Timber deck

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Bush Creek Bridge (Randolph County, North Carolina)
Bridge over Bush Creek on Private driveway/road?
Appears, from aerial view, to be partially collapsed.

Carpenter's Bridge (Allen Parish, Louisiana)
Built 1965
Timber stringer bridge over Whiskey Chitto Creek on Carpenters Brdge Road
Open to traffic

Cherry Lane Bridge (Nez Perce County, Idaho)
Built 1919; rehabilitated 1978
Through truss bridge over Clearwater River on Cherry Lane
Open to traffic

Clark Pond Footbridge (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Exact history unknown. Substructure definitely is original to the former railroad at this location, and the superstructure may be as well. Deck is not original
Girder bridge over Clark Pond on Rockingham Recreational Trail
Open to pedestrians

Creek Road Bridge (Fulton County, New York)
Built 1930
Steel stringer bridge over Kennyetto Creek on Creek Road
Open to traffic

Holmes-Larabee Low Water Crossing (Humboldt County, California)
Built 1937; Acquired by County 1959; rehabilitated 1999; closed by CalTrans; borrowed Bailey Bridge in place 2014; low-water crossing/bridge repair project completed 2016
Timber stringer bridge over Eel River on Holmes Flat Road
Open to traffic

Irish Settlement Road Bridge (Fulton County, New York)
Built 1939
Steel stringer bridge over Middle Sprite Creek on Irish Settlement Rd
Open to traffic

Johnson Dairy Road Bridge (Union County, Illinois)
Built 1983
Steel stringer bridge over Porterfield Creek on Johnson Dairy Road (TR 228)
Open to traffic

New Hope Road Bridge (Union County, Illinois)
Built 1987
Steel stringer bridge over Branch of Bradshaw Creek on New Hope Road (TR 276)
Open to traffic

North Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
First bridge built ca 1760; site of Battle of Concord 1775; demolished 1788; rebuilt 1875, 1889, 1909, 1956; rehabilitated 2005
Historic timber stringer bridge over Concord River on Old Groton Road (pedestrian path)
Open to pedestrians

North Westminster Covered Bridge (Windham County, Vermont)
Bridge has been replaced by a UCEB as of 2020.
Lost Through truss covered bridge over Saxtons River on Covered Bridge Road
Destroyed by arson in 1967; replaced by UCEB.

Sandown-Danville Exeter River Bridge (Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Girder bridge over Exeter River on Rockingham Recreational Trail
Open to pedestrians and permitted motorized trail vehicles

Sherman's Bridge (Middlesex County, Massachusetts)
Built 1992
Timber stringer bridge over Sudbury River on Lincoln Road
Open to traffic

Vale Reservation Causeway (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Timber stringer bridge over Wetlands on Vale Reservation Trail
Open to pedestrians

Vale Reservation Footbridge (Essex County, Massachusetts)
Howe pony truss bridge over Shawsheen River on Vale Reservation Trail
Open to pedestrians

Warm Springs Suspension Foot / Pack Bridge (Idaho County, Idaho)
Forest Service wire suspension bridge over Lochsa River on pedestrian and equestrian pathway
Open to pedestrian and equestrian activity

West Reading Pool Access Bridge (Berks County, Pennsylvania)
Steel stringer bridge over Wyomissing Creek on Pedestians
Open to pedestrians only