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Posted February 28, 2017, by george oakley (georgeoakley49 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Anonymous,i have the dvd in my hand as we speak.The name of the movie is "Max best friend.Hero.Marine".You are probably right about this trestle being the one

.I am not sure about the location of the trestle.That's why i asked if anybody knew about the location of the trestle i was talking about.Great movie,though.The handler was killed in Afghanistan.Thanks again for your help on this Anonymous and Dana and Kay.

Posted February 27, 2017, by Anonymous

Filmmakers framed the Max finale using a trestle at the junction of the Yadkin and the Mitchell River, a tributary just northeast of town. For the most inviting view, rent a kayak from Yadkin River Adventures and paddle the clear waters. The trestle is also visible from the newly opened Burch Station access point

Posted February 27, 2017, by Dana and Kay Klein

George this MAY be Max the movie bridge..........

Sloans Ferry Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted February 25, 2017, by Anonymous

Absolutely horrible bridge, should be replaced before it falls in.

Posted January 4, 2017, by Jim Freeland

The pipes have been removed as of Dec 2016 on the north span.

Looks like CSX is going to put the track back in sometime in 2017-2018.

Posted October 23, 2016, by Bedky (thankubyebye [at] cox [dot] net)

Why does the Albermarle Sound Bridge have a "wavy" feeling when driving on the flat part of the bridge on each side? It feels like your vehicle is bounching corner to corner, not up and down. I would like to know what the purpose of this is? I have never been on any other bridges that do this. Please let me know.

Posted July 12, 2016, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Ronald Bauguess,

Thank You for the information. I think I have made the appropriate changes. If you have the time look and see if it looks correct and definitely check out other bridges in the area for mistakes. Please feel free to correct anything you know to be wrong.


Hamby Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted July 12, 2016, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

The bridge while located near a rest stop, it is not in the rest stop. It is located closer to the Vietnam Memorial, probably for maintenance vehicles and pedestrians stretching their legs through the wooded area to get to the memorial (although you can easily drive to it and park).


Posted July 11, 2016, by Ronald Bauguess (N2302Z28 [at] msn [dot] com)

This Bridge was part of the Cape fear & Yadkin Valley Railroad Build in 1887. It later became the Atlantic & Yadkin and later the Southern Railway.

It was never part of the Norfolk & Western.

Ex Yadkin Valley Railroad Engineer

Hamby Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted July 9, 2016, by Tony Dillon (spansaver [at] hotmail [dot] com)

I would assume they use this beauty to allow attendants servicing the two rest stops to get from one to another. Looks like it has been taken care of.

Hamby Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted July 8, 2016, by Robert Elder (robertelder1 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Well, this is an interesting little bridge. I am not terribly familiar with the company that built it, but the pins and verticals are unusual. Given its location in the middle of a rest area, it would be a prime candidate for restoration and interpretation.

Skull Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted March 21, 2016, by Mike (pvbeach [at] mail [dot] com)


Huie Road Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted March 2, 2016, by Tim (undersiege24 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Has this bridge ever been rebuilt at the Foothills Equestrian Center? I'm just curious to know.



Posted February 11, 2016, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

This bridge is already listed here-


Posted February 1, 2016, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Need help with RR here as well.

Thank you, Royce

Posted February 1, 2016, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Need help here from the RR gurus. Feel free to add the RR name to bridge name as well.

Thank You Royce

Posted January 12, 2016, by David Philyaw (dphilyaw [at] taloving [dot] com)

This bridge was built by T. A. Loving Company (Goldsboro, NC)

Surf City Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted January 9, 2016, by Curtis Lee (clee47ford [at] yahoo [dot] com)
Surf City Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted December 29, 2015, by Curtis Lee (clee47ford [at] yahoo [dot] com)

A high arch replacement bridge is in the works with construction planned for the 2017 time frame. The replacement bridge will be approx. 1,000 ft. south of the existing swing bridge. The replacement bridge will have a clearance of 65' above the mean water level. The new fixed bridge will begin at the intersection of Roland Avenue, Little Kinston Road and Atkinson Point on the mainland side and connect to N.C. 210 on the island side between Kinston Avenue and Roland Avenue.

Bath Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted November 6, 2015, by Clara Meadows (Sunshinesalsa [dot] cm [at] gmail [dot] com)

What is the height of the bridge over Bath creek?

Posted October 15, 2015, by Anonymous

The bridge is NOT open for traffic.

Posted September 20, 2015, by Don Morrison


The image Jane provided is not a half truss railroad bridge. I wonder if that bridge is the original bridge that crossed the river north of this bridge on Low Bridge Road.

Posted September 20, 2015, by Jane Gurley (jgurley1703 [at] gmail [dot] com)

I have a good photo of this bridge before it was torn down. We used to drive over this bridge every time we went to my great-grandparents' home between Caroleen and Ellenboro, NC

Richland Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted August 23, 2015, by Don Morrison

probable coordinates: 35.618931, -79.749664

Richland Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted August 23, 2015, by Hugh Martin (biscoestuff [at] yahoo [dot] com)

This bridge was moved intact into storage at the NC Zoo. As far as I know it still sits in a fenced area called "The Boneyard." When it was moved there it was hoped that it could be reused on a walking train somewhere on Zoo property. The bridge was NOT replaced with a culvert. There is a new concrete bridge located in it's place.

Rocky River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted August 9, 2015, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Answer to an old thread on this bridge.

"The bridge was built by the Atlantic Bridge Company, which was based in Roanoke, Virginia and maintained a branch office in Charlotte. Atlantic Bridge is not known as an innovative builder and this bridge shows that the company was marketing the outdated pin-connected truss type to North Carolina county governments in the 1920s. It was such practices that led many Good Roads advocates to promote the takeover of local road and bridge oversight by professional civil-servant engineers and highway departments."-NCDOT


Hicks Hollow Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted August 9, 2015, by Don Morrison

Maybe all of that yellow and black signage attracts hornets. 8^)

Hicks Hollow Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted August 9, 2015, by Ed Hollowell (erhollowell [at] aol [dot] com)

Maybe this bridge should be named the Hornet Nest bridge I'm thinking after looking at the pictuers.

Posted August 6, 2015, by Clark Vance (cvance [at] dogmail [dot] com)

No height restrictions. Is it taller than it looks or can we look forward to seeing "Truck Eating" added soon?

Posted August 6, 2015, by John Marvig


Judging by the small span length, it looks like a concrete box culvert. May not be very significant, but is historic none the less.


Raleigh Turntable (North Carolina)
Posted July 17, 2015, by Luke

Considering there are three other turntables on the site, I think it's fine.

According to the linked article I found, the turntable (Currently CSX owned) was part of the Seaboard Air/Coast Line's Johnson Street Roundhouse, and is one of only two steam-era electric turntables still extant in NC.

Posted June 23, 2015, by Nathan Holth (webmaster [at] historicbridges [dot] org)
Deep River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted June 4, 2015, by Anonymous

Community raising funds to maintain bridge. This article lists the builder and some history:

Core Creek Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted April 25, 2015, by Barbara Sabiston Lyle (Bridgetender637 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Was it put out to sea for utilization as a barrier reef or re-erected in another location? Just curious.

Posted April 11, 2015, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

I am totally cool with whatever s done with the pages I was just trying to help out with the to do list. I don't know how to move pictures to other pages. If someone could tell me how I will do that


Posted April 11, 2015, by Don Morrison

That's cool, but should spread those pictures to their respective bridge page, and give Patrick his due for the essay on each page.

Maybe Patrick could come by and provide some finishing touches.

Posted April 11, 2015, by Royce and Bobette Haley (roycehaley111 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Created pages for 6 of the other bridges. Cant find bridge number 6.


Posted April 11, 2015, by Don Morrison

Easier said than done; ended up using the coordinates of the 7th bridge, I guess. 8^p

Posted April 11, 2015, by Don Morrison

Since Patrick said that he entered the coordinates of the first bridge, but they are not there now, I will add them.

Posted April 11, 2015, by Don Morrison


If you edit the bridge page, you can input the coordinates. Since this entry covers several bridges, the coordinates have apparently not been entered, just listed in the description. Perhaps each bridge could be entered on it's own page, or a set of coordinates of the first bridge or central to all the bridges could be entered to this page.

US17 NB Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted March 28, 2015, by Margot

Steel stringers don't really do much for me, but that is an incredibly cool picture.

Groundhog Road Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted February 26, 2015, by thephantomcheese (jonesleslie12 [at] charter [dot] net)

Groundhog Road was once the route of U.S. 19-23 before a new road was built in 1951.

Hicks Hollow Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted February 23, 2015, by Anonymous

Can you tell me what this bridge was used for before it was placed over Elk River, and what year it was placed over Elk River? Thank you, Diana Trivett

Hicks Hollow Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted February 23, 2015, by Pamela Dial (hotnanapam [at] att [dot] net)

Hi, could you come back and take some more pictures of the bridge, I believe it was updated last year.

Neuse River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted February 16, 2015, by Zachary S

It looks like they either re-used or replicated the concrete balustrades from the old bridge on the new one, visible along the pedestrian lanes on street view.

Posted January 29, 2015, by Nathan Holth (nathan [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

This is the bridge seen in the show Banshee.

Green River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted November 24, 2014, by Andrew (ajpenik [at] aol [dot] com)

built in 1927

Green River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted November 24, 2014, by Andrew (ajpenik [at] aol [dot] com)

what a view

Posted November 12, 2014, by ArtS (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)
Posted October 30, 2014, by Justin

Isn't this bridge the same as the bridge in this entry ??

Posted July 17, 2014, by Penny B. Frazier (pona216 [at] windstream [dot] net)

I grew up(in 50's and 60's) just "down the road a piece" from this bridge and have fond memories of crossing it and of getting fresh ground corn meal from Webb's Mill. The road that used to cross it was Hwy. 64, which went to Raleigh from Eastern part of state thru Rocky Mount. We called that "Old 64"! Then "New 64" was built and later "The Bypass".

I am fascinated by abandoned buildings, amusement parks, and other structures. Thanks for sharing your photos!

Penny B. Frazier

Posted July 13, 2014, by Steve (Sdial [at] dialcordy [dot] com)

Could someone tell me the age of this bridge and if it was used and during what years?

Thank you


Posted June 26, 2014, by Anonymous

Luke check out Nanseann May 2013 and you will see the actual bridge in New Bern NC

Posted June 21, 2014, by Mark Milat (mmilat2000 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Several additional shots of this bridge. Note also that the reference to the "Northeast" Cape Fear River is incorrect. This is the Cape Fear River. The Northeast Cape Fear River flows generally SSW into Wilmington where it joins with the Cape Fear River.

Posted June 21, 2014, by Mark Milat (mmilat2000 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Just saw the posting for the CSX - Cape Fear River Bridge. This is a great bridge, used every day with traffic going to and from Wilmington NC. I have about 50 pictures of this bridge, mostly detail shots as I would love to build this in 1/87 scale. I have included several photos all taken in August of 2013, and could provide others if there is interest. The only way you can get pictures of this bridge, without a boat, is to stand on the bank of the river directly south shooting N to NE from private property. One fortunate day I was allowed access to this property, so all of these are shot from that position.

An interesting story was related to me about this bridge from a life long resident of the area. Sometime during the '60's, the railroad decided to replace the fixed portion of the bridge. Early that morning, all of the local kids took up position on the south bank of the river to watch. The railroad had a flooded barge placed under the bridge during low tide. As soon as the last train of the morning came over the bridge, the railroad started pumping out the barge. Between pumping the water out, and the tide coming in, the barge quickly rose under the bridge, making contact and lifting the bridge off it's piers. It was then moved downstream and the new bridge, which had been built earlier, and waiting on a barge upstream, was moved into position. As they say, timing is everything. At this point the tide had turned and started to go out. Between the flooding of the barge and the tide going out, the new bridge quickly settled down on to the piers. Within what seemed like minutes to the observer, the next train of the day approached the bridge and stopped short of the new section, but was waved through by the work crew. The gentleman I heard this story from said that he thought this whole process took less than 6 hours. If true, and I have no reason to doubt him, this is a testament to the railroads and their workers on how they keep America's goods moving.

Posted June 20, 2014, by Anonymous

The CSX rolling lift bridge replaced an earlier Strauss bascule bridge Seaboard Air line RR

Posted June 7, 2014, by Charles Leonard (cleonard [at] ptmc [dot] net)

The bridge is on private property and was placed there by Mark Walser after he obtained it from the State DOT. The bridge, which he placed with his own efforts and funds, was originally in Davie County. According to Mark it was the last steel truss bridge in Davie County at the time of its replacement.

Posted May 22, 2014, by Luke Harden (lukemh9 [at] gmail [dot] com)

AND here we have confirmation that Douglas has the right position:

Posted May 22, 2014, by Luke Harden (lukemh9 [at] gmail [dot] com)

There are what appear to be old bridge piers due south of the Beaufort Channel Bridge.

Posted May 22, 2014, by Patrick Feller (nakrnsm [at] aol [dot] com)

This bridge is shown at the same location as the previously listed and soon to be replaced Beaufort Channel Bridge.

Seven Island Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted April 15, 2014, by ArtS (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)
Seven Island Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted April 10, 2014, by ArtS (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)

Congratulations Vivian! I wish you the best of luck in your endeavor. Can you share your plans on how you will be addressing the logistics of this 'little' project you've taken on?


Art S.

Seven Island Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted April 10, 2014, by Vivian Fulk (vivian [at] medleymeadows [dot] com)

We hope to lovingly restore the bridge. It will remain in Stokes County. My husband and I fell in love in Danbury and this bridge has special meaning to us.

Posted April 2, 2014, by Luke Harden (lukemh9 [at] gmail [dot] com)

It appears to still exist in Google Maps' aerial imagery.

Posted April 2, 2014, by Jessica (longens_rbyslipr [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Is this still there?

Posted March 2, 2014, by Will Truax (Bridgewright [at] gmail [dot] com)

FEMA funding in place for scour abutment repairs -

Posted February 2, 2014, by Faye (faye [at] zipido [dot] com)

Thank you so much for posting such awesome photographs of the cape fear river bridge. My mom often told me stories of when she was a child crossing this very bridge when the train was coming. Because there was no where to go she had to somehow climb out onto the cement and hold on for dear life as the train whooshed by. Thank you! Faye

Posted January 12, 2014, by J.P. (wildcatjon2000 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Thanks, I tend to have trouble with the penns and parkers.

Posted January 12, 2014, by Matt Lohry

Got you covered, J.P.; this one's a Pennsylvania through truss. And a nice one at that!

Posted January 11, 2014, by J.P. (wildcatjon2000 [at] gmail [dot] com)

Not sure if I got the design right, could someone double check me.

Posted October 10, 2013, by Nathan Holth (form3 [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

Looks like a half-pony to me. No overhead bracing.

Posted October 9, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Well, I got the pictures and confirmed what you guys speculated. It does appear to be a half-truss. The area was extremely difficult to get to, despite the short distance. The greenery was very thick. The area to the north was an industrial site where sand was being dredged for construction use, so that was off-limits. Couldn't see it from the road bridge upstream either. I was able to traverse the old railroad bed on the east side, but there were no good photo ops. All the pictures but one were from the west shore and short of me wading in the river, I did the best I could to get a profile shot. The pictures do not do this structure any justice and it was a much more impressive structure than I imagined. I will have to get back there after the leaves fall for better perspectives.

Posted October 9, 2013, by Luke

Good luck.

If it is indeed a half-through truss, that's pretty cool.

Posted October 9, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

This bridge looks like I could easily get a picture, so I'm heading out there today to take some. Stay tuned and I will have them posted this afternoon.

Posted October 8, 2013, by Tony Dillon (spansaver [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Looks like one to me...

Posted October 8, 2013, by Luke Harden (lukemh9 [at] gmail [dot] com)

This bridge looks like it MIGHT be a half-through truss in Bing's Bird's Eye view. (Looking southerly from the north, specifically)

Anyone else think that it looks like a half-through truss?

Broad River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted September 18, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Sadly, I didn't make it in time to get a good pic of this bridge before they demolished it. I had no idea they were constructing a new one until I was already there. I took a picture of the construction, but didn't want to use it as the main picture for this bridge.

Posted September 10, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

I have tried and tried my hardest to get a good view of this bridge for a picture or two. The only way I'm going to get it without trespassing on CSXT property is to finally buy the kayak I've been wanting and kayak the Broad River. Maybe spring of 2014?

BTW, switch the map to satellite view & you can get a better view of the structure.

Posted September 9, 2013, by Tony Dillon (spansaver [at] hotmail [dot] com)

And this replacement bridge actually had some thought put into it. Instead of just slapping the trusses on a slab they really did a good job with the overall design and made them stand out nicely.

Not as good as rehabilitating the truss bridge itself... but better than nothing.

Posted September 9, 2013, by Nathan Holth (form3 [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

The truss bridge was listed as built in 1920 and rehabilitated in 1961. The current bridge is indeed a pre-stressed concrete box beam. Trusses likely placed as decorations as mitigation for Section 106. While this is not a form of preservation, for a Section 106 mitigation, I consider this a good outcome since some original bridge material is saved.

Posted September 6, 2013, by Fmiser (fmiser [at] gmail [dot] com)

Agree. Concrete box beam, with 1930's or so warren pony truss webs an decoration. I suspect it was a "compromise", allowing the engineer to use a "safe" concrete span, but quiet the noise from the folks wishing their truss bridge was still there. A mutt bridge.

Posted September 6, 2013, by Clark Vance (cvance [at] dogmail [dot] com)

You nailed it. The trusses are decorative. It might be a box beam from the looks of the underside.

Posted September 6, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

I will preface this by saying that I'm not an engineer, but do not believe this is a truss bridge. Does it have trusses? Yes. There used to be a truss bridge here. I know this because I have crossed it before, but they demolished the truss bridge & built this new bridge just a few years ago. It appears as if they kept the steel from the old truss bridge & incorporated it into the design so that it is strictly ornamental and not structural. This is actually a concrete stringer bridge now. I tried doing some online research, but I couldn't find anything relating to the construction of this bridge.

Perhaps a real engineer or someone who knows more about bridges than I do can look at the pictures I've added and either confirm or deny my theory.

Posted September 4, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

A few interesting facts:

These two bridges are the 3rd highest bridges carrying an interstate highway in the eastern US.

On April 3rd, 2012, A Hazmat truck caught fire. This fire closed both bridges and forcing the evacuation of residents in the area.

It was reported that the truck's contents were at least 51 percent sulfuric acid.

This did damage to the eastbound road deck, causing it to be shut down for several weeks for repair. Traffic heading eastbound on I-26 was forced to take US-25 south into South Carolina where they would then take SC-11 back to I-26.

Harry Forden Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted August 30, 2013, by Jeremy (Jeronimo_911 [at] hotmail [dot] com)

This bridge is in one tree hill

Posted August 15, 2013, by Michael Miller (michael_a_miller [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Next time I am in Lake Lure, I will be sure to get newer pictures of the bridge showcasing the new flowers, etc.

Posted August 11, 2013, by Barbara Cohen (allbar [at] aol [dot] com)

I would like Matthew Ridpath's permission to use his photograph of this bridge for our web site. I am President of the Schuylkill River Heritage Center in Phoenixville PA where this bridge was manufactured. We are doing an update to our web site and will have Phoenix bridges and structures all across the USA. We are a 501c3 charitable non-profit organization. My home phone # is:610-783-0645.

I have attached a "Bridges for our Web Site list that is still a work in progress, but will give you an idea of what we are doing.

Thank you.

Posted July 28, 2013, by Anonymous

What is the width of this RR bridge in Washington NC? What beam can be carried safely through it from the east/south, i.e., Upstream?



Harry Forden Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted July 25, 2013, by Andrew Pearce

Pretty certain that this is the bridge in nearly every episode of the CBS show "Under the Dome".

Posted July 21, 2013, by Barbara Cohen (allbar [at] aol [dot] com)

Do you have a date for this bridge?

Posted July 10, 2013, by Anonymous

Now a tecnical drawing that shows the railroad bridge.

Posted June 27, 2013, by Nathan Holth (form3 [at] historicbridges [dot] org)

This bridge appears to be an unusual Strauss designed bascule bridge.

Posted April 11, 2013, by Ethan (etmcdowell1 [at] yahoo [dot] com)

Bridge is currently closed for replacement of center pivot, gears, and balance wheels. See for more info

Posted March 23, 2013, by Chad (Chad [dot] rogers [at] aol [dot] com)

This bridge reportedly was relocated from Leadville, Tennessee to N.C. when Douglas Lake was established.

Seven Island Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted March 9, 2013, by AR

Council extended its deadline to allow more interested parties to come forward. The next meeting is March 27.

Posted February 23, 2013, by bb (bussell2011 [at] gmail [dot] com)

This bridge was built during WWII during the line relocation due to Fontana Dam being built. It was built by TVA from steel reused from other bridges and sources because of steel shortage during the war.

P&N NC27 Overpass (North Carolina)
Posted February 8, 2013, by Anonymous


Hydro Drive Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted February 8, 2013, by Don Morrison

Bing Bird's Eye imagery suggests that this might actually be better described as being on Hardin Mill Road. Hydro Drive may have been created after the bridge closing to reach the hydro plant. Just a thought.


Seven Island Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted January 18, 2013, by Art S. (asuckewer [at] knite [dot] com)
Tar River Bridge (North Carolina)
Posted January 3, 2013, by steven (steven72977 [at] hotmail [dot] com)

this bridge has been dismantled and replaced with concrete high rise beside it