Wexford County

Boulevard Bridge   [Map]
Lost Steel stringer bridge over Cadillac Canal on North Boulevard
Replaced by a new bridge
Manistee River Bridge   [Map]
Pony truss bridge over Manistee River on 19 Road
Open to traffic
Built 1906
Manistee River Railroad Bridge   [Map]
Pratt deck truss bridge over Manistee River on Tuscola and Saginaw Bay RR (formerly Grand Rapids & Indiana RR)
Open to traffic
Built 1898
Powers Street Bridge   [Map]
Rainbow arch bridge over Clam River on Powers Street in Cadillac
Open to traffic
Built 1900
TSBY - Manistee River Bridge   [Map]
Abandoned warren deck truss with alternating verticals bridge over Manistee River on former Ann Arbor RR
Abandoned along with rail line ca. 1993