Stone Bridges of Monroe County, Illinois

There are a number of stone bridges in Monroe County, Illinois. The scenery is beautiful and the bridges are worth looking for.

This first link is to the website. It gives a description of the driving tour and directions.

This second link is to a pdf document that I found online about the history of the stone bridges of Monroe County. It's a fifteen page document that includes some photos and old map locations of historic accounts of bridges though there are no streets marked on the map.

Enjoy the trip! Sharon Spear

Fountain Creek Bridge (Monroe County, Illinois)
Built 1849 by Herman Garleb; made obsolete by new bridge in 1927
Stone arch bridge over Fountain Creek just south of IL 156, west of Waterloo
Open to pedestrians only

Gall Road Bridge (Monroe County, Illinois)
Built 1898
Bypassed stone arch bridge over a branch of Carr Creek on Gall Road at Columbia
Open to pedestrians only

Maeystown Bridge (Monroe County, Illinois)
Built 1881; rehabilitated 1938
Stone arch bridge over Maeystown Creek on Mill Street at Maeystown
Open to one-lane traffic

Stonebridge Meadows Bridge (Monroe County, Illinois)
Abandoned stone arch bridge over a branch of Maeystown Creek on Maeystown Road southwest of Maeystown, at Stonebridge Meadows Subdivision
Abandoned, but still intact

Wartburg Bridge (Monroe County, Illinois)
Abandoned stone arch bridge over Fountain Creek off Maeystown Road, near Wartburg
Abandoned, but still intact