Stephens County

Old US123 Tugaloo River Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Camelback through truss bridge over Tugaloo River
Open to pedestrians
Built 1940, middle span dismantled and reassembled as the Cobb Bridge in 1962 when new U.S. 123 bridge was built..
Prather Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Lost Town lattice truss bridge over Tugaloo River on Cleveland Pike Road
Destroyed by fire
Built 1920; Burned April 9th 1978
Southern RR Bridge   [Map]
Tunnel on FAS 1268 under Southern Railroad
Open to traffic
Built 1941
Wells Viaduct   [Map]
Bridge over North Fork Broad River on Norfolk Southern Railway, Greenville-Atlanta Subdivision
Open to traffic
Built 1919