Lewis and Clark County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
BNSF - Bridge Over Little Prickly Pear CreekBNSF over Prickly Pear CreekDeck plate girder--------
BNSF - Little Prickly Pear Creek BridgeRailroad over Little Prickly Pear CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss--------
BNSF- Tunnel #4Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company under HillOpen to trafficTunnel--------
BNSF- Tunnel #5Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company under HillOpenTunnel1913------
Converse Ranch BridgePrivate Dry over Elk CreekOpen to trafficPratt pony trussca. 1890's------
County Road 435 BridgeCR 416 over Elk CreekOpen to trafficPratt pony truss1901--60.069.9
Craig BridgeBridge on nothing at the time, but will cary a new pedestrian pathAwaiting reconstruction at the old State Nursery grounds near HelenaPratt through truss1903--134.8480.0
Craig Frontage-Wegner Creek Road BridgeCraig Frontage Road over Wegner Creek 055Open to trafficConcrete tee beam1934--39.441.0
Dearborn River High BridgeCR 300 over Dearborn RiverOpen to trafficPratt half-through truss1897--160.1251.0
E Main Street-Prickley Pair Creek BridgeE Main Street over Prickly Pear Creek 009Open to trafficConcrete tee beam1934--33.166.9
Elk Creek BridgeCR 316 over Elk CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss1915--49.950.9
Elk Creek CR 416 BridgeCR 416 over Elk CreekNo longer existsPony truss1915200240.041.0
Flat Creek BridgeCR 320 over Flat CreekOpen to trafficPratt pony truss1901--59.161.0
Frontage Road 003 BridgeFrontage Road 003 over Sheep Creek 117Open to trafficConcrete tee beam1933--30.864.0
Hanna Road BridgeHanna Road (FR 8983) over Sun RiverOpen to trafficParker pony truss1927--106.0273.0
Little Prickly Pear Creek BridgeCR 005 over Little Prickly Pear CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss1905--100.1101.1
Little Prickly Pear Creek BridgeCR 233 over Little Prickly Pear CreekNo longer existsPony truss1897200150.950.9
Lover's Lane BridgeCR 309 over Elk Creek 041Open to trafficPratt through truss1914--89.991.9
Morelli BridgeHowie Street over Benton AveOpen to trafficTimber stringer1881--24.393.2
MRL - Mullan TunnelMontana Rail Link under Mullan Pass/Continental DivideOpen to trafficTunnel1883----3496.0
North Fork Sun River BridgeCastle Reef Road over North Fork Sun RiverOpen to trafficWarren deck truss with all verticals1916--110.9249.7
NP - Iron Ridge TunnelNorthern Pacific Railroad under Bypassed and collapsedTunnel--------
Old Eberl Lane Bridgeabandoned portion of Eberl Lane over Elk CreekClosed to all trafficWarren pony truss--------
Old US 287 BridgeRoad over Dearborn RiverAbandonedPratt through truss--------
Old US 287 Bridgean abandoned alignment of US 287/I-15 over an unnamed creekDerelict/abandonedSteel stringer--------
Prickly Pear Creek BridgeTrail over Prickly Pear CreekOpen to trafficPony truss--------
Pruden Creek BridgeBridge over Pruden CreekBridge is on private property. A dirt road from the ranch to the north crosses the bridge and then veers to the east.Pratt pony truss--------
Rock Creek Bridge On Old Alignment Of US 287Old Alignment of US 287 over Rock CreekIntact but closed to all trafficConcrete tee beam--------
S 21 BridgeS 21 over Elk Creek 119Open to trafficConcrete tee beam1935--39.080.1
S 21 Bridge Over Elk Creek OverflowS 21 over Elk Creek Overflow 123Open to trafficTimber stringer1949--19.040.0
Ten Mile Creek BridgeWilliams Street over Ten Mile CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony truss1894201065.066.9
Wolf Creek BridgeOld US 91 over Missouri RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss1933--185.0507.2
Woodbridge Drive BridgeWoodbridge Drive over Drainage 002Open to trafficDeck arch1975--60.090.9
York BridgeRoute 280 over Missouri RiverReplaced by a new bridgePennsylvania through truss19061982180.0544.0