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Market Street Bridge (1883)


Seneca County Historical Society facebook page referenced by Paul

Vintage Photo of the Day – Today’s vintage photo is a view of the old iron Market Street Bridge in Tiffin from 1897. We’re looking towards the west and the building on the left was the Kuder & Frey Carriage Shop, which today is where the entrance driveway to the Kiwanis Manor is located. We can see that the streetcar tracks went on both sides of the center supports of the bridge. There are plates with the names of the bridge builders at the top of each span. Below them, there are crossmembers with large plates in the center that are embossed with “1888”, the year this bridge was constructed. This bridge was destroyed during the 1913 flood and all of the buildings visible in this photo are gone.

Photo uploaded by Art S..


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BH Photo #512784


Lost Whipple through truss bridge over Sandusky River on Market Street
Tiffin, Seneca County, Ohio
Destroyed by flood
Built 1883 after previous bridge destroyed by flood; destroyed March 1913 by flood
- Wrought Iron Bridge Co. of Canton, Ohio
- Interurban
Two-span, double-barrel (three truss line), 7-panel Whipple through truss
Approximate latitude, longitude
+41.11425, -83.18006   (decimal degrees)
41°06'51" N, 83°10'48" W   (degrees°minutes'seconds")
Approximate UTM coordinates
17/316964/4553730 (zone/easting/northing)
Inventory number
BH 95270 (Bridgehunter.com ID)

Update Log 

  • November 29, 2021: Updated by Paul Plassman: Added "1883" to name to distinguish from other Market Street bridges
  • November 29, 2021: New photo from Art Suckewer
  • November 28, 2021: Updated by Art Suckewer: added builder, and minor tweaks
  • November 28, 2021: Added by Paul Plassman



Market Street Bridge
Posted November 29, 2021, by Paul Plassman


I did as you suggested with the thumbnail photo.

Thanks for explaining some of the copyright issues. I'm learning a lot from my work on here but definitely still learning! :)

Market Street Bridge
Posted November 29, 2021, by Art S. (Asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)


Glad that you are OK with me taking the liberty to build on your find.

Copyright can be addressed in three ways:

1. Pre 1923 images generally have expired copyrights in the US.

2. One of the reasons I modify the images is that the altered image is considered art and no longer legally the same image as the original (note: I don't know how much modification is necessary).

3. Fair use can be used if you aren't sure.

RE build date: the society had listed 1888 and few would have reason to question it.

I'm OK leaving your image as the thumbnail. If you really want the barrel shot as the thumbnail, the easiest way to make that happen would be to delete then repost your image - it will move barrel shot up, I don't think I can do so.


Art S.

Market Street Bridge
Posted November 29, 2021, by Paul Plassman

Thanks, Art! I didn't upload the Facebook images myself because I wasn't sure of the copyright/ownership status being owned by a historical society and all, but if you think it's all right I definitely have no objection.

After looking at the photos again I agree about the build date; it's pretty certainly 1883, especially considering the flood info you posted. Definitely a reminder to always fact check info.... :)

Also, feel free to make the portal shot in portal 2 the thumbnail image if you wish--it's an amazing shot! I was surprised to see a pair of short Whipple spans rather than one long span; I'm wondering if since it carried streetcar tracks this configuration was more economical to build than a single span?

Market Street Bridge
Posted November 28, 2021, by Art Suckewer (Asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)

According to Seneca County Historical Society facebook page:


The prior Market Street Bridge was lost Feb 5, 1883:

On This Date in Seneca County History – February 5, 1883 - Whenever we think about major floods in Tiffin, it’s only natural that the flood of 1913 would come to mind. But there have been others including the major flood during February 1883.

A light snow in the afternoon turned to sleet, and later a steady rain that continued throughout the night and all the next day. It was a freezing rain that coated trees, fences, buildings and sidewalks with as much as one inch of ice in many places. The rain continued into the second day causing the Sandusky River in Tiffin to rise, and this forced the ice on the river to break apart from Market Street to the railroad bridge. Soon, the east span of the iron bridge on Ella Street gave way, but it only floated as far as the island which prevented more damage down river. Later, the east span of the wooden Market Street Bridge gave way and floated down the river.

Market Street Bridge
Posted November 28, 2021, by Art S. (Asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)


Great find!!

I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of uploading the images you referenced.

Double barreled, two span, short span, Whipple - amazing!

Obviously Wrought Iron Bridge Co. I think 1888 is late for the design. In my opinion the last digit on the plaque is a 3, not an 8. I didn't want to change the build date to 1883 until you and others had a chance to weigh in.


Art S.

PS. CBW made these double barrel Whipples as well, they are over the top!