Burlington County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Anchor Thread BridgeGroveville Road over Crosswicks CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss18821981----
Assiscunk Creek BridgeCedar Lane over Assiscunk CreekClosed to all trafficWarren pony truss1904--75.176.1
Barkers Brook BridgeCR 537 over Barkers BrookOpen to trafficDeck arch1912--29.953.2
Bass River BridgeUS 9 over Bass RiverNo longer existsOther19242005--351.1
Brace Road BridgeBrace Road over Stop The Jade RunOpen to trafficTimber stringer1926--11.224.0
Broad Street Bridgebroad Street over Assiscunk reekNo longer existsPratt through truss--------
Burlington-Bristol BridgePA 413, NJ 413 over Delaware RiverOpen to trafficPolygonal Warren through truss with sub-panels1930--540.12301.0
Carranza Road BridgeCarranza Road over Branch of Shane BranchOpen to trafficTimber stringer1940--14.129.9
Centerton Road BridgeCenterton Road over Parkers CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1906--38.138.1
Chairville Road BridgeChairville Road over Little CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1900--12.125.9
CNJ - NJ72 OverpassCentral Railroad of New Jersey over NJ 72AbandonedPony/through plate girder1936--56.1112.9
County Rd 537 BridgeCounty Rd 537 over NJ 73Open to trafficGirder1930--60.084.0
CRCX - NJ 73 OverpassCSX Railroad over NJ 73Pony/through plate girder1930------
Crosswicks Creek BridgeChuch St. over Crosswicks CreekUnknown1908------
Crosswicks Creek Covered BridgeChurch Road over Crosswicks CreekReplaced by a new bridgeUnknown18331908----
Eagle Road BridgeEagle Road over Tulpehocken CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1940--17.150.9
Farnsworth Avenue BridgeFarnsworth Avenue over Robinsville SecondaryOpen to trafficStone arch1911--22.022.0
Fork Landing Road BridgeFork Landing Road over North Branch Pennsauken CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1906--61.062.0
Foundry Road BridgeFoundry Road over North Branch Rancocas CreekNo longer existsTimber stringer1920200550.950.9
Green Bank Road BridgeCR 563 over Mullica RiverOpen to trafficOther1993--73.2464.9
Hartford Road BridgeHartford Road over Sharps RunOpen to trafficTimber stringer1940--17.136.1
Hilliards Bridge Road BridgeHilliards Bridge Road over South Branch Rancocas CreekOpen to one way trafficWarren pony truss1893--39.040.0
Ives Branch BridgeCR 653 over Ives BranchOpen to trafficTimber stringer1940--21.024.0
Jennings Road BridgeJennings Road over Sharps RunOpen to trafficTimber stringer1937--20.022.0
Lost Lower Bank Road BridgeHighway Route 652 over The Mullica RiverReplaced by a new bridgeDeck girder19261992--450.0
Main Street Bridge over Haynes CreekTuckerton Road over Haynes CreekUnknown--------
Main Street Bridge over Haynes Creek (old)Tuckerton Road over Haynes CreekNo longer existsBowstring pony truss--------
Main Street-Rancocas RiverMAIN STREET-CR 541 over SO.BR RANCOCAS CREEKOpen to trafficSlab1976--49.9152.9
Mill Road BridgeMill Road over South Branch Pennsauken CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1900--34.134.1
Mount Misery Brook BridgeUpton-Mount Misery Road over Mount Misery BrookOpen to trafficTimber stringer----24.924.9
Mullica River Bascule BridgeGarden State Parkway over Mullica RiverNo longer existsDeck girder1954--107.6883.6
Mullica River BridgeCounty Route 542 over Mullica RiverOpen to trafficBeam1995--18.055.1
Mullica River Bridge (Old)New Jersey Route 9 over Mullica RiverNo longer existsThrough truss--1954----
New Freedom Road BridgeNew Freedom Road over Little CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1915--13.126.9
NJT - Rancocas Creek BridgeNJ Transit light rail & Conrail Shared Assets over Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficSteel through arch2001------
North Branch Pennsauken Creek BridgeCR 611 over North Branch Pennsauken CreekOpen to trafficSteel arch1941--22.046.9
North Branch Pennsauken Creek BridgeCR 537 over North Branch Pennsauken CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1900--42.042.0
North Branch Rancocas Creek BridgeHanover Street (CR 616) over North Branch Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss1932--100.1104.0
North Branch Rancocas Creek BridgeSmthvl Rd (Cr 684) over No Branch Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficSlab1914--18.0125.0
Old Lower Bank Road BridgeCounty Route 652 over Mullica RiverDemolishedThrough truss19151926----
Pearl Street BridgePearl Street over Assiscunk CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss--------
Phillips Road BridgePhillips Road over Masons CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1939--12.135.1
PRR - Kinkora Branch BridgePennsylvania Railroad (abandoned) over Unknown creekAbandonedDeck plate girder--------
Rancocas Creek BridgeCR 543 over Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficOther1935--112.9394.0
Rancocas Creek BridgeCR 635 over Rancocas CreekScheduled for removal because of safety concerns in 2016. Replacement in the distant futureWarren pony truss1903--141.1312.0
Retreat Road BridgeRetreat Road over Friendship CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1900--14.127.9
Sandtown Road BridgeSandtown Road over Little CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1932--15.145.9
Sharp's Run BridgeCR 532 over Sharp's RunOpen to trafficTimber stringer1939--19.041.0
Southwest Branch Rancocas Creek BridgeChurch Road (CR 616) over Southwest Branch of Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1909--31.234.1
Southwest Branch Rancocas Creek BridgeCR 541 over Southwest Branch of Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1920--65.968.9
Tacony-Palmyra BridgeNJ 73 over Delaware RiverOpen to trafficOther1929--537.13659.3
Turkey Buzzard BridgeTurkey Buzzard Bridge Road over Bisphams Mill CreekOpen to trafficTimber stringer1926--21.021.0
Turnpike Connector BridgeNew Jersey and Pennsylvania Turnpikes, I-276/Future I-95 over Delaware RiverOpen to trafficThrough arch1956--682.16571.2
Wading River BridgeCR 542 over Wading RiverOpen to trafficOther1928--41.0400.9
White Street BridgeWhite Street over North Branch Rancocas CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1853--20.020.0
Whites Bog Road BridgeWhites Bog Road over Pole Bridge BranchOpen to trafficTimber stringer1926--13.127.9