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Dallas Zoo Bridge (Dallas County, Texas)
Built 1997
Pony truss bridge over Cedar Creek on Dallas Zoo Blvd
Open to traffic

Ellen Trout Park Bridges (Angelina County, Texas)
Built 1967
Through truss bridge over City Lake on Railroad and Pedestrian Path
Open to traffic

Erie Zoo Drift Catcher Bridge (Erie County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1918, City of Erie, $12,000, Repair summer, 2010, $475,000, completion August, 2010.
Bridge over Mill Creek, Erie County, PA on Erie Zoo train
Open to traffic

San Antonio Zoo Railroad Bridge (Bexar County, Texas)
Built 1956
Warren through truss bridge over San Antonio River on San Antonio Zoo Railroad
Open to traffic

St. Louis Zoo Suspension Bridge (St. Louis, Missouri)
Bridge structure built in 2010 by the Continental Bridge Co. Opened in April 2010.
Modern wire suspension bridge over Wells Drive in Forest Park, at the south entrance to the St. Louis Zoo
Open to pedestrians

Swope Park / Kansas City Zoo Suspension Footbridge (Jackson County, Missouri)
Built 1907; Rehabilitated 1994
Wire suspension bridge over Blue River on Non-Motorized Path
Open to pedestrians

Zoo Access Road Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1915
Concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek on Zoo Access Road
Open to traffic

Zoo Service Road Bridge (Washington, District of Columbia)
Built 1930
Concrete arch bridge over Rock Creek on Zoo Service Road
Open to traffic