Built 1809

Blythe Ferry (Rhea County, Tennessee)
Built 1808; used on Trail of Tears 1838; Replaced by bridge 1994
Lost Ferry across Tennessee River on Ferry
Replaced by Highway 60 bridge; Historical markers in place

Burr Bridge (Schenectady County, New York)
Built 1809; Replace 1871
Lost Covered Burr arch-cable suspension bridge over Mohawk River on Washington Avenue
Replaced by a new bridge

Long Bridge (1st) (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1808-09; partially burned by British & US forces Aug 25, 1814; Destroyed by ice jam Feb. 22, 1831
Lost Bridge over Potomac River on road
Destroyed by ice jam Feb. 22, 1831

Old York Road Bridge (Baltimore County, Maryland)
Built 1809; believed to be oldest bridge on Maryland road system
Stone arch bridge over Little Falls on Old York Road (Md. 463)
Open to traffic