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Albany Rural Cemetery - Bridge near Middle Ridge Road (Albany County, New York)
Stone arch bridge over Hudson River tributary
Open to pedestrians only

Albany Rural Cemetery - Bridge next to Linden Avenue (Albany County, New York)
Steel stringer bridge over Hudson River tributary
Open to pedestrians only

Cemetery Bridge (Story County, Iowa)
Concrete culvert over West Branch Indian Creek on Path
Open to pedestrians

Cemetery Road Bridge (De Witt County, Illinois)
Pony truss bridge over Ten Mile Creek on Cemetery Road
Closed to all traffic

CNW - Linwood Cemetery Arch Bridge (Boone County, Iowa)
Built 1881
Stone arch bridge over Honey Creek on Abandoned C&NW Railroad

Fordham Street Bridge (Contra Costa County, California)
Gated extension of Fordham Street
Concrete stringer bridge over San Pablo Creek on Fordham Street

Forest Home Cemetery Pond Bridge (Milwaukee County, Wisconsin)
Built ca. 1900
Privately owned, closed-spandrel arch bridge over Unnamed Pond on a cemetery road in Milwaukee
Open to traffic

Greenlawn Bridge (Franklin County, Ohio)
Built 1898 Deck and railing refurbished 2003
Steel stringer bridge over a gravel path on a road in Greenlawn Cemetery
Open to pedestrians only

Grove Street Bridge West (Waukesha County, Wisconsin)
Built 1917; rehabilitated 1997
Bridge over Oconomowoc River - West Channel on Grove Street in Oconomowoc
Open to traffic

Morgan Bridge (Shelby County, Tennessee)
Built 1905
Arch bridge over the BNSF Railroad on Dudley Street in Memphis
Open to traffic

Mound Cemetery Bridge (Racine County, Wisconsin)
Built 1928 by Zendala Construction Company; Restored 1990
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over a reflecting pool on the cemetery's drive in Racine
Open to traffic

Oakdale Cemetery (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Steel stringer bridge on Cemetery traffic
Open to traffic

Oakdale Cemetery Bridges (Muscatine County, Iowa)
Pipe culvert bridges over Unnamed Tributary of Mud creek on Cemetery Road
Open to traffic

Rice Cemetery Road Bridge (Morrow County, Ohio)
Built ca. 1900; rehabilitated 1976
Pony truss bridge over Thorn Run on Rice Cemetery Road
Open to traffic

South Park Cemetery Stone Arch (Decatur County, Indiana)
Stone arch bridge over Depression on Cemetery road
Open to traffic

Sugar Grove Cemetery Bridge (Clinton County, Ohio)
Half-hip Pratt pony truss bridge over Lytle Creek on Cemetery Drive
Open to traffic

Union Cemetery Bridge (Ashtabula County, Ohio)
Pratt through truss bridge over Rock Creek on Old Stiles Ave
Intact but closed to all traffic

Woodlawn Cemetery Bridge (Wayne County, Michigan)
Closed-spandrel arch bridge over Pond on Pedestrian Pathway
Open to pedestrians only