Leavenworth County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Abandoned UP - Stranger Creek BridgeRailroad over Stranger CreekAbandonedPony/through plate girder--------
ATSF - Fivemile Creek Arch BridgeAtchison Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad grade (abandoned) in Buffalo Bill Park. over Fivemile CreekClosed to all trafficBrick arch1900--35.070.0
ATSF - Limit Street OverpassAT&SF RR over Limit StreetBridge removed and not replacedBeam1976201440.0142.1
ATSF - Ninemile Creek BridgeAbandoned ATSF RR over Ninemile CreekDerelict/abandonedBrick arch--------
ATSF - Old Limit Street OverpassAtchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railroad over Limit StreetDon't knowClosed-spandrel arch1900--63.063.0
ATSF - Sevenmile Creek BridgeATSF RR over Sevenmile CreekRemoved but not replacedStringer------140.0
ATSF BridgeAT&SF RW over Tributary of Sevenmile CreekRemoved but not replacedUnknown--------
ATSF Maple Avenue OverpassAT&SF RW over Maple AvenueRemoved but not replacedUnknown1923------
ATSF Threemile Creek BridgeAT&SF RW over Threemile CreekRemoved but not replacedUnknown--------
Begley BridgeBridge over Stranger CreekAbandonedPratt through truss--------
Branch Creek Bridge227th Street over Branch CreekOpen to traffic, Load limit postedSlabca. 1935--36.138.1
Branch Dawson Creek BridgeBridge over Branch Dawson CreekClosed, under restorationQueenpost pony truss--------
Edwards Road BridgeE-8 Edwards Dr. over Branch CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1930--30.832.2
Fivemile Creek BridgeShrine Park Rd (FAU 3521) over Fivemile CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss1925199375.179.1
Fivemile Creek BridgeRailroad over Fivemile CreekDerelict/abandonedUnknown--------
Fort Leavenworth BridgeBridge over Missouri RiverRemovedPost through truss18711962----
Hog Creek Bridge182nd Street (Parallel Rd.) over Hog CreekReplaced by a new bridgeDeck archca. 1930198338.041.0
Hog Creek Bridge178th Street (RS 1855) over Hog CreekReplaced by a new bridgeWarren pony truss with all verticalsca. 1910201359.061.0
Hog Creek Bridge182nd St. (Parallel Rd.) over Hog CreekOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder1983------
Kaw River BridgeElm Street over Kansas RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss1892ca 1963----
Kaw River Bridge at DeSotoRoute 2 over Kansas RiverReplaced by a new bridge ca 1964Pratt through truss--1956----
Leavenworth Centennial BridgeKS 92/MO 92 over Missouri RiverOpen to trafficSteel through arch1955--420.02446.6
Leavenworth Terminal BridgeChicago & North Western Railway over Missouri RiverRemovedPratt through truss1893----1100.0
Limit Street BridgeLimit Street over Five Mile CreekRemoved but not replacedPony truss1911------
Linwood BridgeBridge over Stranger CreekDamaged by a flash food in 2001 and demolished soon afterPratt through truss19102001167.9168.9
Nine Mile Creek BridgeLocal road R-21 over Nine Mile CreekReplaced by new bridgeThrough truss19161993100.1102.0
Pensylvania Street OverpassPennsylvania St over AT&SF RWRemoved but not replacedUnknown--------
South 4th Street BridgeUS 73, KS 7, KS 92 over Three Mile CreekOpen to trafficClosed-spandrel arch1916--30.844.0
Springdale Covered Bridge 16-52-01xBridge over Stranger CreekNo longer existsHowe through trussca. 18591958119.2219.0
Stranger Creek BridgeLeavenworth Road over Stranger CreekNo longer existsThrough trussca. 19101999121.1179.1
Stranger Creek BridgeMetro Avenue over Stranger CreekRemoved but not replacedPratt through truss--2013138.1173.8
Three Mile Creek BridgeFAU 3533 B.15-3.42 over Three Mile CreekOpen to trafficDeck arch1915--40.049.9
UP - Mud Creek BridgeUnion Pacific Railroad over Mud CreekOpen to trafficPony/through plate girder1906--84.0144.0
UP - Stranger Creek Bridge (Linwood)Union Pacific Railroad over Stranger CreekOpen to trafficBaltimore through truss1905--140.0140.0