Lafayette County

Camp Grade Road Bridge   [Map]
Pony truss bridge over Steinhatchee River on Camp Grade Road
Open to traffic
Built 1912; rehabilitated 1989
Drew Bridge   [Map]
Bridge over Suwannee River on Suwannee & San Pedro Railroad (1902-1905)
Abandoned since mid 20th century.
Named after sons of George F. Drew (gov. of FL 1877-81); purchased in Brazil by Drews in 1899 & floated by barge to present location. Not in use since 1920.
Frank R. Norris Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Concrete bridge over Suwannee River on US 27 (SR 20)
Open to traffic
Hal Adams Bridge   [Map · Street View]
Suspension bridge over Suwannee River on FL 51
Open to traffic
Built 1947
Luraville Swing Bridge   [Map]
Lost swing bridge over Suwannee River on unnamed road in Luraville
Replaced by new bridge
Built 1907; Replaced by new bridge in 1947