Recycled Turntable

C&O - Turntable Bridge (Sanilac County, Michigan)
Installed 1960 by reusing a railroad turntable from Ottawa, WV to replace an older wooden structure; railroad abanded in 1991
Abandoned deck plate girder bridge over Black River on Chesapeake & Ohio RR (abandoned)

Dairy Road Overpass (Chester County, Pennsylvania)
Overhead wooden trestle 1883.Replaced by an old Pennsylvania Railroad Turntable in 1908
Bridge over former Pennsylvania Railroad Schuylkill Division on Dairy Road
Open to limited local traffic

Summit Hill Road Bridge (Berkshire County, Massachusetts)
Moved here in 1926 using 1904 railroad turntable from Chester, MA
Deck plate girder bridge over CSX RR on Summit Hill Road
Open to traffic

UP - Stanislaus River Bridge (Del Rio) (Stanislaus County, California)
Built 1955
Deck plate girder bridge over Stanislaus River on Union Pacific Railroad
Open to traffic

WB&A - Crain Highway Overpass (Anne Arundel County, Maryland)
1921 cantilevered railroad turntable
Lost Bridge over Jabez Branch on WB&A RR
Removed but not replaced