Anne Arundel County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
BLA - Dorsey Creek BridgeBaltimore & Annapolis Railroad ( single track) over College Creek/Dorsey CreekRemoved but not replacedDeck plate girder19311968----
BLA - Severn River Swing BridgeBaltimore & Annapolis Railroad over Severn RiverRemovedDeck plate girder1913------
Central Avenue BridgeMd. 214 / Central Avenue over Patuxent RiverOpen to trafficPony truss1935--200.1204.1
Central Avenue BridgeCentral Ave/MD 214 over Patuxent RiverOpen to trafficParker through truss1935--200.1204.1
Chesapeake Bay BridgeUS 50 and US 301 over Chesapeake BayOpen to trafficWire suspension----1600.121287.1
Compromise Street BridgeCompromise Street over Spa CreekOpen to trafficOther1946--62.0832.1
CSX - Curtis Creek DrawbridgeCSX Transportation (former Baltimore & Ohio Railroad) over Curtis Creek, Marley Neck BranchOpen to trafficThrough truss1929-30--345.0967.0
Deep Run BridgeO'Connor Road over Deep RunOpen to trafficSteel stringer1944--24.027.9
Duvall BridgeDuvall Bridge Road over Patuxent RiverRecently restoredPratt pony truss1907------
Governor's BridgeGovernor Bridge Road over Patuxent RiverIntact but closed to all traffic; 6 options being considered in 2018Pratt through truss1912--117.1117.1
Hill BridgeMD 214 Central Avenue over Patuxent RiverReplaced by a new bridgeThrough truss--1935----
MD-2 South River Bridge (old)Maryland State Route 2 over South RiverNo longer existsUnknown1933------
MD174 OverpassMd 174 over AmtrakOpen to trafficGirder1931--75.179.1
MD436 Weems Creek BridgeMD 436 over Weems CreekOpen to trafficOther1997--86.9365.2
MERC - Severn River Swing Bridge (Old)Maryland Electric Railways Co. over Severn RiverDestroyed by collisionDeck plate girder18871913----
Old MD70 Weems Creek BridgeState Route 70 over Weems CreekReplaced by a new bridgeDeck girder1953200691.9769.1
Old United States Naval Academy BridgeRoute 450 over Severn RiverReplaced by a new bridgeDeck plate girder1924199595.11862.0
Patuxent River Bridge - Ft. MeadeLaurel-Fort Meade Road / Md. 198 over Patuxent RiverOpen to trafficGirder1940--73.275.1
Queen Anne BridgeQueen Anne Bridge Road over Patuxent RiverAbandonedPratt pony truss1890------
Stoney Creek BridgeMD 173 over Stoney CreekOpen to trafficOther1947--75.1889.2
Veterns Highway BridgeVeterns Highway over Severn RunOpen to trafficDeck arch1933--41.043.0
WB&A - Crain Highway OverpassWB&A RR over Jabez BranchRemoved but not replacedOther1923--54.4--
Weems Creek BridgeMD Route 436 over Weems CreekReplaced by a new bridgeWarren pony truss with all verticals1929199647.9360.9
Wildlife Loop Road BridgeWildlife Loop Road over Little Patuxent RiverReplaced by new bridgeDeck truss19502004100.1203.1