Wood deck

Dixon Truesdell Bridge (Lee County, Illinois)
Built in 1869, collapsed 1873 May 4 during a baptism in the river. Spectators were on the bridge when it collapsed, killing about 45 people.
Lost Truesdell pony truss bridge over Rock River
Collapsed in 1873

Prosser Hollow Road Bridge (Potter County, Pennsylvania)
built 1915 reconstructed 1967 steel stringer wood deck replaced 2006
1915 Steel stringer bridge over Alleghany River on Prosser Hollow rd
Replaced by a new bridge

San Gabriel River Bridge (Milam County, Texas)
Built 1911
Through truss bridge over San Gabriel River on CR 428
Open to traffic

Siloam Springs State Park Bridge (Adams County, Illinois)
This bridge was part of a long gone county road and is preserved in place.
Bowstring pony truss bridge over Branch McKee Creek
Open to traffic, posted for load

T-807 Bridge (Potter County, Pennsylvania)
Built 1892 reconstructed 1983-stringer with wood deck
1892 Stringer bridge over Allegheny River on TSR 807
Open to traffic