Lost 1945

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1st Red River Moncla Bridge (Avoyelles Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1934, destroyed by flood in 1945
Lost Bridge over Red River
Destroyed by flooding

Allender Road Bridge (Older) (Baltimore County, Maryland)
Built 1909; Replaced 1945
Lost Greiner through truss bridge over Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on Allender Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Allenville Covered Bridge 25-16-02x (Cape Girardeau County, Missouri)
Built soon after the Civil War to replace an earlier structure. Destroyed by a severe thunderstorm during the morning of Nov. 2, 1945.
Lost covered bridge over Old Channel Whitewater River near Allenville
Destroyed by a severe thunderstorm

BM - Franklin Covered Bridge (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1890; Center pier lost 1936; Collapsed 1945
Lost covered bridge over Merrimack River on Boston & Maine Railroad

Eckert Mill Bridge (Dubois County, Indiana)
Built in 1879 by the Wrought Iron Bridge Company; collapsed when hit by a truck in 1945.
Pratt through truss bridge over Patoka River on 3rd Avenue in Jasper

Four Mile Bridge (Rock County, Wisconsin)
Lost Through truss bridge over Rock River on US 14
Collapsed. Replaced by new bridge.

Islais Creek Bridge (1915) (San Francisco County, California)
Built 1915 ; replaced in 1945
Lost Baltimore through truss bridge over Islais Creek on Third Street/Kentucky Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Johnsonville Railroad Bridge (Humphreys County, Tennessee)
Originally built 1867 as a timber Howe truss bridge; rebuilt or modified in 1873, 1893, 1900, and 1915; demolished 1945 with the creation of Kentucky Lake
Lost through truss swing bridge over Tennessee River on the NC&Stl Railway between Eva and (Old) Johnsonville
No longer exists

MILW - Bloody Run Creek Bridge #5 (Old) (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1917; Replaced 1945
Lost Pratt through truss bridge over Bloody Run on Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul & Pacific Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Newton Falls Covered Bridge 35-78-01x (Trumbull County, Ohio)
Built 1856 demolished 1945
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Mahoning River

North Main Street Bridge (Madison County, Missouri)
Replaced 1945
Lost pony truss bridge over Saline Creek on North Main Street in Fredericktown
Replaced by a new bridge

Old US 67 Brazos River Bridge (Somervell County, Texas)
Built 1907; Lost to accident 1945
Lost Through truss bridge over Brazos River on Glen Rose and Cleburne Road (US 67)
Destroyed by M32 Armored Recovery Vehicle

RI - Skunk River Bridge (Old) (Washington County, Iowa)
Built 1905; Removed 1945 due to track reconstruction project
Lost Warren through truss bridge over Skunk River/Hwy IA1 on former Rock Island RR
Replaced by a new bridge on a different alignment

South Main Street Bridge (Old) (Harlan County, Kentucky)
Lost Camelback through truss bridge over Clover Fork on South Main Street
Replaced by a new bridge

State Street Bridge (Morgan County, Utah)
Collapsed 1945
Lost Warren pony truss with alternating verticals bridge over Weber River on State Street (SR 66)

Sutherland Ford Bridge (Vermilion County, Illinois)
Built 1876, relocated to Harrison Park ca. 1935, collapsed in 1945
Lost Through truss bridge over North Fork Vermilion River on Hungry Hollow Road

Water Street Bridge (1914) (Eau Claire County, Wisconsin)
Built 1914. Collapsed 1945. Replaced 1947
Lost Bridge over Chippewa River on Water Street
Replaced by a new bridge

West Main Street Bridge (Allegany County, New York)
Lost Bowstring pony truss bridge over Griffin Creek on West Main Street
Replaced by a new bridge