Pottawatomie County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
AOK - Iron Horse BridgeAOK Railroad over North Canadian RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss with all verticals----150.0255.0
Bruno Creek Bridge6336C over Bruno CreekNo longer existsPony truss1925200249.878.0
Coon Creek BridgeE1310 Rd. over Coon CreekOpen to trafficPony trussca. 1950--51.851.8
Council Creek BridgeN3320 over Council CreekOpen to trafficPony trussca. 1940200659.161.0
Dance Creek Bridge6354C over Dance CreekClosed to all trafficPony truss1925--49.870.8
IRR E1250 BridgeIRR E1250 over Little RiverReplaced by new bridgePony trussca. 1930200060.060.0
Little River BridgeN3360 over Little RiverReplaced by a new bridgeThrough truss19252006120.1149.9
Little River BridgeN3430 over Little RiverReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1940200891.991.9
Lost Creek BridgeN3380 over Lost CreekUnknown statusPony truss1938--61.061.0
Marcum Creek BridgeIRR E1300 over Marcum CreekUnknown statusPony trussca. 1940--78.078.0
Pond Creek BridgeE1410 over Pond CreekUnknown statusPony trussca. 1920--62.062.0
Pond Creek BridgeN3320 over Pond CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss1921--98.1102.0
Salt Creek Bridge6372C over Salt CreekUnknown statusThrough truss1915--124.0124.0
Salt Creek BridgeN3416 over Salt CreekOpen to trafficThrough trussca. 1940--123.0246.1
Salt Creek BridgeOld SR18 over Salt CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss1930------
Salt Creek BridgeN3370 over Salt CreekReplaced by new bridgePony trussca. 1940200164.085.0
Sand Creek BridgeE1310 over Sand CreekNo longer existsPony trussca. 1940200260.060.0
Slover BridgeClearpond Road over North Canadian RiverClosed to traffic after failing an inspection in May 2009Camelback through truss1935--120.1225.1
South Quapaw Creek BridgeE1070 over South Quapaw CreekOpen to trafficPony trussca. 1940--43.044.9
Squirrel Creek BridgeN3380 over Squirrel CreekNo longer existsPony trussca. 1940200144.944.9
Squirrel Creek BridgeRangeline Rd. (N3410 Rd.) over Squirrel CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyConcrete pony arch1917--60.066.9
Unnamed Creek BridgeN3300 over Unnamed creekNo longer existsPony trussca. 1930200265.971.8
Unnamed Creek BridgeN3380 over Unnamed creekUnknown statusPony trussca. 1930--40.069.8
Unnamed Creek BridgeN3540 over Unnamed creekUnknown statusPony trussca. 1940--36.037.0
Unnamed Creek BridgeIRR E1260 over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficPony trussca. 1940--47.947.9
Unnamed Creek BridgeE1410 over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficPony trussca. 1940--47.949.9
Unnamed Creek BridgeN3330 over Unnamed creekUnknown statusPony trussca. 1940--60.060.0
Unnamed Creek BridgeFAU 5460 over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficPony trussca. 1970--13.145.9
Unnamed Creek BridgeN3380 over Unnamed creekUnknown statusPony truss1988--49.849.8
UPRR-Benedict St. BridgeUp R.R. over Benedict St. UnderUnknown statusSteel stringer1950----122.1
Wanette-Byars BridgeDrummond Rd. over Canadian RiverOpen to trafficCamelback through truss1906--265.1793.0
Young Creek BridgeE1410 over Young CreekNo longer existsPony trussca. 1940200351.869.8