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Mystery Swinging Bridge No. 1


Historic photo

This unlabeled photo, from an old family photo album, was submitted by Stefanie Laputz

BH Photo #103619


Lost swinging bridge over Osage River in the Warsaw area
Benton County, Missouri
No longer exists
Wire suspension
Inventory number
BH 20857 (Bridgehunter.com ID)

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Mystery Swinging Bridge No. 1
Posted March 25, 2010, by Carla

Have seen postcards of this bridge on E-bay, labeled as "Hackberry Bridge". Some locals call it "The Middle Bridge". It was located over the Osage River. If you look south from the Hwy 7 bridge over the Osage River it would have been located approx 1/2 mi south of there by water. One postcard states that it was made entirely of No. 9 galvanized wire (66,283 lbs or 213 1/2 miles worth). Built by Joe Dice Bridge Co.

Mystery Swinging Bridge No. 1
Posted September 15, 2007, by Bob Drake (bdrake111 [at] Yahoo [dot] com)

This is the Hackberry Bridge over the Osage River, a toll bridge. It was just east of Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri, The south end of the bridge was tied onto what is now White Branch Resort. The north end is lost, but located near the Warsaw sewage lagoon. Fifty years ago you could still see where the south end was tied onto the bluff.

Mystery Swinging Bridge No. 1
Posted June 21, 2006, by Darrin Williams (darrinwilliams [at] hotmail [dot] com)

Mystery Swinging Bridge No. 1 was called the Hackberry Bridge. I think it was sometimes also called the Lower Bridge. It was built in 1897 by Joe Dice and Ed Allen for $3,000.

Michael is right. It was located where '65' crosses the Osage, Lake of the Ozarks, whatever you want to call that body of water these days. There was a ford on one side of the bridge and a ferry on the other. Joe and Ed bought the ferry for $620. The bridge was a toll bridge and Joe's brother ran the toll booth and lived on the south bluff until the time of his death.

In 1926, someone supposedly set fire to the ferry and the bridge. People said you could see the flames for miles. A new bridge was built in 1927.

When I was a teenager, my dad would take us boys snagging at Warsaw. The Conservation Dept. dictated you couldn't start snagging until you got to the '65' bridge. We would often get "hung up" directly downstream from the bridge. Now I wonder if we weren't dragging those big hooks over the old cables from the Hackberry.

Mystery Swinging Bridge No. 1
Posted June 19, 2006, by Michael McQueary (Motormike [at] bellsouth [dot] net)

As a child, back in the 1960's, I used to spend my summers in White Branch, near Warsaw, Mo. Our cabin was on a bluff overlooking the Osage river. Exploring the bluff, I found an old road bed in the woods, and old, rusted wire strands hanging down through the brush and woods. I knew about the "swinging bridges" and often wondered what old bridge had once crossed the river at that spot. Maybe it was the Mystery Swinging Bridge? The view in the distance looks about right.