Blue Earth County

Big Slough Bridge   [Map]
Lost Howe pony truss bridge over Big Slough on Twp 14
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1978
C&NW Blue Earth River Bridge   [Map]
Lost Lattice deck truss bridge over Blue Earth River on Former C&NW RR
Removed but not replaced
Built 1899 during a line change, removed 1979
DM&E - Litttle Cottonwood River Bridge   [Map]
Pony/through girder bridge over Little Cottonwood River on DM&E Railroad
Open to traffic
Built 1918, repaired 2012
DM&E Bridge #1644   [Map · Street View]
Steel stringer bridge over Unnamed Creek on DM&E RR
Open to traffic
Built 1908
Dodd Ford Bridge   [Map]
Through truss bridge over Blue Earth River on CR 147
To be rehabilitated!
Built 1901 by L.H. Johnson
Garden City Main Street Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned truss bridge over Watonwan River on Abandoned section of Main Street
Highway 66/ Red Jacket Highway Bridge   [Map]
Lost Pony truss bridge over Le Sueur River on MN Hwy. 66
Replaced by new bridge
Built 1936 in Houston County; relocated here in 1965 to replace a 1911 closed spandrel concrete arch bridge that was washed away during the flooding; replaced in 1995
Hungry Hollow Bridge   [Map]
Pratt through truss bridge over Le Sueur River on Twp. 167
In storage
Built 1883; Made obsolete by a new bridge in 2001; Disassembled and awaiting reuse.
Kern Bridge   [Map]
Bowstring through truss bridge over LeSeuer River at border of Mankato and South Bend Townships on Township Rd. 190 and 195th Lane
Closed to all traffic
Built 1873 by Wrought Iron Bridge Company Canton, OH; Closed to traffic in 1990
Lime Valley Stone Arch   [Map · Street View]
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Lime Valley creek on former C&NW Railway
Built 1887
Marsh Concrete Rainbow Arch Bridge   [Map]
Marsh arch bridge over an old channel of the Little Cottonwood River on an old alignment of Apple Road
Abandoned. Electric fence around bridge.
Built 1911 by James Marsh
MILW - Maple River Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned pratt through truss bridge over Maple River on Abandoned Milwaukee Road Railroad
Derelict/abandoned, possibly on private property
Built unknown by Milwaukee Road, abandoned ca. 1974
Minneopa Creek Stone Arch Bridge   [Map]
Stone Arch over Minneopa Creek on County Rd 69 & Union Pacific Railroad
Road (Formerly rail) portion built 1879 ; Railroad portion built 1905
Minneopa Falls Bridge   [Map]
Open-spandrel arch bridge over the Twin Falls of Minneopa Creek at Minneopa State Park
Replaced by a new bridge
Minnesota River Bridge   [Map]
Lost two-span through truss bridge over Minnesota River on CR 42
Built 1954; replaced 2007
New Minneopa Falls Bridge   [Map]
Concrete through arch bridge over Minneopa Creek on Pedestrian Path
Open to pedestrians only
Built 2012
Perch Creek Bridge   [Map]
Concrete arch bridge over Perch Creek on CR 75
Open to traffic
Built 1912
Red Jacket Trestle   [Map · Street View]
Girder bridge over MN Hwy. 66 and Le Sueur River on Minnesota Valley Railroad (now a bike trail)
Bridge open as of 11/11/11
Built 1874; river spans replaced in 1901; south pier damaged by flooding in September, 2010; girder span relocated to the ground awaiting rehabilitation; pier collapsed during removal, replaced, looks like original and is back open.
Rice Creek Bridge   [Map]
Lost Howe pony truss bridge over Rice Creek on Twp 24
Replaced by a new bridge
Built 1980
Unnamed Creek Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Unnamed Creek on Abandoned Railroad
UP - Mound Avenue Bridge   [Map]
Steel stringer bridge over Mound Avenue on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic
Built 1896
Ziegler's Ford Bridge   [Map]
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Cobb River on Township road 96
Built 1904; removed in 1995