Livingston County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Baker Road Bridge (Old)Baker Road over Keshequa CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1900200944.946.9
Baker Road-Keshequa Creek Bridge(Replacement)Baker Road over Keshequa CreekOpen to trafficSlab----45.947.9
Big Tree Road-Hemlock Outlet Bridge (Old)Big Tree Road over Hemlock OutletReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1890--48.949.9
Big Tree Road-Hemlock Outlet Bridge (Replacement)Big Tree Road over Hemlock OutletOpen to trafficTimber stringer1996--77.882.7
BPRR-Canaseraga CreekBPPR over Canaseraga CreekOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder--------
Canaseraga Creek Bridgeroad over Canaseraga StreetDerelict/abandonedWarren pony truss1890's------
CCC Culvert Letchworth State ParkFootpath over Tributary of Genesee RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyStone archcirca 1935------
Conesus Outlet BridgePole Bridge Road over Conesus OutletReplaced by a new bridgeStone culvert1940201518.743.0
Conesus Outlet Bridge (Replacement)POLE BRIDGE RD over CONESUS OUTLETOpen to trafficStringer2015--54.155.1
Delaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad over NYS 63 Genesee RoadDelaware, Lackawanna & Western Railroad over Rt 63Derelict/abandonedGirder--------
DMM - River Road OverpassDansville & Mt. Morris RR over River RoadOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder--------
DMM-Genesee River BridgeDMM RR over Genesee RiverOpen to trafficUnknown--------
East Swamp Road BridgeEast Swamp Road over Conesus InletOpen to trafficTimber stringer1895--23.024.9
Erie - Mudville Road TunnelErie RR over Mudville RdDerelict/abandoned RR passable Mudville RoadUnknown--------
Erie - Portage Viaduct (1st)Former Erie Railroad over Genesee RiverDestroyed by fireUnknown18521875--800.0
Erie - Portage Viaduct (2nd)Erie Railroad over Genesee RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt deck truss18751903----
Erie-Attica Trail - Genesee River BridgeBridge over Genesee RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyPratt through truss--------
Everman Road BridgeEverman Road over Canaseraga CreekOpen to trafficPratt pony truss1894--73.874.8
Five Arch BridgeBridge over Conesus Lake OutletClosed to all trafficStone arch1857--200.0200.0
Genese River BridgeRt. 5 / Rt. 20 over Genese RiverNo longer existsBowstring through truss--------
Genesee River BridgeNY 5 over Genesee RiverNo longer existsThrough truss19332003201.8304.8
Genesee River BridgeNY 63 over Genesee RiverOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren through truss1950--159.8283.8
Gibson Street-Mill Creek BridgeGibson Street over Mill CreekOpen to trafficBeam1929--44.947.9
JonesBridge CableUnknown--------
Keshequa Creek BridgeDudley Road over Keshequa CreekNo longer existsPony truss1905200054.856.8
Keshequa Creek BridgeChurch Street over Keshequa CreekClosed to all trafficPony truss1895200248.949.9
Leicester Overpassabandoned road over Genesee & Wyoming RailroadDerelict/abandonedGirder--------
Livonia Avon & Lakeville RR-Spring Street BridgeLA&L RR over Spring StreetOpen to trafficUnknown--------
Livonia Avon & Lakevlle Rt 15 BridgeLiv Avon & Lkvlle over Rte 15Open to trafficGirder1931--50.953.8
Livonia Avon& Lakeville RR-Pole Bridge Road BridgeLA&L RR over Pole Bridge RoadOpen to trafficUnknown--------
LV - Spring Creek BridgeLehigh Valley Railroad over Spring CreekDerelict/abandonedDeck plate girder--------
LV - Spring Creek TrestleLehigh Valley Railroad over Spring CreekOpen to private road trafficTimber stringer--------
Mill Road BridgeWadsworth Park Trail over Little Conesus CreekOpen to pedestriansHalf-hip Pratt pony truss--------
Mill Street- Kishequa(sic) Creek BridgeMill Street over Keshequa CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony truss--------
Mudville Road- White Creek (Old)Mudville Rd over White CreekOpen to traffic 8 ton limitStringer1915 (rec201924.024.0
Mudville Road-White Creek (Replacement)Mudville Road over white CreekOpen to trafficConcrete culvert2019------
NS - Portage Street OverpassNorfolk Southern Railway over Portage Street/NY463Open to trafficGirder1931--61.767.9
NS - Portage Viaduct (3rd)Norfolk Southern Railway, Canadian National Railway over Genesee RiverPratt deck truss19032018118.2820.0
NY36 Canaseraga Creek BridgeNY 36 over Canaseraga CreekOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder1953--105.0336.0
NY436 Genesee River BridgeNY 436 over Genesee RiverOpen to trafficDeck arch1920--94.8414.7
Old Dansville-Mt. Morris Road BridgeDanville-Mt. Morris Road over Canaseraga CreekDerelict/abandonedArch1914------
Paper Mill Road BridgePaper Mill Road over Conesus OutletOpen to trafficSteel arch1940--18.789.9
Paper Mill Road Bridge (Spillway?)Pedestrians over CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyUnknown--------
Pioneer Road BridgePioneer Road over Canaseraga CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1912200959.7103.7
Pioneer Road-Bradner Creek Bridge (Old)Pioneer Road over Bradner CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1912--44.946.9
Poag's Hole-Canaseraga Creek Bridge (Old)Poags Hole Road over Canaseraga CreekReplaced by a new bridgeSteel stringer1885--86.992.9
Salt Mine Spur- Canaseraga CreekRR over Canaseraga CreekOpen to trafficUnknown--------
Scipio Road-Keshequa CreekSCIPIO ROAD over KESHEQUA CREEKOpen to trafficGirder1962--97.899.7
Sliker Hill Road BridgeSliker Hill Road over Conesus InletOpen to trafficTimber stringer1932--21.065.0
State Park Road BridgeState Park Road over Silver Lake OutletOpen to trafficDeck arch1936--77.885.0
Stony Brook State Park Stone Arch BridgePedestrian Pathway over Stony BrookOpen to pedestrians onlyStone arch1937------
Swanson Road BridgeSwanson Road over Buck Run CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1889--58.760.7
Walnut Street BridgeWalnut Street over Keshequa CreekOpen to trafficPony truss1895--50.953.8
White Bridge Road BridgeWhite Bridge Road over Canaseraga CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony truss1894200873.875.8
White Bridge Road-Bradner Creek BridgeWhite Bridge Road over Bradner CreekOpen to authorized vehicles onlyPony truss--------
Wildcat Road BridgeWildcat Road over Wildcat GullyClosed to all trafficPony truss1910--86.989.9