Wolfe County

Flat Mary Road Bridge (Mystery Bridge)   [Map]
Lost Bridge over North Fork Kentucky River on Flat Mary Road
Destroyed by flooding
Unknown bridge reported as having been washed out in a flood in the 1930s.
KY 715 Red River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Steel stringer bridge over Red River on Ky-715
Open to traffic
Built 1950
LN - Torrent Tunnel   [Map]
Abandoned tunnel under hillside on Kentucky Union RR (abandoned)
Line abandoned in 1942
Red River CR 1007 Bridge
Lost Bridge over Red River on Cr-01007-0
Replaced by new bridge
Built 1910
Sheltowee Trace Foot Bridge   [Map]
Wire suspension bridge over Red River on Shetowee Trace Hiking Trail
Open to pedestrians