Blue Earth County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Benning Stone ArchSakatah Singing Hills State Trail along Abandoned C&NW over Tributary of Minnesota RiverDerelict/abandonedStone arch1880--8.08.0
Big Slough BridgeTwp 14 over Big SloughReplaced by a new bridgeHowe pony truss1911197828.652.0
C&NW - Blue Earth River BridgeFormer C&NW RR over Blue Earth RiverRemoved but not replacedLattice deck truss18991979157.0628.0
C&NW - Blue Earth River Bridge (Old Line)Chicago & North Western Railway over Blue Earth RiverRemoved but not replacedDouble-intersection Warren deck truss----99.0297.0
C&NW - Blue Earth River Bridge (Old)Chicago & North Western Railway over Blue Earth RiverReplaced by a new bridgeQuadrangular lattice through truss1891--150.0450.0
CNW - Bridge #315Sakatah Singing Hills State Trail over Unnamed CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyStone arch1886--8.08.0
CNW - Lime Valley Stone ArchAbandoned Chicago & Northwestern Railway over Lime Valley CreekAbandonedStone arch1887------
DME - Bridge #M290Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad over Unnamed CreekOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1915--16.016.0
DME - Lime Creek BridgeDakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad over Lime CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1887--8.08.0
DME - Litttle Cottonwood River BridgeDM&E Railroad over Little Cottonwood RiverOpen to trafficPony/through girder1918--90.0440.0
DME Bridge #1644DM&E RR over Unnamed CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1908--20.020.0
Dodd Ford BridgeCR 147 over Blue Earth RiverOpen to one-lane trafficCamelback through truss1901--143.4148.0
Garden City Main Street BridgeAbandoned section of Main Street over Watonwan RiverDestroyed by icePratt pony truss--2019----
Highway 66/ Red Jacket Highway BridgeMN Hwy. 66 over Le Sueur RiverReplaced by new bridgePony truss1936199589.9206.0
Hungry Hollow BridgeTwp. 167 over Le Sueur RiverIn storagePratt through truss18832001139.1140.1
Kern BridgeTownship Rd. 190 and 195th Lane over LeSeuer River at border of Mankato and South Bend TownshipsIn storage or disassembledBowstring through truss1873--190.0190.0
Main Street Arch BridgeMain Street over Minnesota RiverReplaced by a new bridgeOpen-spandrel arch19171985----
Marsh Concrete Rainbow Arch Bridgean old alignment of Apple Road over an old channel of the Little Cottonwood RiverAbandoned. Electric fence around bridge.Marsh arch1911------
MILW - Maple River BridgeAbandoned Milwaukee Road Railroad over Maple RiverDerelict/abandoned, possibly on private propertyPratt through truss1897--130.0275.0
Minneopa Creek Stone Arch BridgeCounty Rd 69, Union Pacific Railroad over Minneopa CreekOpenStone arch1879--18.022.0
Minneopa Falls BridgeFootpath over Twin Falls of Minneopa CreekReplaced by a new bridgeOpen-spandrel arch19212012----
Minnesota River BridgeCR 42 over Minnesota RiverDemolishedParker through truss19542007200.1478.7
New Minneopa Falls BridgePedestrian Path over Minneopa CreekOpen to pedestrians onlyOpen-spandrel arch2012------
Perch Creek BridgeCR 75 over Perch CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1912--47.971.9
Rapidan DamRoad over Blue Earth RiverDam functional; Roadway replaced by a new bridge 1958Unknown19101985----
Rapidan Mills BridgeRoad over Blue Earth RiverRemovedWhipple through truss18791910----
Red Jacket Concrete BridgeHwy 66 over Le Sueur RiverReplaced by a new bridgeClosed-spandrel arch19111965----
Red Jacket TrestleMinnesota Valley Railroad (now a bike trail) over MN Hwy. 66 and Le Sueur RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyDeck plate girder1901--80.0475.0
Rice Creek BridgeTwp 24 over Rice CreekReplaced by a new bridgeHowe pony truss1911198026.038.0
UP - Mound Avenue BridgeUnion Pacific Railroad over Mound AvenueOpen to trafficSteel stringer1896--35.0227.0
Veterans Memorial BridgeMain Street over Minnesota RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss18791917--810.0
Ziegler's Ford BridgeTownship road 96 over Cobb RiverRemovedPratt through truss1904199566.973.2