Washington County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Archers Fork * War BridgeCR 14 over Archers Fork * WarOpen to trafficPony truss1960--65.969.9
Bell Covered Bridge 35-84-12Bell Road (TR 39) over Falls CreekOpen to trafficMultiple Kingpost through truss1888--63.064.0
Beverly-Waterford Bridge (Old)OH 339 over Muskingum RiverReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss19131970----
Beverly-Waterford Bridge (Older)Road over Muskingum RiverDestroyed by floodingPratt through truss18811913----
Blennerhassett Island BridgeUS 50 over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficNetwork arch2008--878.04008.1
Bridge Street BridgeBridge Street over Muskingum RiverNo longer existsUnknown1907------
Cat Creek BridgeS. R. 60 over Cat CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss--------
Cow Run BridgeTownship Road 19 over L Muskingum * Cow RuOpen to trafficPony truss1968--146.0199.2
Cow Run Covered Bridge 35-84-25xCow Run Road over Little Muskingum RiverReplaced by the current pony truss bridgeLong through truss18721967--150.0
CSX - Parkersburg BridgeCSX Railroad over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficParker through truss1905----7140.0
Duck Creek (abandoned)Probably Hickory St. over Duck CkDerelict/abandonedUnknown--------
Duck Creek Farm BridgeFarm Road over Duck CreekOpen to authorized vehicles onlyPratt through truss--------
Harmar BridgePedestrian trail (former railroad) over Muskingum RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyPratt through truss1913------
Harra Covered Bridge 35-84-11TR 172 over South Branch Wolf CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyLong through truss1878--95.095.0
Henry Covered Bridge 35-84-06Fairfield Road (TR 61) over West Branch Little Hocking RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyMultiple Kingpost through truss1894--45.045.0
Hi Carpenter Bridge (old)CR 2/10 over Ohio RiverMain span demolished; approach span closed for reconstructionPratt through truss19281971212.9457.0
Hi Carpenter Memorial BridgeWV 807/OH 807 over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss1977--900.02583.1
Hills Covered Bridge 35-84-24CR 333 over Little Muskingum RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyHowe through truss1878--122.0122.0
Hune Covered Bridge 35-84-27Township Road 34 over Little Muskingum RiverOpen to one-lane trafficLong through truss1879--128.9164.1
I-77 Ohio River BridgeI-77 over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren through truss1965--651.02615.3
Little Hocking River Old OH 124 Bridge( Old)Old OH 124 over Little Hocking RiverReplaced by a new bridgeWarren deck truss19301999132.0267.0
Little Hocking River-Old OH124 Bridge (Older)Newberry Road over Little Hocking RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss--1930----
MC&C - Bridge (Somewhere near Cutler)Abandoned railroad over Hocking River?RemovedUnknown1857------
MC&C - McAvan BridgeBridge over StreamAbandoned, half collapsedStone arch--------
MC&C - Stone ArchBridge on RailroadAbandonedStone arch--------
MC&C - Stone Arch (Near Vincent)Bridge over StreamAbandonedStone arch--------
MC&C - West Fork Little Hocking River BridgeAbandoned railroad over West Fork Little Hocking RiverRemovedDeck plate girder18571920----
Memorial Toll BridgeBridge over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss1955--700.22555.2
Mill Branch Covered Bridge 35-84-17Open to pedestriansMultiple Kingpost through truss----59.059.0
OH-550 BridgeOH-550 over South Fork South Branch Wolf CreekReplaced by a new bridgeConcrete curved chord through girder1924201552.253.2
OH550 Drainage Stone ArchOH 550 over Drainage DitchOpen to trafficStone arch--------
OH555 Cutler Stone ArchOH555 over Big Run TributaryOpen to trafficStone arch--------
Parkersburg Suspension BridgeBridge over Ohio RiverNo longer existsWire suspension19161980775.02825.0
Parkersburg-Belpre BridgeOH 32/WV 618 (formerly US 50) over Ohio RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss1978--375.02533.3
PC - Duck Creek BridgeAbandoned Penn Central Railroad over Duck CreekAbandonedPratt through truss--------
Putnam Street Bridge (Old)Putnam Street over Muskingum RiverBridge has been replaced.Parker through truss19132000229.0779.9
Putnam Street Bridge (Older)Putnam Street over Muskingum RiverReplaced by a new bridgeUnknown18801913----
Putnam Street Bridge (Replacement)PUTNAM STREET over MUSKINGUM R * PUTNAM BRGOpen to trafficBeam2000--320.9686.1
Reno BridgeS.R. 7 over Little MuskingumReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss--------
Rinard Covered Bridge 35-84-28CR 406 over Little Muskingum RiverDestroyed by flooding, rebuiltSmith through truss1876--130.0130.0
Root Covered Bridge 35-84-08CR 6 over South Branch Wolf CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyLong through truss1878--65.065.0
Sawyer Run BridgeTownship Road 7 over Sawyer RunNo longer existsTruss19142002----
Sawyers Run OH 124 BridgeOH 124 over Sawyers RunReplaced by a new bridgeClosed-spandrel arch1926--69.9120.1
Shinn Covered Bridge 35-84-03Palmer Road (TR 447) over West Branch Wolf CreekOpen to trafficBurr arch-truss1886--89.998.1
Solvay Specialty Polymers OverpassSolvay Specialty Polymers Road & Railroad over OH 7Open to authorized vehicles onlySteel stringer1949--47.9148.0
Stephens BridgeTR 388 over Mars RunDemolished and replaced.Warren pony truss1915201195.1100.1
Township Road 189 BridgeTownship Road 189 over West Branch Little Hocking RiverDemolished for no reason. No replacement constructed.Parker pony truss1910--69.974.2
Township Road 200 BridgeTownship Road 200 over West Branch Wolf CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss1940--67.969.9
Township Road 53 BridgeBridge on Township Road 53Open to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1915--49.954.1
Township Road 75 BridgeTownship Road 75 over West Fork Duck CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1914--76.180.1
Township Road 79 BridgeTownship Road 75 over West Fork Duck CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony truss1905--96.199.1
West Fork Duck Creek BridgeTR 300 over West Fork Duck CreekOpen to trafficTruss1914--91.991.9
Whipple Railroad BridgeAbandoned Penn Central Railroad over OH 821RemovedPony/through plate girder1955201561.066.9
William's Covered Bridge 35-84-09xWelch Road over Little Hocking RiverDestroyed by floodingMultiple Kingpost through truss18741963--69.0
Williamstown-Marietta BridgeWV 31/OH 60 over Ohio RiverReplaced by new bridgePennsylvania through truss19031988----
Wolf Creek BridgeCR 102 over Wolf CreekReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss1947--137.1201.1
Wolf Creek BridgeRte 339 over Wolf CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony/through girder--1982----