Midland Trail

Badger Hole Spring Bridge (White Pine County, Nevada)
Built in the early 19-teens as part of the Midland Trail, the bridge remained in use until US Highway 6 was built approximately one mile to the east of the bridge sometime between the late 1930's and early 1950's.
Slab bridge over Badger Hole Spring on Midland Trail
Open to pedestrians only, significant spalling of the concrete deck and abutments

Jackson River Bridge (Alleghany County, Virginia)
Built 1929
Concrete arch bridge over Jackson River on US 60 in Covington
Open to traffic

Midland Trail Gauley River Bridge (Fayette County, West Virginia)
Built 1925; opened December 24, 1925; replaced 1951
Lost Parker through truss bridge over Gauley River on Midland Trail - SR 16
Replaced by a new bridge