Scott County

Heisserer Farm Bridge
Lost Kingpost pony truss bridge over Ramsey Creek
No longer exists
Lateral Ditch No. 1 Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Lost slab bridge over Lateral Ditch No. 1 on MO 77
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1931
Messmer Street Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete bridge on Messmer Street (Old US 61) over a branch of Ramsey Creek just north of Kelso
Open to traffic
Built 1919 by contractor Stanford Madden
North Cut Ditch Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Through truss bridge on MO 77 over North Cut Ditch northwest of Diehlstadt
Open to one-lane traffic
Built 1923; rehabilitated 1941
Old US 61 Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Slab bridge over a creek on An old alignment of US 61/private driveway
Open to traffic on a private driveway
Oran Viaduct   [Map · Street View]
Concrete tee beam bridge over the BNSF Railroad on Mo 77 just north of Oran
Open to traffic
Built 1933
Rockview Overpass   [Map · Street View]
Steel stringer bridge over BNSF and UP railroads on Route M
Open to traffic
First built 1988, the main span destroyed by train collision on May 25, 2013, reopened on August 30th, 2013.
Scott County Road 224 Bridge   [Map]
Lost wooden stringer bridge over a branch of Caney Creek on CR 224 northeast of New Hamburg
Replaced by a new culvert
Scott County Road 261 Bridge   [Map]
Lost wooden bridge over a drainage ditch on CR 261
Replaced by a culvert
Built 1964
Scott County Road 420 Bridge   [Map]
Lost wooden deck bridge over Ditch No. 2 on CR 420
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1962; replaced 2013
Scott County Road 432 Bridge   [Map]
Lost pony truss bridge with wooden deck on CR 432 northeast of Vanduser
No longer exists
Built ca. 1925; replaced 1997
Scott County Road 468 Bridge   [Map]
Lost wooden bridge over Ditch No. 4 on CR 468
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1962; rehabilitated 1994; replaced 2013
South Messmer Street Bridge   [Map]
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over an unnamed branch of Ramsey Creek on Messmer Street in Kelso
Open to traffic
Stoddard County Road 388 Bridge   [Map]
Lost wooden deck bridge over Whitewater Ditch on CR 388
No longer exists
Built 1955
Thebes Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Cantilevered through truss railroad bridge over the Mississippi River at Thebes
Open to railroad traffic on two tracks
Built 1905 by a consortium of five railroad companies (CEI, IC, MP, StLIM&S, SSW)