Map of Nebraska Bridges

This map shows the locations of the Nebraska bridges for which this site has photos and latitude/longitude information. Hover your mouse over a dot to see details about a particular bridge.

Q Street Viaduct (Old) Verdigris Creek Bridge Neligh Mill Bridge Keya Paha River Bridge Ponca Creek Bridge Kilgore Bridge Sweetwater Mill Bridge Wood River Bridge Broadway Avenue Bridge Decatur Bridge Tekamah Creek Bridge Big Blue River Bridge Clear Creek Bridge UP - Omaha Railroad Bridge (1st) Plattsmouth Bridge Bell Bridge Berry State Aid Bridge Borman Bridge Brewer Bridge Bryan Bridge Twin Bridge Rattlesnake Creek Bridge Dawson Street Bridge Hazlett Street Bridge Mud Creek Bridge Country Club Road Bridge Logan Creek Bridge Mormon Bridge South Omaha Bridge West Fork Big Blue River Bridge East Muddy Creek Bridge Medicine Creek Bridge Mitchell Creek Bridge Muddy Creek Bridge Republican State Aid Bridge Turkey Creek Bridge Sicily Creek Bridge Lisco State Aid Bridge Lewellen State Aid Bridge Nine Bridge Road Bridge White Cloud Road Bridge Wood River Bridge Prairie Dog Creek Bridge Sappa Creek Bridge Little Blue River Bridge North Fork Big Nemaha River Bridge Lewis Bridge Center Bridge Gross State Aid Bridge Sutherland State Aid Bridge Brownville Bridge Honey Creek Bridge Lost Creek Bridge Big Slough Bridge Little Nemaha River Bridge North Fork Little Nemaha River Bridge O Road Little Nemaha River Bridge NE 67 North Fork Little Nemaha River Bridge South Fork Little Nemaha River Bridge Unnamed Stream Bridge Wolf Creek Bridge Clear Creek Bridge North Fork Elkhorn River Bridge Willow Creek Bridge US30 Loup River Bridge Prairie Creek Bridge Goolsby Creek Bridge Goolsby Creek Bridge Halfbreed Creek Bridge Mackelroy Creek Bridge Muddy Creek Bridge North Fork Big Nemaha River Bridge Pony Creek Bridge Rulo Bridge Sardine Branch Bridge Spring Creek Bridge Unnamed Stream Bridge County Road 708 Bridge Carns State Aid Bridge 13th Street Bridge Tuxedo Road Bridge Bellevue Bridge US6 Overpass Salt Creek Bridge Mitchell State Aid Bridge Tri-State Canal Bridge Loosveldt Bridge Mud Creek Bridge Big Sandy Creek Bridge North Omaha Creek Bridge North Omaha Creek Bridge Omaha Creek Bridge Blair Bridge Road 32 Bridge Red Cloud Bridge Longs Creek Bridge Old Lincoln Highway Bridge BSNF - Rulo Bridge 1st Street Bridge Waubonsie Bridge Borrow Ditch Bridge Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge IC - East Omaha Swing Bridge RI - Platte River Bridge David Murdock Trail - Stevens Creek Bridge UP - 84th Street Overpass UP - Blair Bridge BNSF - 13th Street Overpass BNSF - 14th Street Overpass UP - 13th Street Overpass UP - 14th Street Overpass I80 Missouri River Bridge UP - 20th Street Overpass BNSF - Pierce Street Overpass BNSF - Hickory Street Overpass CB&Q - Rulo Bridge Nebraska City Railroad Bridge Old Plattsmouth Railroad Bridge Plattsmouth Railroad Bridge UP - Omaha Railroad Bridge (2nd) Ak-Sar-Ben Bridge O Street Viaduct UP - Blair Bridge (Old) Henry State Aid Bridge Southern Spans Henry State Aid Bridge Northern Spans Krumm Bridge Niobrara Trail - Niobrara River Bridge Hoyt Street Bridge UP - Wood River Bridge UPRR 1st Street Bridge Turkey Creek Bridge Farmer's Bridge Lincoln Highway Bridge Steinhart Park Road Bridge Jamaica North Trail - Salt Creek Bridge Salt Creek Levee Trail Bridge UN-L East Campus Bridge Oak Creek Trail - Oak Creek Bridge Steinhart Park Pedestrian Bridge Steinhart Park Stone Footbridge Great Platte River Road Archway Monument 27-10-(a Bridge @ the Great River Road Archway Monument Cowboy Trail - Valentine High Bridge Doane College Footbridge NCRC - Elkhorn River Bridge Cowboy Trail - Black Bridge Wyoming Bridge Sargent Bridge Jimmy's Bridge Old County Road Bridge Old 708 Road Bridge Verdigre Bridge Unnamed creek Bridge Wilson Creek Bridge S Fork Elkhorn River Bridge Old US 20 Bridge Cowboy Trail - Unnamed Stream Bridge Columbus Viaduct Old US 385 Bridge Old US 385 Bridge De Witt Mill Bridge Dodge Street Overpass Interstate Canal Bridge Trestle Bridge NCRC - South Loup River Bridge Drive 788 Bridge Old Van Dorn St. Bridge Muddy Creek Bridge Old P Rd Bridge Old Steinhart Park Rd Bridge UP - 50th Street Farm Road Bridge Olive Branch Bridge BNSF - Fremont Bridge UP - Loup River Bridge UP - Elkhorn River Bridge (Arlington) BNSF - Dahlman Avenue Bridge (N) UP - Elkhorn River Bridge (Waterloo) UP - 3rd Street Overpass UP - Big Papillon Creek Bridge UP - South Omaha Rail Crossing UP - Little Papillion Creek Bridge Wagners Lake Pedestrian bridge North Loup Bridge Raymond Bridge BNSF - South Omaha Yard Overpass UP - 60th Street Rail Crossing Railroad W Sutherland Cemetery Road Overpass UP - Route 26 Overpass Platte River Bridge Scotts Bluff National Monument Tunnels County Road R Bridge Monitor Road Bridge Birdwood Creek Bridge BNSF - Deer Creek Road Overpass Nppid Canal Bridge French Creek Bridge Buffalo Creek Bridge Nppd Tailrace Canal Bridge South Loup River Bridge Roscoe State Aid Bridge 15th Street Overpass BNSF - York Subway Q Street Viaduct UP - 84th Street BNSF - Platte River Bridge Keim Stone Arch Bridge Duane E. Carmen Memorial Covered Bridge 27-49-A Beatrice Water Park Bridge 3rd Street Bridge South 3rd Street Bridge Old Burwell Bridge Burwell Bridge Franklin Bridge BNSF - Burlington Avenue Overpass Penny Bridges UP - Salt Creek Bridge Abandoned BNSF - Salt Creek Bridge RI/UP Overpass Maginnis Irrigation Aqueduct Meridian Highway Culvert Meridian Highway Bridge Meridian Highway Culvert Tekamah Creek Bridge NCRC - Spring Branch Bridge Max Bridge Old Teter Bridge Weeping Water Bridge Tuxedo Park Footbridge #1 Tuxedo Park Footbridge #2 Rock Island Trail - NE 2 Overpass Colclesser Bridge Deer Creek Bridge Deer Creek Bridge Niobrara River Bridge BN - Belmont Tunnel NRI - Stream Stone Culvert Old Vine St. Bridge RI - Stone Arch Bridge Deer Creek Bridge Old NE 18 Bridge Niobrara River Bridge - Meadville Road (new) Fremont Wagon Bridge US77 Platte River Bridge (Older) Driveway Bridge Abandoned CNW - Cameron Ditch Tributary Arch UP - Fish Creek Bridge UP - Fish Creek Bridge (2) Abandoned C&NW - Deer Creek Bridge BNSF - Plattsmouth Rail Bridge (New) East Branch Jones Creek/736 Rd Bridge Unnamed Bridge Old US 73 Nemaha River Bridge Loup River Wagon Bridge Haymarket Pedestrian Bridge St. Paul Bridge UP - North Platte River Bridge South Channel Platte River Bridge North Platte State Aid Bridge Shell Creek Valley Mill Bridge Holmesville Bridge Parshall State Aid Bridge Arlington State Aid Bridge Schuyler State Aid Bridge McGrew State Aid Bridge Loup City State Aid Bridge Gretna State Aid Bridge Monroe State Aid Bridge Bartley State Aid Bridge Burwell Bridge (Old) UP - 120th Street