Lost 2021

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Beech Fork Covered Bridge 17-115-01 (Washington County, Kentucky)
Built 1865 by Cornelius Barnes; made obsolete by new bridge in 1977; rehabilitated 1982 & 2017
Two-span covered bridge over Beech Fork River on KY 458
Destroyed by arson at 11:00-11:30 p.m. March 9, 2021

Branch Hauser Creek Bridge (Owen County, Indiana)
Built ca. 1930; replaced 2021
Concrete arch bridge over a branch of Hauser Creek on CR 1075 West
Replaced by a new bridge

Branch Yellow River Bridge (Allamakee County, Iowa)
Built ca. 1950; replaced 2021
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Branch Yellow River on Smithfield Drive
Replaced by a new bridge

Browns Bridge (Hall County, Georgia)
Built in 1955 replacing a covered bridge submerged by Lake Lanier
Through truss bridge over Lake Lanier, Chattahoochee River on Browns Bridge Road (GA 369)
Replaced by a new bridge

Burnt Mill Bridge (Scott County, Tennessee)
Built 1920-1921; Through truss span destroyed by flooding in March 2021
Abandoned Pratt through truss bridge and a half-hip Pratt pony truss (both pin-connected) with wooden decks over Clear Fork River on Scott County Road 276 (Honey Creek Loop Road). The largest span of this bridge has been washed away.
Through truss span destroyed by flooding in March 2021

Crooked River Bridge (Ray County, Missouri)
Built 1970; Replaced 2021
Lost Steel stringer bridge over Crooked River on Route J
Replaced by a new bridge

Dooker's Hollow Bridge (Allegheny County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1940; rehabilitated 2002; closed October 2020, removed Feb 2021
Deck truss bridge over O'Connell Blvd. on Center Avenue in North Braddock

Lamine River Old US 40 Bridge (Cooper County, Missouri)
Built 1924; Replaced 2021
Through truss bridge over Lamine River on Route M (Old US 40) just north of I-70
Replaced by a new bridge

Locust Fork Warrior River Bridge (Jefferson County, Alabama)
Built 1962
Girder bridge over Locust Fork Warrior River on US 78
Closed currently being dismantled

Old Route 66 Little Beaver Creek Bridge (Phelps County, Missouri)
Built 1926
Slab bridge over Little Beaver Creek on CR 7100
Closed for Replacement

Red River Bridge (Fannin County, Texas)
Built 1938; Demolished 2021
Through truss bridge over Red River on TX 78 OK 78
Replaced by a new bridge

River Road Bridge 45-10-03 (Orleans County, Vermont)
Built 1910
Covered bridge over Missisquoi River on C3012 in Troy
Destroyed by fire on Feb 6, 2021

Smith Creek Bridge (Washington County, Iowa)
Built 1928; rehabilitated 1966
Girder bridge over Smith Creek on Local
Replaced by a new bridge

Spring Creek Bridge (Pike County, Illinois)
Built 1962
Pony truss bridge over South Prong Spring Creek on 423rd St, 2.25 mi. southeast of Nebo
Replaced by a new bridge, new bridge currently under construction

Thorngrove Road Bridge (Cass County, Missouri)
Built ca. 1930; rehabilitated 1950
Pony truss bridge over a branch of Wolf Creek on Thorngrove Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Utica Bridge (LaSalle County, Illinois)
Built 1962
Cantilevered through truss bridge over the Illinois River on IL 178 near Utica in La Salle
Demolished and replaced.

Vermillion River Sandy Ford Bridge (LaSalle County, Illinois)
Built 1959
Through truss bridge over Vermilion River on N 18th Rd 4 mi E of Leonore

Zimmerman Bridge (Cass County, Indiana)
Built 1918; Demolished 2021
Lost Four-span concrete arch bridge over Wabash River on CR 600 East
Being demolished as of Jan 2021.