Built 1814

Centre Bridge (1814) (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Wooden covered toll bridge opened January 10, 1814. Poorly built. Reconstructed in 1829-1830
Lost Bridge over Delaware River on Old York Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Hamilton Street Bridge (1814) (Lehigh County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1814; Destroyed by flooding 1841
Lost Eyebar suspension bridge over Lehigh River on Hamilton Street
Destroyed by flooding & replaced

New Hope-Lambertville Covered Bridge (Hunterdon County, New Jersey)
Opened Sept. 12, 1814. Damaged by the flood of 1841 and 3 spans replaced.
Lost Bridge over Delaware River on Bridge Street
Destroyed by flooding

Y Bridge (1814) (Muskingum County, Ohio)
Built 1814, Collapsed 1819
Lost Through truss bridge over Muskingum River & Licking River on National Road