White Pine County

Badger Hole Spring Bridge   [Map]
Slab bridge over Badger Hole Spring on Midland Trail
Open to pedestrians only, significant spalling of the concrete deck and abutments
Built in the early 19-teens as part of the Midland Trail, the bridge remained in use until US Highway 6 was built approximately one mile to the east of the bridge sometime between the late 1930's and early 1950's.
BHP - Gleason Canyon Tunnel   [Map · Street View]
Tunnel on Railroad (BHP Nevada Railroad)
Built 1906
Ruth Bridge   [Map]
Steel stringer bridge over BHP Nevada Railroad on CR 44A
Removed but not replaced
Built 1941
Strawberry Creek Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Steel stringer bridge over Strawberry Creek on NF-456
Open to traffic
Built 2011