Alexander County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Bill Emerson Memorial BridgeMO 34/IL 146 over Mississippi RiverOpen to four-lane trafficCable-stayed2003--1150.03956.2
Cache Channel Missouri Pacific BridgeMissouri Pacific Railroad over Cache River Diversion ChannelSeveral concrete piers remainPony/through plate girderca. 1950------
Cache River BridgeVandalia-Cairo Highway over Cache RiverReplaced by a new bridgeParker through truss--1950----
Cache River BridgeVandalia-Cairo Road over Cache RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt through truss--------
Cairo Mississippi River BridgeUS 60/62 over Mississippi RiverOpen to trafficWarren through truss1929--700.95175.5
Cairo Ohio River BridgeUS 51/60/62 over Ohio RiverOpen to two-lane trafficWarren through truss1937--800.05863.7
Cape Girardeau BridgeMO 34 over Mississippi RiverReplaced by Bill Emerson Memorial BridgeThrough truss19282004671.04744.3
CN - Cache River BridgeCN Railway (formerly Illinois Central) over Cache RiverOpen to traffic on two railroad tracksThrough truss1900--158.0444.0
CN - Cairo BridgeCanadian National Railway over Ohio RiverOpen to railroad trafficWarren through truss1952------
CN - Cairo Flood Gate TunnelCanadian National (former Illinois Central) Railway over US 51Open to rail traffic above and highway traffic belowClosed-spandrel arch1903------
CN - US51 OverpassIcg Rr over Us 51Steel stringer1974--63.0130.9
CN - US51 OverpassIC Railroad over US 51Open to rail traffic above and highway traffic belowPony/through plate girder1903--65.969.9
Creek BridgeRoad over CreekReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony truss--------
Devils Island BridgeDevils Island Road over Picayune Chute (Mississippi River side channel)AbandonedSlab--------
Drainage Ditch IL 3 BridgeIL 3 over Drainage DitchOpen to trafficSteel stringer1948--45.9122.0
Elco BridgeTR 150 (Elco Main Street) over Branch of Hartline CreekReplaced by new bridgeSlab--1994----
Fayville Road BridgeFayville Road over Orchard CreekNo longer standing, but north abutment remains underneath the replacement bridgeUnknown--------
Gale BridgeOld IL 3 over Sexton CreekOpen to trafficPratt through truss1933--172.2336.9
I-57 Cairo BridgeInterstate 57 over Mississippi RiverOpen to four lanes of trafficSteel through arch1978--820.74088.8
IC - Cache River BridgeIllinois Central Railroad over Cache RiverRemoved but not replacedUnknown1918------
IC - Cairo Railroad BridgeIllinois Central Railroad over Ohio RiverReplaced by the current bridge, reusing many of the piers in the processWhipple through truss18891951518.520461.0
IC - Lake Creek BridgeIllinois Central Railroad over Lake CreekRemoved but not replacedTimber stringer--------
ICG - Cache Channel BridgeIllinois Central Gulf Railroad over Cache River Diversion ChannelStill standing, but rails removedPony/through plate girder1948--99.0276.0
Lake Creek BridgeOld road over Lake CreekDerelict/abandonedSteel stringer--------
Miller Creek BridgeOld IL 3 over Miller CreekOpen to two-lane trafficPratt pony truss1933--81.7147.9
Old Gale BridgeFormer IL 150 over Miller CreekRemoved but not replacedUnknown--------
Rock Spring Hollow Road BridgeRock Spring Hollow Road (TR 16) over Orchard CreekReplaced by new bridgePratt pony truss--1971----
Rock Spring Hollow TrestleMissouri Pacific Railroad over Orchard Creek/Rock Spring HollowSeveral concrete footings remainDeck plate girder--------
Sandusky Road BridgeSandusky Road (TR 95A) over Cache RiverReplaced by a new bridgePratt pony trussca. 1964199482.083.0
Singing BridgeOld IL 150 (predecessor to IL 3) over Lake CreekRemoved but not replacedTimber stringer--------
STR - Lake Creek TrestleShawnee Terminal Railway over Lake CreekAbandoned, but still in good conditionTimber stringer------97.0
STR - US-51 OverpassShawnee Terminal Railway over US 51Open to trafficDeck plate girder1917--43.066.9
Thebes BridgeThebes Bridge Terminal Railroad over Mississippi RiverOpen to railroad traffic on two tracksOther through truss1905--671.03817.0
Thebes OverpassPoplar Street over Union Pacific RailroadReplaced by new bridgePony/through plate girder--1988----
UP - Old IL 3 BridgeUnion Pacific Railroad over Old IL 3Open to trafficSteel stringer----47.9144.0