Summit County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Akron & Barberton Belt BridgeAkron & Barberton Belt over River Street and CSX RRUnknown statusHalf-through truss1912--79.183.0
Akron-Cleveland Road BridgeAkron-Cleveland Road over Mud BrookReplaced by a new bridgeOpen-spandrel arch1918200560.060.0
Bath Road BridgeBath Road over Bath DitchOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1900--21.021.0
Brandywine Creek BridgeAkron-Cleveland Road over Brandywine CreekUnknown statusStone archca. 1910--24.928.9
Brecksville-Northfield High Level BridgeOH 82 over Cuyahoga RiverOpen to two-lane trafficOpen-spandrel arch1931--181.11130.0
Broad Boulevard BridgeBroad Blvd. over Cuyahoga RiverClosed-spandrel arch1940200491.991.9
Conrail - North Forge Street BridgeConrail former Erie RR over North Forge StreetOpen to trafficSteel stringer1928--44.067.9
CVSR - Cuyahoga River Bridge #1Railroad over Cuyahoga RiverOpen to trafficDeck plate girder--------
CVSR - Cuyahoga River Bridge #2Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad over Cuyahoga RiverReplaced by a new bridge in 1990's of similar designDeck plate girder--------
CVSR - Ohio and Erie Canal BridgeCVSR over Ohio and Erie CanalOpen to trafficDeck plate girder--------
East Tuscarawas Avenue BridgeEast Tuscarawas Avenue over Tuscarawas River and Erie and B&O RRRemoved but not replacedSteel through arch19171950s84.0--
Everett Road Covered Bridge 35-77-01 #2Trail over Furnace RunIntact but closed to all trafficSmith through truss1986----100.0
Front Street BridgeFront Street (former Northern Ohio Traction and Light Company) over Cuyahoga RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt deck truss1903------
Gaylord's Grove BridgeBridge over Cuyahoga RiverNo longer existsBowstring through truss--------
Glens High BridgeProspect Street over Cuyahoga RiverReplaced by a new bridgeDeck arch--------
High Level BridgeN. Howard Street over Cuyahoga RiverReplaced by new bridgeOpen-spandrel arch19151949----
Howe Avenue Railroad OverpassCSX and abandoned PRR over Howe AvenueSteel stringer--------
Jaite Paper Mill BridgeFormer Baltimore & Ohio RR over Cuyahoga RiverAbandonedPratt through truss1909------
Little Cuyahoga River OH 8 BridgeOH 8 over Little Cuyahoga RiverOpen to trafficArch1900--21.024.9
Main Street BridgeBridge on North Main Street (Old OH 8)Open to trafficDeck truss1948--470.2902.9
Maple Street BridgeW&LE Railroad over N. Maple StreetDeck plate girder1896--69.975.1
North Hill ViaductMain Street over Little Cuyahoga RiverNo longer existsOpen-spandrel arch19221979----
OH8 High Level BridgeOH 8 over Little Cuyahoga River and Elizabeth Park ValleyOpen to trafficDeck truss1953--359.91583.1
Olde Eight Road BridgeOlde Eight Road over I-80 Ohio TurnpikeOpen to trafficSteel arch1954--215.9288.1
Portage Path BridgePortage Path over Cuyahoga RiverBridge has been replacedPratt through truss1931--138.1151.9
PRR-Cuyahoga River BridgeFormer Pennsylvania Railroad over Cuyahoga RiverDerelict/abandonedStone arch--------
Riverview Road BridgeRiverview Road over Yellow CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1900--15.122.0
Tinkers Creek BridgeRavenna Road over Tinkers CreekReplaced by a new bridgeOpen-spandrel arch1917201468.986.0
W&LE - Ohio and Erie Canal BridgeW&LE RR over Ohio & Erie CanalOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1926----900.0