Built during 1800s

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Ahler's Bridge (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1804. Rebuilt by Bucks County 2001
Stone arch bridge over Nockamixon Creek on Old Easton Road btwn Ferndale & Kinntnrtsville, PA
Open to traffic

Avon Bridge (1804) 32-26-05x (Livingston County, New York)
Built 1804; replaced 1871
Lost wooden covered through truss bridge over Genesee River on Avon-Caledonia Road
No longer exists

Blythe Ferry (Rhea County, Tennessee)
Built 1808; used on Trail of Tears 1838; Replaced by bridge 1994
Lost Ferry across Tennessee River on Ferry
Replaced by Highway 60 bridge; Historical markers in place

Bridgeville Covered Bridge 32-53-17x (Sullivan County, New York)
Built 1807; said to be first covered bridge in New York State
Lost Through truss covered bridge over Neversink River on Newburgh-Cochecton Turnpike
Replaced by a new bridge

Burr Bridge (Schenectady County, New York)
Built 1809; Replace 1871
Lost Covered Burr arch-cable suspension bridge over Mohawk River on Washington Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

Byberry-Bensalem Turnpike Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1805; Strengthened 1917; Bypassed 1921
Stone arch bridge over Poquessing Creek on Byberry-Bensalem Turnpike, Lincoln Highway in Philadelphia
Open to pedestrians only

Cayuga Long Bridge (Cayuga County, New York)
Built 1800, collapsed 1804, rebuilt 1813, rebuilt 1833; Abandoned 1857
Lost Bridge over Cayuga Lake on trail
Removed but not replaced

Cheshire Toll Bridge (Sullivan County, New Hampshire)
Built 1806? Purchased in 1897 by the Springfield Electric Railway Company and replaced.
Lost Lattice Through truss over Connecticut River on Claremont Road.
Replaced by a new bridge

Copes Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1807; rehabilitated 1927
Stone arch bridge over East Branch Brandywine Creek on Strasburg Road
Open to traffic

Cynthiana Covered Bridge (Harrison County, Kentucky)
Built 1808; Played important role in the raid on Cynthiana during Civil War; Removed 1948
Lost Burr arch-truss bridge over South Fork Licking River on Bridge Street in Cynthiana.

Eastport Toll Bridge (Washington County, Maine)
Built 1807
Lost Town lattice truss covered bridge over Bar Harbor on Old Toll Bridge Road
Removed but not replaced

Eight Arch Bridge (Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
Started in 1801 and completed in 1804 at a cost of $15,561.40 (which included board for workers). Replaced the old rotting stone and timber bridge. Consists of eight arches and was the longest stone arch bridge in Pensylvania built at that time.
Stone arch bridge over Neshaminy Creek on York Road
Open to pedestrians

Falls of Schuylkill Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1808; collapsed 1816
Lost Chain suspension bridge over Schuylkill River on Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Goose Creek Bridge (Loudoun County, Virginia)
Built 1802, was centered in the Battle of Upperville in 1863, Closed 1957
Stone arch bridge over Goose Creek on Old US 50/Ashby Gap Turnpike
Open to pedestrians

Hudson River Bridge (Second Glens Falls) (Warren County, New York)
Built 1803
Lost Queenpost pony truss bridge over Hudson River on Glen Street
Destroyed by flooding

Long Bridge (1809) (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1808-09; partially burned by British & US forces Aug 25, 1814; Destroyed by ice jam Feb. 22, 1831
Lost Bridge over Potomac River on road
Destroyed by ice jam Feb. 22, 1831

Lower Trenton Bridge (1806) (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Built 1804-1806; widened and railroad tracks added 1839 (some info says 1835)
Lost Tied Arch Covered Bridge over Delaware River
Replaced by a new bridge

Market Street Bridge (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1805
Lost Bridge over Schuylkill River on Market Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Marshall's Mill Covered Bridge 38-15-54x (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built in 1807; Replaced in 1953 with an open structure with steel girders
Lost Burr arch-truss covered bridge over West Branch Brandywine Creek on Northbrook Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Mauckport Ferry (Harrison County, Indiana)
Obsolete in 1966 due to the construction of the Matthew E Welsh Bridge
Lost Ferry across Ohio River
No longer exists

Middletown Covered Bridge 20-10-15x (Frederick County, Maryland)
Built in 1809; Collapsed in 1938 and replaced.
Lost Bridge over Catoctin Creek on Bidle Road
Collapsed and replaced

Military Road Bridge (Jefferson County, New York)
Built 1800; rehabilitated 2003
Concrete arch bridge over Mill Creek on Military Road in Sackets Harbor
Open to traffic

Northampton Street Bridge (1806) 38-48-05x/30-21-02x (Northampton County, Pennsylvania)
Started in the late 1790s, opened in 1806, lost in 1895
Lost covered bridge over Delaware River on Northampton Street
Destroyed by flooding

Old National Road Monacacy River Bridge (Frederick County, Maryland)
Built 1808; Jug or demijohn is preserved at 1501 E Patrick St
Lost Bridge over Monocacy River on former National Road
Collapsed in 1942 and replaced by a new bridge

Old Town Bridge (Williamson County, Tennessee)
Built 1801
Lost Bridge over Brown Creek on Old Natchez Trace
Replaced by a new bridge; Limestone abutments remain

Old York Road Bridge (Baltimore County, Maryland)
Built 1809; believed to be oldest bridge on Maryland road system
Stone arch bridge over Little Falls on Old York Road (Md. 463)
Open to pedestrians only

Republican Covered Bridge 29-07-49x (Merrimack County, New Hampshire)
Built 1802 (another source says 1839)
Lost Town lattice truss covered bridge over Pemigewasset River on Central Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Royal Springs Bridge (Scott County, Kentucky)
Built 1800 (some sources claim 1789) by Elijah Craig. For a more detailed history see above in Description.
Stone arch bridge over Royal Spring Creek on Main St. (US 460)
Open to traffic

Schuylkill Permanent Bridge (1801) (Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania)
Built from 1801; "Remodeled" (replaced) 1850
Lost Through truss bridge over Schuylkill River on Market Street

Schuylkill Road Bridge (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1804
Stone arch bridge over Pigeon Creek on Schuylkill Road
Open to traffic

Shawneetown Ferry (Gallatin County, Illinois)
Built 1809
Lost Ferry over Ohio River
No longer exists

Stony Brook Bridge - Princeton Pike (Mercer County, New Jersey)
Built 1809; rehabilitated 1979
Stone arch bridge over Stony Brook on CR 583
Open to traffic

Union Bridge (1804) 32-42-14x / 32-46-05x (Saratoga County, New York)
Built 1804; Burned 1909
Lost Burr arch-truss covered bridge over Hudson River on Broad Street
Destroyed by fire

Washington Bridge (1808) (Fairfield County, Connecticut)
Built 1808; Replaced ?
Lost Pony truss bridge over Housatonic on Rt1
Replaced by a new bridge