchee River Bridge

Recent Updates 

NS - Paint Rock River Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
Warren through truss bridge over Paint Rock River on Norlfolk Southern Railway
February 8, 2018: New photos
Short Street Bridge (Jackson County, Alabama)
Abandoned warren pony truss bridge over Paint Rock River on an abandoned section of Short St.
February 8, 2018: New photos
Ellis Cove Bridge (Marion County, Tennessee)
Abandoned Pratt pin-connected through truss bridge over Battle Creek
January 20, 2018: New photos
Abandoned SQVR - Overpass (Marion County, Tennessee)
Abandoned closed-spandrel arch bridge over Abandoned Sequatchie Valley Railroad on Abandoned Railroad
January 5, 2015: New photos
TAG - Pigeon Mountain Tunnel (Walker County, Georgia)
Abandoned tunnel under Pigeon Mountain on Southern Railway (Formerly Chattanooga Southern and the Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia Railway)
January 5, 2015: New photos