Lost 1887

B&O - Monogahela River Fink Truss Bridge (Marion County, West Virginia)
Fink iron bridge built here 1852; Destroyed by the CSA 1863; Replaced by indentical structure 1865; Replaced 1887
Lost Fink through truss bridge over Monongahela River on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Replaced by a new bridge

Bussey Bridge (Suffolk County, Massachusetts)
Built 1876; Collapsed 1887
Lost "Hewins" deck truss bridge over South Street on Boston & Providence Railroad

CV - West Hartford Bridge (Older) (Windsor County, Vermont)
Built for the Central Vermont Railway; Destroyed by derailment/fire 1887
Lost Town Lattice deck truss bridge over White River on Central Vermont Railway
Destroyed by derailment/fire

TP&W - Chatsworth Bridge (Livingston County, Illinois)
Site of the Chatsworth Bridge Disaster, 10 August 1887, 81 people killed
Lost Timber stringer bridge over Unnamed creek on Toledo Peoria & Western Railroad