Map of Ohio Bridges

This map shows the locations of the Ohio bridges for which this site has photos and latitude/longitude information. Hover your mouse over a dot to see details about a particular bridge.

Washington Avenue-Black River (Old) Union Cemetery Bridge T-196 Corbin Ditch Bridge #1 Big Run Anderson Hill Road Bridge Beasley Fork Road Bridge Beasley Fork Road Bridge Bentonville Road Bridge Buck Run Road Bridge Fawcett Road Bridge Harshaville Covered Bridge 35-01-02 Little Three Mile Creek Bridge Middle Fork CR C-45-A Bridge Nichols Ridge Road Nichols Ridge Road Bridge Ohio Brush Creek OH 348 Bridge Lincoln Highway Auglaize River Bridge Bentley Road Bridge Bliss Road Bridge Cherry Street Bridge First Street Bridge Lima-Metcalf Street Bridge Lincoln Highway Ottawa River Bridge Main Street Bridge Second Street Bridge Sugar Creek-Slabtown Rd. Bridge Third Street Arch Bridge Thomas Road T-87 Bridge Katatawa Creek TR 1275 Bridge Muddy Fork TR 1550 Bridge Township Road 126 Bridge Ashtabula River Bridge OH193 Ashtabula River Bridge Ashtabula Bridge Ashtabula Viaduct Benetka Road Covered Bridge 35-04-12 Brown Road Bridge Caine Road Bridge Caine Road Covered Bridge 35-04-61 Callender Road Bridge Center Road Bridge Clay Road Bridge Clyde Hill Road Bridge Conneaut Viaduct Creek Road Covered Bridge 35-04-05 Graham Road Covered Bridge 35-04-13 Green Hill Road Bridge Hall Road Bridge Harmon Hill Road Bridge Harpersfield Covered Bridge 35-04-19 Hildom Road Bridge Horton Road Bridge Johnson Road Bridge Mechanicsville Covered Bridge 35-04-18 Middle Road Covered Bridge 35-04-06 Greenway Recreational Trail - Mill Creek Road Overpass Mill Road Bridge-Conneaut Creek Bridge (Old) Mullen Covered Bridge 35-04-16 New Graham Road Bridge Old Plank Road Bridge Olin Covered Bridge 35-04-03 Phelps Creek US 322 Bridge Riverdale Road Covered Bridge 35-04-22 Root Road Covered Bridge 35-04-09 Shaffer Road Bridge Spring Creek Bridge State Road Covered Bridge 35-04-58 Tower Road Bridge Windsor Mills Covered Bridge 35-04-25 Blackwood Covered Bridge 35-05-06 Hewet Branch TR 20 Bridge Hocking River OH 144 Bridge Palos Covered Bridge 35-05-01 Garden Hill Road Bridge Sunday Creek OH 78 Bridge Lock One Park Morrison Bridge Memorial Park Covered Bridge 35-06-54 Spring Street Bridge Barkcamp Creek Bridge Blaine Hill Blaine Viaduct Lloydsville Stone Arch Bridge Bridgeport Bridge Wegee Creek CR 48 Bridge Big Three Mile Creek TR 44 Bridge Branch Bullskin Creek CR 42 Bridge Brown Covered Bridge 35-08-04 Neal Covered Bridge Fishing Gut Creek TR 60 Bridge George Miller Covered Bridge 35-08-34 McCafferty Covered Bridge 35-08-08 New Hope Covered Bridge 35-08-05 North Pole Covered Bridge 35-08-23 Old State Road Bridge Minnie White Road Bridge Melblanc Road Bridge White Oak Creek CR 21 Bridge Allen Road Bridge Black Covered Bridge 35-09-03 Dry Fork Creek Bridge High Street Bridge CSX - Great Miami River Bridge (Hamilton) Liberty Fairfield Road Bridge Smith Park Trail Bridge Taylor School Road Bridge Big Sandy Creek TR 180 Bridge Mutual-Union Road Bridge Pumphouse Road Bridge Snyder Park Road Bridge Stonelick Covered Bridge 35-13-02 St. Philomena Church Bridge Martinsville Road Covered Bridge 35-14-09 Starbuck Road Bridge Laymon Road Bridge Church Hill Road Covered Bridge 35-15-08 Clarks Mill Road Bridge Cold Run Creek TR 842 Bridge Conrail Bridge Dyke Road Bridge Echo Dell Road Bridge Grimms Bridge Hartley Road Bridge Brookdale Avenue Bridge McClellan Covered Bridge 35-15-02 McCormick Run Bridge Midland Fredericktown Road Bridge Negley Bridge Pancake-Clarkson Rd. Bridge Penn Central Railroad Bridge Sprucevale Bridge State Line Road Bridge Teegarden Covered Bridge 35-15-05 Gaston's Mill Bridge Waterford Road Bridge Lisbon Street Bridge Willard Road Bridge Willard Run OH 644 Bridge Yellow Creek Church Road Bridge Helmick Covered Bridge 35-16-02 Walhonding River OH 715 Bridge Towpath Bridge Benton Road Bridge Caldwell Road Bridge Scott Road Bridge Woodside Road Bridge Booth Avenue Overpass Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge Cannon Avenue Bridge Cannon Road Bridge Carter Road Bridge Center Steet Bridge Chagrin Falls Bridge Chagrin River Bridge Chippewa Creek OH 82 Bridge Columbus Road Bridge (Old) NS - Rocky River Bridge Detroit-Superior High Level Bridge Eagle Avenue Bridge Hillside Road Bridge Lakeshore Road Bridge Lorain-Carnegie Bridge Main Avenue Bridge Memphis Road Bridge US6 Porter Creek Bridge Ridgewood Drive Bridge Lorain Road Bridge NS - Scranton Road Overpass Fitzwater Road Bridge Station Road Bridge Stones Levee Bridge Tinkers Creek OH 14 Bridge Wade Park Avenue Bridge Warner Road Bridge West 3rd Street Bridge Wilson Mills Road Bridge Broadway Bridge McClure Road Bridge McQuay Ditch TR 165 Bridge Mill Road Bridge Beisner Road Bridge Dey Road Bridge The Bend Road Bridge Big Walnut Creek TR 53 Bridge Brown Road Bridge Chambers Road Covered Bridge 35-21-04 Home Road Bridge Hoskins Road Bridge Mills Road Bridge Panhandle Road Bridge Orange Road Bridge Stockwell Bridge Charles Holliday Covered Bridge 35-23-30 Fosnaugh Bridge George Hutchins Covered Bridge 35-23-13 Hannaway Covered Bridge 35-23-15 John Bright No. 1 Iron Bridge John Bright No. 2 Covered Bridge 35-23-10 Johnston Covered Bridge Mt. Zion Road Bridge R. F. Baker Covered Bridge 35-23-33 Rock Mill Covered Bridge 35-23-48 Rushville Road Bridge Cooks-Yankeetown Road Bridge Mark Road Bridge Paint Creek Bridge CSX - Alkire Road Overpass Bergstresser Covered Bridge 35-25-03 Calumet Street Arch Bridge NS - East Fourth Street Overpass North Eureka Avenue Bridge Georgesville Road Bridge Glen Echo Ravine Bridge Indianola Avenue - Iuka Ravine Arch Bridge NS - Rodgers Avenue Overpass US33 Scioto River Bridge Spring Street Bridge Town Street Bridge Summitt Avenue - Iuka Ravine Arch Bridge Westwood Drive Bridge Bulaville Pike Bridge Bundysburg Road Bridge Ballard Road Covered Bridge 35-29-18 Cemetery Road Covered Bridge 35-29-01 Charleton Mill Road Covered Bridge 35-29-16#2 Engle Mill Road Covered Bridge 35-29-03 Tarbox Cemetery Road Bridge Shawnee Creek US 35 Bridge Stevenson Road Covered Bridge 35-29-15 TR 83 Bridge Armstrong Covered Bridge 35-30-12 CUOH - Cambridge Railroad Tunnel Campbell Avenue Bridge Indian Camp Covered Bridge 35-30-04 Manila Road Bridge Wills Creek Bridge Benson Street Bridge Big Mac Bridge Blome Road Bridge Blue Rock Road Bridge Branch Mill Creek US 42 Bridge Brent Spence Bridge C&O Railroad Bridge Clay Wade Bailey Bridge Cleves Bridge CIND - Cleves Bridge Columbia Parkway Bridge Eden Park Melan Arch Bridge Harrison Road Bridge Ida Street Bridge Kemper Road Bridge Purple People Bridge Ludlow Viaduct CSX - Mehring Way Overpass Muddy Creek CR 209 Bridge Old Cleves Bridge Old Colerain Bridge Roebling Suspension Bridge US22 Overpass Victory Parkway Bridge Western Hills Viaduct Willey Road Bridge Blanchard River CR 26 Bridge Blanchard River TR 173 Bridge Riverbend Park Trail Bridge Eagle Creek CR 204 Bridge Ottawa Creek CR 26 Bridge Ottawa Creek TR 38 Bridge Ottawa Creek TR 84 Bridge Outlet Ditch CR 253 Bridge Outlet Ditch TR 251 Bridge Tiderishi Ditch TR 48 Bridge Scioto River CR 110 Bridge Scioto River CR 95 Bridge Old US24 Bad Creek Bridge Old US24 Belly Creek Bridge OH-424 Benien Creek Bridge Old US24 Dry Creek Bridge OH-424 Garrett Creek Bridge Napoleon Bridge OH-424 Oberhaus Creek Bridge Oak Grove Road Bridge Crockets Run Bridge Klump Road Bridge Crab Run TR 473 Bridge Killbuck Creek TR 346 Bridge Middle Fork Sugar Creek TR 655 Bridge Branch Vermilion River TR 145 Bridge East Branch Huron River TR 113 Bridge Marsh Run TR 181 Bridge Ridge Road Bridge Sandhill Road Bridge Standardsburg Road Bridge US20 Vermilion River Bridge US250 Vermilion River Bridge West Branch Huron River TR 109 Bridge Buckeye Furnace Covered Bridge 35-40-11 Byer Covered Bridge 35-40-08 Four Mile Creek TR 272 Bridge Johnson Road Covered Bridge 35-40-06 Little Raccoon Creek CR 40 Bridge Pigeon Creek CR 29 Bridge Pigeon Creek CR 31 Bridge Pigeon Creek TR 207 Bridge Bergholz-New Somerset Road Bridge Fort Steuben Bridge Liberty Street Bridge Market Street Bridge New Steubenville Bridge WLE - Cross Creek Bridge Piney Fork TR 125 Bridge Rush Run Road Bridge NS - TR177A Overpass New Somerset Road Bridge Yellow Creek TR 290 Bridge Brinkhaven Road Bridge Brinkhaven Road Bridge Cooke Road Bridge Forder Bridge Graham Road Bridge Hunter Road Bridge Larimore Road Bridge Mill Road Bridge (Previous Location) Orange Hill Road Bridge Sockman Road Bridge US36 Kokosing Gap Trail Overpass Vail Road Bridge Warren Road Bridge Pleasant Valley Road Bridge Ironton-Russell Bridge (old bridge) Symmes Creek Bridge Pine Creek CR 10 Bridge Scottown Covered Bridge 35-44-05 Storms Creek CR 29 Bridge Blackhand Gorge Bridge Cherry Valley Road Bridge County Road 210 Bridge Courter Road Bridge East Main Street Bridge Falling Rock Camp Iron Bridge Gallman Road Bridge Gregg Covered Bridge 35-45-06 McLain Covered Bridge 35-45-17 Rodrick Bridge Bickham Covered Bridge 35-46-03 Bokengehalas Creek TR 209 Bridge Great Miami River CR 21 Bridge McColly Covered Bridge 35-46-01 Stony Creek CR 65 Bridge Henderson Bridge Erie Avenue Bridge Cemetery Road Bridge Dean Road Bridge Lake Avenue Bridge North Ridge Road Bridge Pitts Road Bridge West Branch Black River OH 20 Bridge Anthony Wayne Bridge Cherry Street Bridge Craig Memorial Bridge Marengo Street Bridge Maumee River Bridge Maumee River Bridge US40 Big Darby Creek Bridge Little Darby Creek CR 24 Bridge East Glacier Drive Bridge Division Street Bridge Elm Street Bridge Fish Creek Bridge Kiwatha Road Bridge Spring Common Bridge Meander Creek CR 73 Bridge Mill Creek Bridge/Canfield Road Bridge Mahoning Avenue Double Decker Viaduct Mill Creek Park Suspension Bridge Pine Lake Road Bridge Schenly Avenue Bridge West Avenue Bridge Branch Rush Creek Bridge Clark Road Bridge Little Sandusky River TR 68C (Wyandot-Marion Rd.) Bridge Mud Run CR 26T (Marseilles-Galion Rd.) Bridge Olentangy River CR 67 R (Morral-Kirkpatrick Rd.) Bridge Olentangy River CR 141E (St. James Rd.) Bridge Prospect Bridge (Old) Tymochtee Creek Bridge CSX - OH421 Overpass Bagdad Road Bridge Pomeroy-Mason Bridge Shade River OH 248 Bridge Burrville Road Bridge Adams Street Bridge Bradford-Bloomer Road Bridge Croft Mill Road Bridge Shawnee Bridge Eldean Covered Bridge 35-55-01 Fairview-Snodgrass Road Bridge Fletcher Covered Bridge 35-55-A Lostcreek-Shelby Road Bridge Conrail - High Street Overpass Owens Road Bridge Altitude-Miller Road Bridge Clear Fork TR 319 Bridge Dogskin Road Bridge Foraker Covered Bridge 35-56-14 Knowlton Covered Bridge 35-56-18 Little Muskingum River CR 42 Bridge Little Muskingum River TR 1004 Bridge Little Muskingum River TR 562 Bridge Miltonsburg-Calais Road Bridge South Fork TR 242 Bridge Straight Fork TR 2706 Bridge Sunfish Creek Bridge Ring's Mill Bridge Trail Run Road Bridge Bridge Street Bridge Veterans Memorial Bridge Findlay-Stanley Road Bridge Germantown Covered Bridge 35-57-01 Helena Street Bridge Hemple Road Bridge Keowee Street Bridge Rip Rap Road Bridge Stewart Street Bridge Washington Street Bridge Webster Street Bridge San Toy Covered Bridge 35-58-38 Helmick Mill Covered Bridge 35-58-35 McConnelsville Bridge Alum Creek CR 225 (W. Liberty E. Rd.) Bridge Alum Creek TR 161 (Phillips Rd.) Bridge Alum Creek TR 21 (Prospect-Mt. Vernon Rd.) Bridge Alum Creek TR 222 (Green Rd.) Bridge Big Walnut Creek CR 15 Bridge Big Walnut Creek TR 215 Bridge Big Walnut TR 191 Bridge Branch Cedar Fork Creek TR 50 (Chestnut Ridge Rd.) Bridge Flat Run TR 62 (Burson Rd.) Bridge Kokosing River CR 180 (Dailey Rd.) Bridge Kokosing River TR 110 (Cardington-Williamsport Rd.) Bridge Kokosing River TR 121 (Center Corners-Fredericktown Rd.) Bridge North Branch Kokosing River TR 178 (Ruggles Rd.) Bridge Rice Cemetery Road Bridge Shaw Creek CR 137 (Curtis Rd.) Bridge Shaw Creek CR 28 (Cardington-Denmark Martel Rd.) Bridge Shaw Creek Bridge Shaw Creek TR 133 (Edgington Rd.) Bridge Shaw Creek TR 138 (Curl Rd.) Bridge South Branch Kokosing TR 184 (Penlan Rd.) Bridge South Branch Kokosing TR 185 (Rule Rd.) Bridge Kokosing River TR 122 (Chipps Rd.) Bridge Turkey Run TR 166 (Pompey Rd.) Bridge West Branch Alum Creek CR 24 (Worthington-New Haven Rd.) Bridge Whetsone Creek CR 125 (Morris Rd.) Bridge Whetstone Creek CH 61 (Marion-Williamsport Rd.) Bridge Whetstone Creek CR 11 (Cardington Western Rd.) Bridge Whetstone Creek CR 146 (Claypool Rd.) Bridge Beatty Road Bridge Whetstone Creek TR 126 (Orchard Dr.) Bridge Bennett Road Bridge Whetstone Creek TR 136 (Newcomer Rd.) Bridge Coleman Road Bridge Whetstone Creek TR 76 (Mt. Gilead-West Point Rd.) Bridge Buffalo Fork TR 209 Bridge Darlington Bridge Dresden Suspension Bridge First Street Bridge Johnson Mill Covered Bridge 35-60-31 Licking Road Bridge Gaysport Bridge Gratiot Bridge John Carnahen Bridge Mollies Rock Road Bridge Salt Creek Bridge State Street Bridge Workman Road Bridge Zane Gray Bridge Y Bridge (5th) Manchester Covered Bridge 35-61-33 Portage River Bridge Blue Creek TR 57 Bridge Academy Road Bridge Athens Road Bridge Bowman Mill Covered Bridge 35-64-06 Flagdale Road Bridge Hopewell Church Covered Bridge 35-64-03 Jacks Hollow Covered Bridge 35-64-05 Parks Covered Bridge 35-64-02 Rush Creek TR 122 Bridge TR 2A Bridge Orient Bridge Blackburn Covered Bridge 35-65-16 Cromley Road Bridge Florence Bridge Hargus Creek OH 188 Bridge Hayesville Road Bridge Kingston Pike Bridge Salt Creek OH 56 Bridge Scioto River CR 4 Bridge Scioto-Darby Road Bridge Camp Creek CR 25 Bridge Left Fork Crooked Creek CR 47 Bridge TR 169 Overpass Ketterman Road Bridge Fudge Road Bridge Brubaker Covered Bridge 35-68-06 Christman Covered Bridge 35-68-12 Dixon's Branch Covered Bridge 35-68-04 Fairhaven Bridge Camden College Corner Road Bridge Four Mile Creek TR 216 Bridge Dixon Road Bridge Geeting Covered Bridge 35-68-13 Harshman Covered Bridge 35-68-03 Hopewell Creek TR 259 Bridge Junction Road Bridge Factory Road Bridge Longman Road Bridge Foos Road Bridge Roberts Covered Bridge 35-68-05 Monebrake Road Bridge Seven Mile Road Bridge Brower Road Bridge St. Clair Street Bridge Pyrmont Road Bridge Sonora Road Bridge Warnke Covered Bridge 35-68-14 Gilboa Bridge West Street Bridge Little Auglaize River TR 25 Bridge Old OH12 Ottawa River Bridge Township Road 18A Bridge Mallaham Bridge Little Auglaize River TR R-23 Bridge Bellville Bridge Eby Road Bridge Stoffer Road Bridge Erie - Rock Road South Overpass Rome South Road Bridge Touby's Run OH 39 Bridge CSX - Hopetown Road Overpass CSX - Schrader Road Overpass Dogtown Road Bridge NS - Three Locks Road Overpass Plano Road Bridge Schooley Station Road Bridge South Salem Covered Bridge 35-71-02 West Junction Road Bridge Mull Covered Bridge 35-72-01 Muskellunge Creek CR 53 Bridge Tindall Bridge Brush Creek CR 48 (Arion Rd.) Bridge Duck Run CR 33 Bridge Frederick Creek TR 462 Bridge Wheeler's Mill Bridge McCullough Creek CR 45 (Henley-Deemer Rd.) Bridge Mill Road Bridge Pine Creek CR 257 Bridge Pine Creek TR 278 Bridge Rocky Fork CR 26 Bridge Rocky Fork TR 205 (Dever Rd.) Bridge Scioto Brush Creek TR 79 Bridge Ella Street Bridge Gailbraith Ditch TR 98 Bridge Riverside Street Bridge Rock Creek OH 18 Bridge Rock Creek TR 165 Bridge Sandusky River Bridge Sandusky River Bridge Township Road 185 Bridge Wolf Creek CR 60 Bridge North Street Bridge Sidney Bridge 12th Street Bridge PRR - Robertsville Avenue Overpass Branch Nimishillen Creek US 30 Bridge Cheyenne Street Bridge Congress Lake Ave. Bridge East Market Street Bridge Navarre Road SW Bridge Nineteenth Street NE Bridge Seventh Street Bridge Sherman Church Avenue Bridge Tuscarwas River OH 21 Bridge Main Street Bridge Newton Falls Covered Bridge 35-78-01 Olive Street Bridge 4th Street Bridge Center Street Bridge Huff Run TR 47 Bridge Tuscarawas Avenue Bridge US36 Tuscarawas River Bridge Bigelow Covered Bridge 35-80-04 Streng Road Bridge Phelps Road Bridge Bitler Road Bridge Coleman-Brake Road Bridge Sam Reed Road Bridge Bates Road Bridge Culbertson Covered Bridge 35-80-03 Mill Creek Bridge Terry Road Bridge Jefferson Street Bridge Jennings Creek CR 84 Bridge Maddox Creek CR 115 Bridge Market Street Bridge Twentyseven Mile Creek TR 25 Bridge Upper Prairie Creek CR 59 (Ward Rd.) Bridge Bay Covered Bridge 35-82-05 Cox Covered Bridge 35-82-10 Mount Olive Road Covered Bridge 35-82-04 Ponn Humpback Covered Bridge 35-82-06x Flat Fork Bridge South Broadway Bridge Foster Bridge Bell Covered Bridge 35-84-12 Harra Covered Bridge 35-84-11 Henry Covered Bridge 35-84-06 Hills Covered Bridge 35-84-24 Hune Covered Bridge 35-84-27 Little Hocking River Old OH 124 Bridge( Old) Stephens Bridge I77 Ohio River Bridge Rinard Covered Bridge 35-84-28 Root Covered Bridge 35-84-08 Sawyers Run OH 124 Bridge Shinn Covered Bridge 35-84-03 Township Road 189 Bridge Township Road 200 Bridge Township Road 53 Bridge Township Road 75 Bridge Pittsburg Ave. Bridge Force Road-Shreve Creek Bridge Sugar Creek TR 129 Bridge Newkirk Road Bridge Insley Road Bridge Kemner Road Bridge Linwood Road Bridge Long-Judson Road Bridge Maumee River Bridge Milton Road Bridge Mitchell Road Bridge Reigle Road Bridge Indian Mill Bridge Parker Covered Bridge 35-88-03 Poverty Run TR 11 Bridge Sandusky River CR 9 Bridge Sandusky River TR 135 Bridge Swartz Covered Bridge 35-88-05 Sycamore Creek TH10 Bridge Sycamore Creek TR 13 Bridge TH 44 Bridge Conesville Covered Bridge 35-16-06x Powell Road Scioto River Bridge Walnut Creek Covered Bridge 35-38-04 Newton Falls Covered Bridge 35-78-01x Reed Bridge 35-80-05x CSX - Scioto River Bridge Palos Railroad Bridge Old Erie Railroad Underpass Cincinnati & Whitewater Canal Tunnel Price's Creek US 40 Bridge Bellaire Toll Bridge Meldahl Dam Bridge Lincoln Highway Pike Run Bridge Boydsville Pony Truss Lincoln Highway Bridge Ruffner/Moore Covered Bridge 35-64-84 Feedwire Road Covered Bridge 35-57-03 Jasper Road Covered Bridge 35-57-36 Tom's Run Bridge Hartman #2 Covered Bridge 35-23-38 Schreyer Covered Bridge 35-23-27 McLeery Covered Bridge 35-23-25 Zeller-Smith Covered Bridge 35-23-19 Roley School Covered Bridge 35-23-49 Mink Hollow Covered Bridge 35-23-43 Kidwell Covered Bridge 35-05-02 Barkhurst Mill Covered Bridge 35-58-15 Mill Branch Covered Bridge 35-84-17 Beam Bridge Black Fork Mohican River Bridge Heart of Ohio Trail - Kokosing River Bridge Ginger Hill Road Bridge Dillon Falls Road Bridge CUOH - Zanesville Bridge OSRR - Muskingum River Bridge Granger Hill Road Bridge Old River Road Brush Creek Bridge Bridge Street Muskingum River Bridge Blennerhassett Island Bridge Federal Creek Big Run Rd Bridge Hocking River Jewell Hollow Rd Bridge Shade River Bashan Rd Bridge Scofield Covered Bridge 35-08-21x Governor Bebb Park Covered Bridge 35-09-02 Lynchburg Covered Bridge 35-14-11 / 35-36-06 Eakins Mill Covered Bridge 35-82-07x Jediah Hill Covered Bridge 35-31-01 Governor Kirker Covered Bridge 35-01-10 Bridge of Dreams LE&E - Youngstown Interchange Viaduct Miller Street Bridge Indian Mill Pony Truss Silver Bridge CSX - Sciotoville Bridge Old U. S. Grant Bridge New U.S. Grant Bridge Rocky Fork Bridge Pottersburg Covered Bridge 35-80-01 Spain Creek Covered Bridge 35-80-02 IORY - Quincy High Bridge W.Wilson Bridge Rd Whetstone Creek TR 127 (Loren Rd.) Bridge NS - Touby's Run Bridge Caledonia Bridge Olentangy River N. Market Street Bridge West Broad Street Bridge Stillwell Road Bridge Chew Rd. (TR 314) Norfolk Southern Railway Bridge Shelby High School Black Fork Mohican River Bridge OH 61 (S. Gamble St.) Branch of Black Fork Mohican River Bridge Abandoned NYC Olentangy River Bridge CSX - Olentangy River Bridge Raccoon Creek Garners Ford Rd. (CR 37) Bridge CUOH - Muskingum River Bridge OHCR - Muskingum River Bridge (Conesville) Johnsville Bridge NS - Applegate Road Overpass NS - Rocky Fork Mohican River Bridge NS - Black Fork Mohican River Bridge Gerald Frey Farm Bridge Tymochtee Creek Bridge CR93 Jaite Paper Mill Bridge NS - Park Avenue West Overpass Richland B&O Trail - Clear Fork Mohican River Bridge Outlet Ditch T-245 Pony Truss NS - Cincinnati Junction Bridge Rich Street Bridge Cassell CSX - Lower Scioto Twin Bridges CSX - Upper Scioto River Bridge CSX - Lower Scioto River Bridge Potato Creek CR153 Pony Truss Tiderishi Ditch CR59 Pony Truss Sandusky River CR128 Through Truss Bridge Precht Bridge Oxford Road Bridge Liberty Fairfield Road Bridge Black Street Bridge Georgetown Road Bridge Lisbon Bridge Milford Bridge East Lockington Road Bridge Great Miami River Railroad Bridge CSX - Feeder Canal Bridge CSX - Big Four Bridge Smolen-Gulf Covered Bridge 35-04-64 Egypt Pike Bridge Big Run Road Bridge Main Street Wills Creek Bridge TLE&W - Maumee River Bridge Crystal Springs Bridge Old Town Creek Bridge - North Old Town Creek Bridge - South Falknor Road Bridge Falkner Road Stone Arch Panther Creek Bridge Millfield Railroad Bridge NS - Ohio River Bridge New Hope Through Truss Bridge Jeremiah Morrow Bridge Zoar Bridge Zoarville Station Bridge Kokosing Gap Trail - East Branch Jelloway Creek Bridge Welty's Bridge RJCL - Tuscarawas River Bridge (Dover) WLE - McIntyre Creek High Bridge WLE - Angle Road Overpass CUOH - Goulds Block Tunnel WLE - Tunnel WLE - Coen Tunnel WLE - Adams Tunnel NS - Fellows Tunnel WLE - Warren Tunnel NS - Hanna Tunnel NS - Rexford Tunnel Skull Fork Covered Bridge 35-34-19 NS - Steubenville Bridge CUOH - Mingo Junction Arch Little Miami Scenic Trail - Todd's Fork Bridge Rommels Mill Bridge Tipp-Elizabeth Road Bridge Boomershine Bridge Third Street Southeast Bridge Eakin's Mill Covered Bridge 35-82-07 #2 Third Avenue Bridge Crawford Street Tunnel B&O - Bellaire Bridge (Old) Hopewell Road Bridge Strout Road Bridge Main Street Bridge Rarden Bridge Washington Street Bridge White Bridge Putnam Street Bridge (Old) WLE - Great Stone Viaduct Mill Creek Road Bridge Stoutsville Pike Bridge Old Xenia Road Bridge Pisgah Road Bridge Adamsville Bridge Eagleville Road Bridge Hudson Braceville Road Bridge Bays Road Bridge Henry - Wood County Line Road Bridge Liberty Road Bridge Limestone Valley Road Bridge Seneca Lake Road Bridge Harriettsville Road Bridge OH-550 Bridge OH-124 Bridge OH-143 Bridge CSX - Kokosing River Bridge CSX - Dry Creek Bridge Howard Street Kokosing River Bridge Mohican Trail - Clear Fork Mohican River Bridge Ohio Electric Interurban Bridge Cincinnati Southern Ohio River Bridge (1st) CSX - Olentangy River Bridge Abandoned CSX - Olentangy River Bridge Lane Avenue Cable-Stayed Suspension Bridge (New) King Avenue Arch Bridge Main Street Bridge (New) Main Street Bridge (Old) East Turtle Creek Bridge Higginsport Bridge Abandoned Bridge Pomeroy-Mason Bridge Leeper Covered Bridge 35-30-08x Barrett Mill Bridge 35-36-11x Taylor-Southgate Bridge West Fork of Ohio Brush Creek Bridge Blue Creek Road bridge Leslie's Run Bridge NS - Consolidated Road Overpass Carl D. Perkins Memorial Bridge Cement Bridge Road Bridge CFE - Town Creek Bridge C&LE - Mud Run Bridge CR-652 Bridge Mermill Road Bridge CR-1 Bridge Napoleon Road Bridge Fisher Road Bridge Hook Waltz Road Bridge Ream Road Bridge CR-3 Bridge CR-181 Bridge Old OH-154 Bridge Sprucevale Road Bridge Van Atta Road Bridge CR-27 Bridge South Weymouth Road Bridge Gasser Road Bridge Elizabeth Street Bridge Jerry City Road Bridge Liberty Street Humpback Bridge CIND - Whitewater River Bridge Sidaway Avenue Footbridge Canton Lattice Girder Bridge St. Mary's River Pedestrian Bridge Richland Ave Bridge Huffman Dam Spillway Bridge NS - Springfield Street Overpass Old Springfield Street Bridge Erie Rail bridge over Mad River north of Huffman Dam site NS - Mud Run Bridge Conrail - Stillwater River Bridge Moonville Rail Trail - Moonville Tunnel NS - Maumee River Swing Bridge Sumner Street NS Overpass (closed) CSX - Marshall Street Overpass NS - Spring Common Overpass Miami & Erie Canal Aqueduct Radnor Road Bridge Seven Hills Bridge Main Street Bridge (Old) Horns Mill Road Bridge CSX - Scioto River Bridge Wall Street Pedestrian Bridge Mile Creek Road Bridge Tom's Run Cincinnati, Jackson & Mackinaw Railroad Bridge 46th Street Bridge LS&MS - Ashtabula River Bridge NS - Winchester Bridge Edison-Cardington Road - Whetstone Creek Bridge (Replacement) CR11 Big Run Stone Arch Bridge Shaw Creek TR28 Bridge Shaw Creek TR141 Hurr Rd Girder Bridge Ludlow Creek Bridge Peter's Creek S Bridge Fox Run S Bridge Salt Fork S Bridge Appalachian Railroad Crossing TR-16 Bridge Oak Knoll Park Bridge Osborn Road-Mad River Bridge 2nd Street Arch Bridge Gomer Road Bridge South Denmark Road Covered Bridge 35-04-14 Grand River Bridge Pawnee Rd. Railroad Overpass Worthington Road Bridge Old Enon Road Stone Arch Culvert Scioto River Bridge NS - Main Street Overpass Cooks Run S Bridge River Corners Rd. Pony Bridge Cedar Point Rd 193 Bridge Wolf Rd Cr125 Bridge Henry St. Cr 240 Bridge Sr 6 Bridge Bagley Rd Cr27 Bridge Bailey Road Stone Arch Beverly-Waterford Bridge (Old) Lost Bridge (1st) Olentangy River Bridge Niles Greenway - Mahoning River Bridge OSRR - Jonathon Creek Bridge Shaeffer/Campbell Covered Bridge 35-07-05 OH8 High Level Bridge Hocking Hills Indian Bridge Hocking Hills Valley Crossing Mohican State Park Bridge 35-03-A Blue Bridge Bridgeview Bridge Westerville Bridge Smith Road Bridge Mears Road Bridge East Fork Paint Creek Bridge East Fork Paint Creek Bridge Scioto River Bridge Wolfe Park Suspension Bridge Wst Br Tontogany Creek Scott Rd. Bridge T-19 Corbin Ditch Bridge #2 Greenlawn Bridge Paint Township Cemetery Bridge Prairie Road Bridge Otway Covered bridge 35-73-15 Harmar Bridge Alum Creek Bridge Alum Creek Bridge Alum Creek Bridge C.R. 4 Bridge Fulton Farm Bridge Kirker Covered Bridge 35-01-10 Abbey Avenue Viaduct Hubbard Furnace North Bridge Hubbard Furnace South Bridge CR-T Bridge Abandoned NYC - Mill Creek Bridge Western Reserve Greenway - Mill Creek Road Overpass New Carlisle Pike Bridge Toledo Terminal - Upper Maumee River Swing Bridge W&LE - Maumee River Swing Bridge CSX - Lower Maumee River Swing Bridge NKP - Swan Creek Swing Bridge RJCL - Tuscarawas River Bridge (Massillon) Myrtle Ake Road Bridge NS - Paint Creek Bridge Main Street Bridge (Westerville) Erie - Mahoning River Bridge NS - Anna Bridge CSX/NS Overpass NS - Mosquito Creek Bridge LE&E - Mahoning River Bridge #2 Union Street Bridge CSX/NS Overpass Humpback Bridge March Road Bridge 35-04-15x Western Reserve Greenway - Mill Creek Bridge Scioto River Bridge Linn-Hipsher Road Bridge Parrish Covered Bridge 35-61-34 Warrensburg Bridge Lost Bridge (2nd) Lost Bridge (3rd) NS Griggs Creek Bridge NS - Griggs Road Overpass IORY - Old Remington Road Overpass Moxahala Creek Bridge Bluelick Road Bridge Spring Creek Bridge B&O Railroad Tunnel WLE - Big Sandy Creek Bridge Hungry Hollow Road Bridge Winter Road Bridge CSX - Great Miami River Bridge Suder Avenue Bridge State Route 75 Tunnel Canal Footbridge NS - Center Street Overpass Shoults/Girl Scout Camp Covered Bridge 35-45-05 Parrish Road Bridge CN - Four Track Swing Bridge CSX - Ottawa River Bridge ASRY - Orange Creek Bridge CSX - Ashtabula River Arch Bridge Old Peasley Road Bridge West Branch Black River Bowstring Bridge ASRY - Lang Creek Bridge CSW - Lang Creek Bridge North Coast Inland Trail - Plum Creek Stone Arch Bridge North Ridge Road Bridge Abandoned LWV - Black River Bridge LT - Black River Bridge US Steel Lorain Tubular Operations Black River Bridge NS - Black River Lift Bridge Jones Road Bridge Pitts Road Bridge Simon Kenton Trail - Black Creek Bridge Pleasant Hill Dam Intake Tower Bridge Wabash/NS Overpass Mohican Police Firing Range Bridge NS - Ridgeway Road Overpass Sandusky River Railroad Bridge MAW - Maumee River Bridge WLE - Mill Street Overpass North Coast Inland Trail - North Branch Huron River Bridge NS - OH84 Overpass NS - Ashtabula River Bridge CSX - Chagrin River Bridge CSX - Grand River Bridge NS - Grand River Trestle CSX - Raccoon Creek Bridge NS - West Branch Black River Stone Arch T&OC/NYC Overpass MC&C - Stone Arch PRR - Broadway Overpass NS - Ottawa River Arch Bridge CSX - TR110 Overpass Rickard Road bridge(old US 42) Route 161/US 33 Bridge over Scioto River in Dublin Moonville Rail Trail - Kings Hollow Tunnel Gilmore Bridge Kilbourne Bridge Penn Central Big Walnut Creek Bridge NS - Blacklick Creek Bridge CVSR - Cuyahoga River Bridge #2 South Windsor Covered Bridge 35-04-26x Shaunghum Covered Bridge Gates Mills Interurban Bridge Tare Creek Covered Bridge 35-28-02#2 Abandoned NYC - Scioto River Bridge Abandoned NYC - Blues Creek Stone Arch W. Powell Road Bridge Bellpoint Rd Bridge Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor 35-04-(b Covered Bridge Pizza Parlor II 35-04-(a CSX - Cuyahoga River Bridge CUOH - Main Street Overpass Eden Park Twin Lakes Bridge Grass Run Bridge CSX - Broad Street Overpass Old Ohio 123 Bridge Lebanon Countryside Trail - Little Miami River Bridge IORY - Turtle Creek Bridge IORY - Little Miami River Bridge IORY - O'Bannon Creek Bridge SYRR - Sandusky River Bridge Oakdale Cemetery OH550 Drainage Stone Arch Erie - Heel Trunnion Bascule Bridge NS - JM Drawbridge Old Caesar Creek Gorge Bridge CCC&StL - Cuyahoga River Bascule Bridge RT - Cuyahoga River Bascule Bridge W&LE - Cuyahoga River Bascule Bridge B&O - Cuyahoga River Bridge #463 B&O - Cuyahoga River Bridge No # 464 Jefferson Avenue Bascule Bridge Middle Seneca Bridge NSR - Cuyahoga River Bridge OH555 Cutler Stone Arch MC&C - West Fork Little Hocking River Bridge MC&C - Stone Arch (Near Vincent) MC&C - Bridge (Somewhere near Cutler) MC&C - McAvan Bridge Cleveland Metro Parkway Bridge NS - Port Clinton Bridge Cincinnati Subway System CL&N - Oak Street Tunnel NS - Sandusky Bay Bridge Olentangy River N. Union Street Bridge Pottersburg Covered Bridge 35-80-01 PRR - Miami & Erie Canal Bridge 2nd Street Bridge Y Bridge (4th) Y Bridge (3rd) B&O - Muskigum River Bollman Bridge Devil's Bathtub Bridge HVSR - Hocking River Bridge #2 HVSR - Hocking River Bridge #3 IORY - US6 Overpass OH-424 County Ditch 970 Bridge Old US24 North Turkeyfoot Creek DT&I - Maumee River Bridge MAW - Garrett Creek Bridge DT&I - Royersville Tunnel DT&I - Paint Creek Bridge Seymour Covered Bridge 35-71-07x SVT - Scotio River Bridge Columbus Pike Bridge Main Street Bridge Yoctangee Park Bridge NS - Scotio River Bridge (Waverly) DT&I - US-23 Overpass B&O - Scioto River Bridge NS - Scotio River Bridge (Chillicothe) Eden Park Reservoir Dam CH&D - Spring Grove Cemetery Bridge Spring Grove Pedestrian Bridge #1 Spring Grove Pedestrian Bridge #2 CSX - Galbraith Road Overpass Martin Drive Ramp Hueston Woods Covered Bridge 35-68-51 Withrow High School Bridge Sharon Woods Park Stone Bridge Lindner Park /McCullough Estate Nature Preserve Bridge Little Miami Scenic Trail - O'Bannon Creek Bridge Troy Market Street Bridge ST&P - Great Miami River Bridge Ash Street Bridge (Older) Ash Street Bridge (Old) Great Miami River Rec.Trail - Great Miami River Bridge Main Steet Bridge Indian Fork Covered Bridge 35-10-14 Sells Covered Bridge 35-15-01 #2 Thomas J Malone Covered Bridge 35-15-96 Lockport Covered Bridge 35-86-06 Charles A Harding Memorial Covered Bridge 35-18-25 Hizey Covered Bridge 35-23-07 Shade Covered Bridge 35-23-20 Jon Raab Covered Bridge 35-23-37 Roley School House Covered Bridge 35-23-49 Blanchard River Covered Bridge 35-32-21 Davis Farm Covered Bridge 35-45-25 Rosseau Covered Bridge 35-58-32 Milton Dye Covered Bridge 35-58-41 Rich Valley Covered Bridge 35-61-40 Valentine Covered Bridge 35-65-15 #2 Montpelier Fairgrounds Covered Bridge 35-86-26 Rushville Bridge New Upper Darby Covered Bridge 35-80-61 Buck Run Road Covered Bridge 35-80-62 Mill Creek Covered Bridge 35-80-63 Maple Highlands Trail Covered Bridge 35-28-04 Dade Terrell Bridge Yankee Street Covered Bridge 35-21-06x Jaynes Covered Bridge 35-21-05x Water Hill Covered Bridge 35-21-02x Lavender Covered Bridge 35-21-07x Fulton Creek Covered Bridge 35-21-01x Water Street Covered Bridge 35-21-39x Sunbury Pike Covered Bridge 35-21-47x Home Road Bridge Shively Covered Bridge 35-21-10x Bellefountaine Bridge Central College Bridge Broad Street Bridge (3rd) Grandview Ave. Bridge (Old) Hayden Run Road Bridge Fishinger Road Bridge Sandusky Street Bridge US 23 Shadeville Bridge Agler Road Bridge West North Broadway Bridge (Old) Dodridge Street Covered Bridge 35-25-62x Front Street Viaduct King Avenue Bridge (Original) Dublin-Granville Road Bridge Front Street Bridge FIR - Industrial Flats Lift Bridge NYC Cuyahoga River Lift Bridge 2 Winter Street Bridge Main Road Bridge Olentangy Avenue Bridge Schrock Road Bridge O'Shaughnessy Dam Bridge CCRA - West Broad Street Overpass Fourth Street Bridge Fort Defiance Bridge Fort Winchester Bridge Hopkins Street Bridge (Older) Indianola Avenue - Iuka Ravine Arch Bridge (Original) Royalty Road Bridge Detroit Street Bridge Callender Road Covered Bridge 35-04-24x Broad Street Bridge (2nd) Broad Street Bridge (1st) 35-25-17x Fountain Avenue Bridge Fourth Street Bridge Rowe Road Bridge Faurot Park Bridge Broad Street Alum Creek Bridge Philo-Duncan Falls Covered Bridge 35-60-U03x NYC - Sandusky River Bridge CSX - OH19 Overpass Red Bank Road Bridge Adams Road Covered Bridge 35-04-11 East Trumbell Covered Bridge 35-04-20x Kelloggsville Covered Bridge 35-04-08x Mound Street Bridge Blaine Road Covered Bridge 35-04-02x Blair Road Covered Bridge 35-43-01x College Corner Covered Bridge Sloan Covered Bridge 35-68-10x Zanesville Covered Bridge 35-60-43x Old National Road Covered Bridge 35-30-31x Camp Falling Rock Covered Bridge 35-45-04 Stotler Mill Covered Bridge 35-68-19x William's Covered Bridge 35-84-09x Zane's Crossing Covered Bridge 35-30-31x Western Reserve Greenway/NS Overpass McConnelsville-Malta Covered Bridge 35-58-39x Calis Covered Bridge 35-56-01x Lockington Covered Bridge 35-75-01x Gunn Covered Bridge 35-30-10x Painesville Covered Bridge 35-43-04x Brunner Covered Bridge 35-23-23x Sleepy Hollow Covered Bridge 35-48-A Beam Covered Bridge 35-68-09x Basil Covered Bridge 35-23-26x Glidea Covered Bridge 35-30-28x Cow Run Covered Bridge 35-84-25x Morris Covered Bridge 35-61-10x State Dam Covered Bridge 35-23-22x Rock Creek Covered Bridge 35-04-23x Ashville Covered Bridge 35-65-01x Cashen O/Arcola Creek Bridge Wersh Estate Covered Bridge 35-43-A Slickaway Run Bridge Marysville Pike Covered Bridge 35-21-11x William Street Covered Bridge 35-21-24x Marysville Pike Bridge (2) Collinsville Covered Bridge 35-09-11x Hogan's Bridge Clarksville Covered Bridge 35-14-01x Brookville Road Bridge High Street Suspension Bridge Woodsdale Covered Bridge 35-09-16x CUOH - Tuscarawas River Bridge (Gnadenhutten) 6th Steet Bridge (Old) NS - Rocky Fork Bridge 3rd Street Bridge Big Four - Cuyahoga River Bridge NKP - Cuyahoga River Bridge NKP - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Old) NYC - Cuyahoga River Bascule Bridge W&LE - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Old) Abandoned W&LE - Cuyahoga River Bridge B&O - Cuyahoga River Bridge #463 (Old) Columbus Road Bridge (Older) Main Avenue Bridge (Old) Willow Avenue Bridge (Old) Willow Avenue Bridge Central Viaduct (Older) Superior Viaduct West 3rd Street Bridge (Older) NS - Iron Curtain Bridge Conrail - Sandusy Bay Bridge Sandusky Bay Lift Bridge Monroe Street Bridge C&LE - Swan Creek Bridge NS - Oak Harbor Drawbridge TPC&L - Portage River Bridge Ohio Canal Bridge Benson Street Bridge PC - Duck Creek Bridge ZWSR - Johnathan Creek Bridge NS - Conneaut Creek Viaduct Reciprocity Stone Bridge (National Road/ US 40) D Street Bridge Wagner Ford Road Bridge Ohio to Indiana Trail - Great Miami River Bridge Conrail - Wall Street Overpass LE&E - Mahoning River Bridge #3 Little Miami Scenic Trail - Little Miami River Bridge (Near Xenia) Lion Bridge Inner Belt Bridge (1959) NS - Cincinnati Pike Overpass CUOH - Poverty Run Tunnel Foxfire Drive Bridge CUOH - Blackhand Gorge Bridge CUOH - Licking River Bridge Huron River Bridge B&O - Grand River Bridge Monroe Street Bridge Fifth Street Bridge Mill Road-Conneaut Creek Bridge (Older) Ellis Bridge CSX - Rocky River Bridge NYC - Rocky River Bridge Gaysport Bridge (3rd) Miami & Erie Canal Bridge Third Street Bridge Miami & Erie Canal Bridge Twin Arch Stone Culvert Carter Road Bridge (Old) NS - Iron Curtain Bridge (Old) NKP - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Older) Miami & Erie Canal Bridge High Level Bridge Conneaut Highway Bridge Oregonia Road Bridge Toledo Skyway Broadway Street Bridge Ralston Run Swinging Suspension Footbridge B&O - Kokosing River Bridge Columbus & Ohio River Railroad Overpass Vrooman Road Bridge Conrail - College Street Overpass Everett Road Covered Bridge 35-77-01 #2 IERR - Okeana Trestle C&C - LIttle Miami River Bridge Blackhand Gorge Trail - Blackhand Tunnel Y&OR/Erie Overpass Huron River Bridge High Level Bridge North Hill Viaduct Canton Bridge NS - CR6 Overpass Chesterville Covered Bridge 35-59-02x SR 161 Bridge Cleveland Union Terminal Viaduct B&O - Cuyahoga River Bridge #463 (Older) B&O - Black River Bridge CSX - Black River Bridge Ashtabula Bridge (Old) B&O - Cuyahoga River Bridge # 464 (Old) Jefferson Avenue Bridge (Old) DC&P - Ludlow Bridge C&LE - Big Darby Creek Bridge Cherry Street Bridge (Old) Fassett Street Bridge NYC - Ashtabula River Bridge (Old) N&W - Black River Bridge (Old) Big Four - Cuyahoga River Swing Bridge Mohican River Bridge Erie Avenue Bridge (3rd) WLE - Rocky River Viaduct Duck Creek (abandoned) I-90 Bridge McMillan Street Bridge Five Mile Creek Bridge Five Mile Creek Bridge Mlk Blvd 2-2 Bridge Brookside Park Bridge Fulton Road Bridge Anthony Road Twin Creek Bridge Michael Rd Bridge Holes Creek Bridge East River Rd Under Rr Bridge Foxes Bottom Road Bridge Conrail-Chessie Rr Bridge Conrail-Chessie Rr Bridge TBG&S - Maumee River Bridge Seneca Street Bridge (Old) Erie - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Old) CCC&StL - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Old) Kokosing River Bridge Gates Mills Bridge Dry Creek Road Northeast Bridge Buck Run Rd Private Pratt off OH-161 Private Bridge Covered Bridge 35-42-d Stone Arch Bridge Cedar Creek Bridge CSX - Central Avenue Overpass CSX - Sandusky River Bridge Dry Creek Bridge North Branch Kokosing Bridge Knox County Rainbow Bridge Clark Avenue Bridge Old Winchester Trail Bridge Legacy Way Bridge NS - Antioch Spring Bridge North Main Street Bridge Painter Creek Pony North Market Street Bridge West Columbus Street Bridge Henry County Veterans Bridge Roush Road Bridge South Leighton Street Bridge High Street Bridge West Smiley Road Bridge South Denmark Road Bridge ASRY - East Tiffin Street Overpass North Reed Avenue Bridge Blade Road Bridge Liberty Church Street Southeast Bridge Tremont Avenue Southwest Bridge Highway 374 Scenic Bridge Highway 374 Scenic Bridge 2 Goosecreek Road Bridge Mount Olive Road Bridge Riddle Road Bridge Bethel Road Bridge Woodgeard Road Bridge Wheelabout Road Bridge Hope-Moonville Road Bridge Buck Lane Bridge Hamline Avenue Bridge Fawcett Road Bridge South 9th Street Bridge Ety Road Bridge Tri-County Triangle Trail Pedestrian Bridge Main Street Bridge Little Creek Road Bridge Twin Bridge Road Bridge Johnson Road Bridge Hopple Street Viaduct Giddings Road Covered Bridge 35-04-62 Netcher Road Covered Bridge 35-04-63 Muddy Creek Bridge Charlton Mill Covered Bridge 35-29-16 #2 Hyde Road Covered Bridge 35-29-109 NYC - Sandusky Bay Bridge (Old) LS&MS - Huron River Bridge Schwendeman Covered Bridge 35-84-20 LS&MS - Sandusky Bay Bridge (Oldest) McConnelsville-Malta Bridge Pierce Street Bridge South Main Street Bridge Kellogg Avenue Bridge Kingsmill Covered Bridge 35-51-21 West State Street CSX Transportation Bridge Chessie - Cuyahoga River Bridge (Southerly Wastewater Treatment Facility Spur) Little Yellow Creek Drive Way Bridge Ketchum Road Bridge Jackson St. Bridge Great Miami River Recreational Trail Bridge (Old Fairview Snodgrass Rd Bridge) Swift Run Lake Bridge B&O - Skunk Run Bridge Sugar Creek Bridge Brandewie Bridge River Bridge Line Street Bridge Gaylord's Grove Bridge CH&D - Scioto River Bridge (Old) Kilgore's Ford Bridge 35-71-26x Newport & Cincinnati Bridge Mehring Way Bridge Over Mill Creek LSE - French Creek Arch Bridge LSE - Black River Bridge Milan Bridge North Ridge Bridge Garfield Bridge Sandusky River Bridge Tymochtee Creek Bridge Main Street Bridge Dresden Suspension Bridge (OLD) US 40 Conrail/CSX Transportation Bridge US 40 CSX/Norfolk Southern Railway Bridge Rush Alley Conrail/CSX Transportaion Bridge West State Street Conrail/CSX Transportaion Bridge West State Street Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Bridge US 62 CSX Transportaion Bridge (East) US 62 CSX Transportation Bridge (West) US 62 CSX Transportation Bridge (ABN) Crescent Bridge Ottawa Bridge PRR Anderson Creek Bridge Glenn Avenue Bridge High Level Bridge CP&E - Chagrin River Bridge CP&E - Grand River Viaduct LS&MS - Chagrin River Bridge (Old) Superior Viaduct (Old) Grinnell Road - Little Miami River Bridge NYC - Wabash River Bridge Snyder Rd Chatham Rd Main Street Bridge West 3rd Street Bridge (Old) Kokosing Gap Trail - Gambier Bridge PRR - Great Miami River Bridge (Old) CR 29 over Storms Creek Denison-Harvard Viaduct SR 73 over Unnamed Creek OH 348 Bridge CH&D - Great Miami River Bridge Market Street Bridge Columbia Bridge Fox Avenue Driveway Bridge West Cohasset Drive Camp Sherman Suspension Bridge Camp Sherman Pontoon Bridge OSRR - Crooksville Bridge (W) NKP - Old Ashtabula River Bridge Spring Commons Bridge (Older) Spring Common Bridge (Old) Collett Street Bridge (Old) Eden Park Arch & Viaduct B&O Roundhouse Turning Bridge Lowellville Bridge EL - Cuyahoga River Bridge PRR - Muskingum River Bridge NS - Black Fork Mohican River Bridge Erie Street Swan Creek Sidecut Swing Bridge Central Avenue-Ten Mile Creek (Old) Bowerston Tunnel CE&W - Vermillion River Bridge Eagle Avenue Bridge (Old) Central Avenue Bridge (Older) NKP - Henry Street Overpass Y&S - Grimms Bridge Tunnel Jennings Ditch Bridge Buffalo Creek Retreat Bridge Mohican Wilderness Suspension Bridge Kinsman Road Overpass PRR-Cuyahoga River Bridge WLE-Cuyahoga River Bridge Stanley Avenue Overpass Delta Avenue Overpass Wenner Street Pedestrian Underpass Congress Avenue Pedestrian Underpass Robbin's Mill Bridge N&W - Miami & Erie Canal Bridge Putnam Street Bridge (Older) Portage River Bridge Wolf Creek Railroad Bridge Old Portsmouth Scioto River Bridge North Branch Kokosing Bridge TTR - Lower Maumee River Bridge (Old) Wooster Street Bridge (Old) Clinton Street Bridge First Street Bridge Prospect Bridge (Older) Central Viaduct (Old) State Street (Rt 20) Bridge ( Old) Piney Fork Bridge Piney Fork Bridge Bergholz New Somerset Road Pony Truss Bridge Rush Run Private Bridge Market Street Bridge Elkton Bridge Straight Creek Bridge US 42 - Little Miami River Bridge Cincinnati Dayton Rd underpass Cincinnati Northern - Twin Creek Bridge Columbus Sandusky Road-Honey Creek Bridge(Older) Old Cherry Street Bridge DT&I Railroad over Thrifton Road Bridge Nickle Plate Bridge Durkee Road Bridge North West Avenue Bridge High Street Temporary Bridge Bear Creek Bridge Washington Avenue Bridge (Old) Kensington Farm Bridge Wayne Street-Wabash River Bridge (Old) CSX - Woodsdale Bridge CSX - American Rolling Mill Viaduct Private bridge #2 Fallsburg Rd. private Clark Run Driveway Bridge Cunningham-Arbela Road Bridge David E. Hindman Memorial Bridge Cincinatti & Eastern - Little Miami River Bridge Cole Creek Bridge Old route 528 bridge over the Grand River Route 528 Bridge Tuscarawas River Bridge Ohio Electric/CH&D Overpass Broadway-Wolf Creek Bridge (Older) Polk Road-Wilson Creek Bridge (Replacement) CSX - East Branch Black River Viaduct Straight Fork CR 68 Bridge Spruce Avenue Railroad Overpass Chestnut Avenue Railroad Overpass CR-111 Bypassed Pony Bridge Blackhoof Street-Auglaize River (Old) Mill Road-Conneaut Creek Bridge (Replacement) Richmond Street-Grand River Bridge RR-Grand River Ottawa Park Bridge VRR - Cuyahoga River Bridge PRR - Steubenville Bridge (Oldest) PRR - Steubenville Bridge (Old) Valley Run Bridge US 20 Bridge E Livingston Ave (US 33) Bridge West Liberty Covered Bridge Devils Backbone Bridge Buck Creek Bridge Staddens Bridge New Guilford Road Wakatomika creek Bridge Hueston Cemetery Bridge Little Hocking River-Old OH124 Bridge (Older) Mechanic Street Footbridge Jamison Covered Bridge Glens High Bridge Miller Road Covered Bridge Taylor School Covered Bridge Spring Creek Driveway Bridge Shepard Bridge 3rd Street Covered Bridge Old Detroit Avenue Bridge US 36 - Mill Creek Bridge OH 44 - Cuyahoga River Bridge Polk Road - Wilson Creek Bowstring Bridge Edison-Cardington Road - Whetstone Creek Bridge OH 213 - Yellow Creek Bridge Alex-Bell Road - Holes Creek Bridge OH 138 - McCortney Run Bridge Orchard Street Bridge CR 14 - Tuscarawas River Bridge Stone Road - Anderson Fork Bridge Muddy Creek Bridge Limestone Street - Buck Creek Bridge Little Miami River Bridge OH 83 - Wills Creek Bridge Darlington Bridge - Replacement Maple Highlands-Taylor Wells Covered Bridge Three Locks Road - Stoney Creek Bridge Three Locks Road - Stoney Creek Bridge (Replacement) Herriff Road - Breakneck Creek Bridge Manning Street - North Fork Licking River Bridge Cook-Yankeetown Road - Paint Creek Bridge Wilson Street - Raccoon Creek Bridge 11th Street - Raccoon Creek Bridge Plymouth-Springmill Road - Black Fork Mohican River Bridge