Lost 1863

BO - Monogahela River Fink Truss Bridge (Marion County, West Virginia)
Fink iron bridge built here 1852; Destroyed by the CSA 1863; Replaced by indentical structure 1865; Replaced 1887
Lost Fink through truss bridge over Monongahela River on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad
Destroyed in 1863 by the South; temporarily replaced by the north with a wooden bridge; replaced by the railroad to a similar plan but with slightly different casting shortly after the war.

ET&G - Loudon Bridge (Loudon County, Tennessee)
Built ca 1850; Arson planned, but never attemped due to being well-guarded November 8th, 1861; Burned by retreating Confederates September 1st, 1863
Lost Howe through truss bridge over Tennessee River on East Tennessee & Georgia Railroad
Arsoned by retreating Confederates September 1st, 1863

Newkirk Viaduct 38-51-04x (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1847; destroyed by fire 1863
Lost Through truss bridge over Schuylkill River on Road & railroad
Destroyed by fire & replaced

Old Big Black River Railroad Bridge (Warren County, Mississippi)
Lost Bridge on Railroad
Burned by Confederate troops to prevent Union forces from crossing

Rush Street Swing Bridge (Old) (Cook County, Illinois)
Built 1856 as the first all-iron bridge in Chicago, destroyed 1863
Lost swing bridge over Chicago River on Rush Street
Replaced by a new bridge