Licking County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Bennington Chapel Road BridgeBenn Chapel Road over Fork of Licking RiverReplaced in 2001Pony truss1918200160.064.0
Blackhand Gorge BridgeBridge on FootpathOpen to pedestrians onlyWarren through truss with no verticals1880------
Blackhand Gorge Trail - Blackhand TunnelBlackhand Gorge Trail under Open to pedestrians onlyTunnel1890------
Boy Scout Camp Covered Bridge 35-45-04Bridge over Rocky Fork CreekClosed to all vehicle trafficMultiple Kingpost through truss------49.0
Camp Falling Rock Covered Bridge 35-45-04Footpath over Small Stream?Open to pedestrians onlyMultiple Kingpost through truss1872----49.0
Chatham RdBridge on Chatham RdModern Warren pony truss--------
Cherry Valley Road BridgeCherry Valley Road over Raccoon CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1834--35.1140.1
Conrail - Raccoon Drive BridgeRailroad over Under Conrail Over RaccoUnknown statusSteel stringer----61.0122.1
Conrail-Second Street BridgeConrail over Conrail Over 2nd StreetOpen to trafficSlab1930--29.961.0
Conrail-Third Street BridgeConrail over Conrail Over 3rd StreetOpen to trafficSlab1930--29.961.0
County Road 210 BridgeBridge on County Road 210Open to trafficPolygonal Warren pony truss1928--47.952.2
Courter Road BridgeCourter Road (TR 157) over South Fork Licking RiverOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch----54.154.1
CSX - Raccoon Creek BridgeCSX Railroad over Raccoon CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss------114.0
CUOH - Blackhand Gorge BridgeOhio Central Railroad over Licking River and Blackhand GorgeTrailOpen to railroad trafficDeck plate girder--------
CUOH - Main Street OverpassRailroad over Main StreetOpen to trafficStone arch--------
Davis Farm Covered Bridge 35-45-25Private Drive over Rocky Fork Licking RiverOpen to private traffic, in use on drivewayMultiple Kingpost through truss1947----50.0
Dry Creek Road Northeast BridgeDriveway over Dry CreekOpen to traffic on private roadHalf-hip Pratt pony truss1900?----20.0
East Main Street BridgeEast Main Street over North Fork Licking RiverOpen to trafficPratt through truss1898--150.9157.2
Falling Rock Camp Iron BridgeFalling Rock Camp entrance over Rocky ForkHas been moved and restored in the camp.Post pony trussca. 1872--66.066.0
Fallsburg Rd. privateDriveway over Painter RunOpen to traffic, but it's a private bridgeHalf-hip Pratt pony truss--------
Flory Park Suspension Footbridgepedestrian pathway over Raccoon CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyWire suspension--------
Gallman Road BridgePedestrian trail over Raccoon CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyWhipple through truss1887--152.0202.0
Ginger Hill Road BridgeGinger Hill Road over North Fork Licking RiverOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren pony truss1990--100.1102.0
Gregg Covered Bridge 35-45-06Frampton Road (CR 201) over Wakatomika CreekOpen to trafficMultiple Kingpost through truss1881--124.0124.0
McLain Covered Bridge 35-45-17Footpath over Dry groundOpen to pedestrians onlyMultiple Kingpost through truss1871--47.047.0
Mill Street BridgeMill Street over Muddy ForkNo longer existsPony truss----59.162.0
National Road BridgeOld National Road (US 40) over Ohio & Erie CanalReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony truss--------
Newark Bikeways - South Fork Licking River BridgeNewark Bikeways over South Fork Licking RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyPratt through truss--------
Quarry Run BridgeHupp Road (TR 309) over Quarry RunNo longer existsClosed-spandrel arch--200319.022.0
Ramp Creek BridgeTR 133 (Hallie Lane) over Ramp CreekUnknown statusClosed-spandrel arch----13.123.0
Rocky Fork Road BridgeRocky Fork Road (TR 210) over Rocky ForkNo longer existsWarren pony truss----102.0107.9
Rodrick BridgeBridge on FootpathOpen to pedestrians onlyBowstring through truss1872--101.0101.0
Seven Hills BridgeSeven Hills Road (TR-232) over Panhandle RailroadRelocatedPratt pony truss----86.989.9
Shoults/Girl Scout Camp Covered Bridge 35-45-05Road over Wakatomika CreekMultiple Kingpost through truss1879------
Snyder RdOpen to trafficModern Warren pony truss--------
Staddens Bridge RoadStaddens Bridge Road over Licking RiverNo longer existsUnknown--1975----
Valley Run BridgeMain St over Valley RunOpen to trafficStone archca. 1820------