Allen County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
4200th Road Bridge4200 St. 21.0-D.7 over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficCulvert1930--11.224.0
Big Creek BridgeLocal road 20.0-N.0 over Big CreekReplaced by new bridgeStone archca. 1940199729.944.0
Big Creek BridgeLocal Rd. 17.3-S.0 over Big CreekReplaced by a new bridgeStringer1916--37.1100.1
Branch Big Creek Bridge1-10.1 Local (Alabama Road) over Turkey BranchReplaced by a new bridgePony trussca. 1910199954.156.1
Branch Neosho River BridgeMinnesota Road over Branch of Neosho RiverOpen to trafficDeck archca. 1930--9.833.1
Branch Neosho River BridgeRS 2096 over Branch of Neosho RiverOpen to trafficStone archca. 1910--9.836.1
Branch of Deer Creek BridgeRs 4 Texas Road over Branch of Deer CreekOpen to trafficConcrete pony/through girder1930--29.933.1
Coal Creek BridgeRS 1148 over Coal CreekNo longer existsMarsh arch19242001141.0143.0
Concrete Bridge KSHS 001-1741800th Street over Elm CreekOpen to trafficUnknown1930------
Hegwald BridgeLocal Road 2.8-P.6 over Owl CreekSaved and moved to site just S.E. of Iola, Ks. to be used in biking and hiking trail systemWarren pony truss1909--61.064.9
Humboldt BridgeBridge Street (RS 2) over Neosho RiverOpen to trafficMarsh arch1932--120.0248.0
Humboldt Bridge (Old)Bridge Street over Neosho RiverReplaced by a new bridgeBowstring through truss18701932----
Indian Creek BridgeRS 4 over Indian CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1927--71.8201.1
Indian Creek BridgeLocal Road 2.0-C.8 over Indian CreekRemoved but not replacedThrough trussca. 1910--89.991.8
Indian Creek BridgeWyoming Road over Indian CreekOpen to trafficSlab1935--9.847.9
Iola BridgeUS 54 over Neosho RiverReplaced by a new bridgeMarsh arch19281996122.1289.1
Jefferson Avenue BridgeJefferson Avenue over Coon CreekReplaced by a new bridgeClosed-spandrel arch1900201022.022.0
Liberty Creek BridgeBridge over Liberty CreekUnknownStone arch--------
Local Road 19.0-D.5 BridgeLocal Road 19.0-D.5 over Unnamed intermittent tributary of the Little Osage RiverOpen to trafficDeck archca. 1930--7.925.9
Martin Creek BridgeLocal Road 3.9-C.0 over Martin CreekReplaced by a new bridgePony trussca. 1910--58.160.0
Martin Creek BridgeWyoming Rd 5.4-A.0 over Martin CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1930--29.930.8
Middle Creek BridgeLocal Road 21.5-A.8 over Middle CreekLostDeck archca. 1930--29.829.8
Middle Creek BridgeWest Virginia Road over Middle CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1935--43.089.9
MoPac Moran Marmaton BridgeMissouri Pacific RR over Marmaton RiverRemoved but not replacedUnknown--------
MoPac Rock Creek BridgeMissouri Pacific RR over Rock CreekRemoved but not replacedUnknown--ca 1980----
Neosho St BridgeBridge over Rock CreekAbandonedWarren pony truss with alternating verticals--------
North Branch Elm Creek BridgeRS 7 2200 St over North Branch Elm CreekOpen to trafficConcrete rigid frame1930--7.927.9
North Fork Little Osage BridgeRs 1158 over North Fork Little OsageOpen to trafficSteel stringer1940--30.896.1
North Street BridgeNorth Street over Coon CreekRemoved but not replacedDeck arch----24.924.9
Prairie Spirit Rail Trail - Deer Creek BridgePrairie Spirit Rail Trail over Deer CreekOpen to pedestriansDeck plate girder1947--70.0262.0
Rock Creek BridgeRs 7 2200 St over Rock CreekOpen to trafficSteel stringer1935--32.2132.9
Scatter Creek BridgeLocal Road 3.0-T.2 over Scatter CreekOpen to trafficDeck archca. 1930--40.040.0
Schleichers Branch Bridge2000th St over Schleichers BranchNo longer existsStone arch189819997.969.9
Southwind Rail Trail - Elm Creek BridgeSouthwind Rail Trail over Elm CreekOpen to pedestrian and bicycle traffic onlyPratt through truss1884--164.0224.0
Unnamed creek Bridge2400 St. 12.0-O.9 over Coal CreekOpen to trafficConcrete pony/through girder1920--34.138.1
Utah Road BridgeUtah Road over Indian CreekOpen to trafficWarren pony truss with alternating verticals1927------
Washington Street BridgeOld US 169 Business Route over Elm CreekRemoved but not replacedDeck arch1908--73.1145.0
Wolf Pen Creek BridgeLocal Road 24.9-S.0 over Wolf Pen CreekOpen to trafficStone archca. 1920--17.136.1