Truesdell truss

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Lucius E. Truesdell patented a cast iron and wrought iron truss design in 1859. The main point of his patent was in how the diagonals in a lattice-type are fastened together. Truesdell felt the holes through the truss members necessary for fastening them together caused an unacceptable weakness. His solution was to have the overlapping diagonals bent at the intersection so the two pieces would interlock. A cast iron clamp holds the diagonal together. His design was awarded patent number 24068. In appearance, the Truesdell truss looks like a triple-intersecting warren with verticals.

Canal Street Bridge (Hartford County, Connecticut)
A Truesdell patent bridge in the Collins Axe Company yard
Replaced by a new bridge

Dixon Truesdell Bridge (Lee County, Illinois)
Built in 1869, collapsed 1873 May 4 during a baptism in the river. Spectators were on the bridge when it collapsed, killing about 45 people.
Lost Truesdell pony truss bridge over Rock River
Collapsed in 1873

Elkader Truesdell Bridge (Clayton County, Iowa)
Built 1851; Replaced 1889
Lost Truesdell Truss bridge over Turkey River on Road
Replaced by a new bridge

Main Street Bridge (Older) (Floyd County, Iowa)
Built 1870; Re-decked 1882; Condemned 1892 and likely replaced that same year
Lost Truesdell through truss bridge over Cedar River on Main Street
Replaced by a new bridge

Mystic River Swing Bridge (1866) (New London County, Connecticut)
Built 1866; Replaced 1904
Lost Truesdell truss bridge over Mystic River on West Main Street in Mystic
No longer exists

Spring Street Bridge (Tolland County, Connecticut)
Built 19th century; probably lasted until 1912 replacement.
Lost Truesdell pony truss bridge over Middle River on Spring Street in Stafford Springs
Replaced by a new bridge

Tilton Island Park Bridge (Belknap County, New Hampshire)
Built 1881
Truesdell pony truss bridge over Winnipesautee River on Pedestrian Trail
Open to pedestrians

Trumbull Street Footbridge (1864) (Hartford County, Connecticut)
Built 1864; replaced 1915
Lost Truesdell pony truss bridge over Park River on Footpath to Bushnell Park in Hartford.
Replaced by a new bridge