Jackson County

NameLocationStatusDesignYear BuiltYear LostSpan Length (ft.)Total Length (ft.)
BAYL - US90 OverpassBay Line Railroad over US 90Open to trafficConcrete rigid frame1940--51.851.8
Bellamy Bridgean abandoned section of Bellamy Bridge Rd over Chipola RiverPresently closed and without deck, but plans call for it to be rehabbed for the Bellamy Bridge Heritage TrailPratt through truss1914----119.0
CSX - Apalachicola River BridgeCSX Railroad over Apalachicola RiverOpen to trafficThrough truss--------
CSX Railroad over US 90 BridgeCSX Railroad over US 90 (W. Lafayette Street)Open to trafficPony/through plate girder1958--75.175.1
Dewey M. Johnson BridgeInterstate 10 over Apalachicola RiverOpen to trafficDeck plate girder1978--296.96100.4
Neals Landing BridgeFL-2, GA-91 over Chattahoochee RiverOpen to trafficGirder1956--153.91591.9
Old Victory Bridgean old alignment of US 90 over Apalachicola RiverOpen to pedestriansOpen-spandrel arch1922------