Pulaski County

C&EI - Cache River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Abandoned wood bridge over Cache River on former UP/ Chicago and Eastern Illinois Railroad
CN - Cache River Bridge   [Map]
Through truss bridge over Cache River on CN Railway (formerly Illinois Central)
Open to traffic on two railroad tracks
CN - Cache River Bridge (Ullin)   [Map]
Plate girder bridge over Cache River on Illinois Central Railroad
Open to traffic
Hodges Bayou Bridge   [Map]
Concrete bridge over Hodges Bayou on Old IL 37 (originally IL 147, also called TR 78A)
Open to two-lane traffic
Built 1929
Karnak Bridge   [Map]
Lost pony truss bridge over a branch of Cache River in Karnak
No longer exists
Post Creek Cut-Off Bridge   [Map]
Steel stringer bridge over Post Creek Cut-Off on Tick Ridge Road (CR 2/FAS 937)
Open to traffic
Built 1938
Tunnel Hill State Trail - Old Channel Cache River Bridge   [Map]
Deck plate girder bridge over Old Channel Cache River on the Tunnel Hill State Trail at Karnak
Open to pedestrians and bicyclists only
Built 1905 by the King Bridge Co.