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Perche Creek Covered Bridge


Perche Creek Covered Bridge

Perche Creek Covered Bridge, built by Travis Burroughs on the Boone's Lick Trail in 1850. Demolished in 1931

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Demolished in 1931 as part of US Route 40 project F-229 B2 - Booneville to Columbia Perche Creek Relocation. Plans for that project called for 'Removal of the Old Stone Bridge Piers' at Sta. 476+70 and Sta. 477+64 - The stationing for the stone piers provides the 90' estimate for the length of the main span (which is skewed with respect to the 94' distance between stations on the new Route 40 alignment). The Route 40 highway plans illustrate the total bridge length at about 180 feet suggesting that it had multiple approach spans on the west side and perhaps a single short approach span on the east side.


Lost covered bridge over Perche Creek west of Columbia, near the modern I-70 crossing
Columbia, Boone County, Missouri
Removed 1931 after a new bridge was built on US 40
Built 1850-51 by Travis Burroughs for $2,5005
- Travis Burroughs
Covered Town Lattice through truss - appears to have 6 bents, each approx. 15' long.
Length of largest span: 90.0 ft.
Total length: 180.0 ft.
Land survey
T. 48 N., R. 13 W., Sec. 8
600 ft. above sea level
Inventory number
BH 20911 (Bridgehunter.com ID)

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