Marion County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
Canal BridgeNE 145th Avenue Road over CanalOpen to trafficSteel arch1940--15.434.1
County Route 316 Ocklawaha River BridgeCr-316 over Ocklawaha RiverOpen to trafficSteel stringer1969--180.14452.3
CSX - CR 475 OverpassCSX Railroad over CR 475Open to trafficSteel stringer1925------
CSX - US 27 OverpassCSX Railroad over US 27Open to trafficGirder1953--60.0240.2
Daisy Creek BridgeNE 105th Street over Daisy CreekOpen to trafficSteel arch1940--19.0108.6
Florida Trail Wildlife BridgeFlordia Trail over I-75Open to pedestrians and wildlifeBeam2000--102.4204.7
Moss Bluff BridgeState Route 464 over Ocklawah RiverNo longer existsWarren pony truss19271990----
NE 148th Terrace BridgeNE 148th Terrace over Mill CreekOpen to trafficSteel arch1940--20.062.0
Ocklawaha River Bridge85th Street over Ocklawaha RiverOpen to trafficOther1969--36.4177.5
SBD - Withlacoochee River BridgeSeaboard System Railroad over Withlacoochee RiverReplaced by a new bridgeDeck plate girder19082013----
SE 137th Avenue BridgeSE 137th Avenue Road over Unnamed creekOpen to trafficSteel arch1940--13.144.0
Sharpe's Ferry BridgeCR 314 over Oklawaha RiverOpen to pedestrians onlyWarren pony truss1928--117.0235.9
Withlacoochee River BridgeUS 41 over Withlacoochee RiverReplaced by a new bridgeThrough truss--------