Bourbon County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
187th Terrace Bridge187th Terrace over Unnamed creekOpen to traffic on a private drivewayWarren pony truss--------
245th Street-Moores Branch Creek Bridge245th St. Rs 55 over Moores Branch CreekOpen to trafficConcrete tee beam1929--37.194.2
BNSF - 3rd Street OverpassBNSF Railway over 3rd StreetOpen to traffic above and belowSteel stringer1925--35.070.0
BNSF - Marmaton BridgeBNSF (former Frisco) over Marmaton RiverOpen to trafficUnknown--------
Branch Bunion Creek BridgeFern Rd (Local 9.7-U.0) over Branch of Bunion CreekOpen to trafficStone archca. 1950--7.967.9
Branch Marmaton River BridgeLocal 10.5-N.7 (Locust Rd) over Branch of Marmaton RiverOpen to trafficStone arch1936--16.037.1
Buck Run Creek BridgeRS 55 over Buck Run CreekOpen to trafficConcrete through arch1925--85.091.8
Burlington Northern R.R. Bridge215 St (old US 69) over Burlington Northern R.R.Open to trafficSteel stringer1936--65.0268.1
Fish Creek BridgeLocal 20.3-C.0 over Fish CreekOpen to trafficStone arch1935--16.038.0
Fort Scott Marmaton bridgeBridge over Marmaton RiverDemolishedUnknown--------
Fulton BridgeCR 1766 over Little Osage RiverOpen to trafficConcrete through arch1927--109.9152.8
Indian Creek-Yale Road BridgeLocal 24.1-B.0 (Yale Rd.) over Indian CreekClosed to all trafficPratt through truss1898--89.991.8
Juniper Road BridgeJuniper Road over Marmaton RiverDerelict/abandonedConcrete culvert--------
Limestone Creek BridgeMinor Collector 5.0-E.0 over Limestone CreekReplaced by new bridgePony truss--199371.9111.9
Little Mill Creek BridgeSoldier Road over Little Mill CreekNo longer existsPony truss--200069.971.9
Little Osage River BridgeLocal 2.0-B.1 (35th Street) over Little Osage RiverIntact but closed to all trafficPratt through truss1896--170.9172.9
Little Osage River Bridge 2Bridge over Little Osage RiverNo longer existsUnknown--------
Little Osage River K-7 BridgeK-7 over Little Osage RiverNo longer existsThrough truss19642004109.9111.8
Long Shoals BridgeLocal 25.0-D.0 (265th Street) over Little Osage RiverClosed to all trafficParker through truss1902--174.8175.8
Long Shoals location in Fort ScottPedestrians over Marmaton RiverAbandonedParker through truss1902--175.0175.0
Lost Creek BridgeLocal 14.0-A.7 (155th Street) over Lost CreekDerelict/abandonedPratt through truss1888--89.991.8
Mill Creek Arch BridgeN. Crawford Street (old US 69/ US 54) over Mill CreekClosedConcrete through arch1927--83.0138.1
Mill Creek BridgeMarion Street over Mill CreekAbandoned with most of deck removed, but has intact walkway (cross at own risk)Pratt through truss--------
MKT - Marmaton River BridgeAbandoned Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad over Marmaton RiverClosed to all trafficParker through truss1910--195.0290.0
MoPac - Fort Scott Pegram TrussMissouri Pacific Railroad over Marmaton RiverReplaced by a new bridgePegram through truss18911927----
North National Avenue BridgeN. National Avenue (Old US 69) over Marmaton RiverOpen to trafficConcrete through arch1933--200.1202.0
Old Military Bridge240th Street over Marmaton RiverAbandonedBowstring through trussca. 1878------
Pawnee Creek BridgeCavalry over Pawnee CreekNo longer existsPony truss1897200075.176.1
Pawnee Creek BridgeHackberry Road (RS 50) over Pawnee CreekOpen to trafficConcrete through arch1929--120.0122.0
Pawnee Creek BridgeCavalry Rd (Local 12.6-X.0) over Pawnee CreekOpen to trafficConcrete pony/through girder1920--32.266.9
Sixth Street Pedestrian OverpassPedestrian walkway over US 69 / K-7Open to pedestrians onlySteel rigid frame1969--103.0348.4
South Fork Marmaton River Bridge140th St over South Fork Marmaton RiverNo longer existsPratt through truss19031999149.9179.1
Tennyson Creek BridgeMaple Rd. Rs 705 over Tennyson CreekOpen to trafficStringer1923--37.177.1
Third Street Pedestrian OverpassPedestrian overpass over US 69 / K-7Open to pedestrians onlySteel rigid frame1969--103.0412.4
US 69 over E. National Avenue BridgeSouthbound US 69 / K-7 over East National AvenueOpen to traffic above and belowSlab1967--57.1146.0
West Fork Dry Wood Creek BridgeRS 55 over West Fork Dry Wood CreekOpen to trafficParker through truss1925--149.9152.8
Wolverine Creek BridgeLocal 21.0-J.8 (225th Street) over Wolverine CreekNo longer existsPony truss----49.951.8
Yellowstone Road BridgeYellowstone Road over Elk CreekOpen to trafficStringer1913--40.044.0